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Articles from: PIMCO's Gross opens up on interest rates to 3 couples, 3 different portfolios

PIMCO's Gross opens up on interest rates

Author: Adam Zoll
Date: 23 Jun 2014

Interest rates need to rise but must not be extended too far or a bear market may result, says PIMCO founder and chief investment officer Bill Gross

Big returns and sustainability

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 06 Dec 2013

Climate change dominated discussion at BHP Billiton's (BHP) annual general meeting this year

How to avoid a bad stock

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 06 Feb 2014

The book Boganaire : The Rise and Fall of Nathan Tinkler gives a detailed account of the spectacular fortune a mining entrepreneur achieved through a number of successful speculative mining deals

3 standout low-PE stocks

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 29 May 2014

It is no secret that stocks investors are constantly on the lookout for value

1 emerging quality stock to watch

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 22 Jul 2014

A strong competitive advantage is normally associated with large-cap companies

Macquarie lifts profit and dividend

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 03 May 2013

Macquarie Group (MQG) on Friday announced a 17 per cent increase in net profit for the year to 31 March 2013 to $851 million

5 super budget issues to tackle

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 17 May 2013

Superannuants were certainly getting the jitters earlier this week over fears the Labor government would launch a raid on super

Aussie ETFs reaching new highs

Author: Owen Holdaway
Date: 10 May 2013

Australian exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are set to have around $9 billion of funds under management by the end of the year, according to Australian exchange-traded product provider BetaShares

3 micro-cap stocks to watch

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 14 Jun 2013

The small-cap sector is still posting solid gains, according to the recent article Strength remains in small caps .

4 key challenges for 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 20 Dec 2013


Why we are bullish on China

Author: Peter Esho
Date: 19 Sep 2013

Chinese data continued to surprise in recent weeks

5 top stocks with yield plus growth

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 26 Jul 2013

US industrialist John D Rockefeller once said "the greatest pleasure in life was watching dividends come in"

Special dividends from BHP and Rio?

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 02 May 2013

The news last week that Woodside Petroleum (WPL) would pay a special dividend garnered an enthusiastic response from investors

Investing in BRIC and African economies

Author: Mark Mobius
Date: 30 May 2013

Growth in BRIC economies has slowed down in 2012 and early 2013

Lessons from the Lehman collapse

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 20 Sep 2013

The collapse of US bank Lehman Brothers in 2008 spurred one of the greatest financial meltdowns the world has ever known

Europe sentiment boosts investor confidence

Author: Rachael Micallef
Date: 30 May 2013

Investor confidence continued to rise in May, driven by a shift in risk appetite among European institutions, according to the State Street Investor Confidence Index (ICI)

Market Index Performance l February 2014

Author: Morningstar
Date: 06 Mar 2014

2 high-quality small-cap stocks

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 24 Apr 2014

It has been an "interesting" year for small-cap stocks, one that has been characterised by widely diverging performances, Morningstar equity strategist Gareth James says

Global policy will support growth

Author: George Boubouras
Date: 04 Aug 2014

Supportive (and very innovative) global policy settings over many years have engineered a more durable recovery in global growth that is driving better portfolio returns

Will Telstra keep outperforming?

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 24 Jul 2013

Telstra (TLS) has outperformed the market over the past 12 months, delivering a return that is roughly 12 per cent above the S&P/ASX 200

Market makes encouraging breaks

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 26 Aug 2014


Greater China equities: In or out?

Author: Germaine Share
Date: 24 Jun 2014

Despite concerns over slower growth, shadow banking and corporate governance issues in China, the Greater China equity panellists at our inaugural Morningstar Investment Conference in Asia were bullish on the market

10 steps for capital-guaranteed product investing

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 06 May 2013

Corporate regulator ASIC has issued a checklist for investors to use before they consider buying into capital-guaranteed products

Banks are due for a rest

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 13 May 2013

Disclaimer : To the extent that any content in this report constitutes advice, it is general advice that has been prepared by Lesley Beath without taking into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any individual investors

Investors asking wrong questions about bonds

Author: Rachael Micallef
Date: 27 May 2013

Investors are asking the wrong questions when it comes to the bond market in the current low-interest-rate environment, according to a panel of experts

Fast-growing stocks in the New Neutral

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 27 Aug 2014

It was global bond manager PIMCO that developed the term "new neutral," a concept that morphed from its original investment thesis, the "new normal"

Hope, fear and greed

Author: Karl Siegling
Date: 25 Sep 2013

Often in the investment industry we hear people say, "I am a fundamental investor" or "We only look at fundamentals"

What a sinking Aussie dollar means for your portfolio

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 23 Sep 2014

The Australian dollar fell to a six-month low this week

Economic update

Author: Donal Curtin
Date: 19 Nov 2014

To read the latest Economic update please click here .

3 couples, 3 different portfolios

Author: Elizabeth Moran
Date: 04 Mar 2014

I was in Perth recently and had a lively dinner with three couples with completely different fixed-income portfolios

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