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Articles from: Rise in rates won't see sky fall on bond investors to The maths involved in bond investing

Rise in rates won't see sky fall on bond investors

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 07 Mar 2017

The protracted period of low interest rates around the world leads many commentators to call this year--and the one just gone--as the year when rates would start to rise again

How to commence a pension with non-concessional contributions

Author: Accurium
Date: 06 Mar 2017

However, there are some common mistakes trustees make when commencing a pension using only part of a member's accumulation balance

Here are 2 CGT relief strategies you need to know

Author: Accurium
Date: 08 Mar 2017

From 1 July 2017, a cap of $1.6 million will be introduced on the amount a person can transfer into the tax-free retirement phase

CEOs behaving badly weigh on company profits, investor outlook

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 06 Mar 2017

While QBE Insurance (ASX: QBE) and Seven Group Holdings (ASX: SVW) were at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their half-yearly earnings--QBE reported a $898-million net profit while Seven Group is $42 million in the red--their senior executive teams were united in both facing relationship scandals

Ethical investment gathering momentum

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 07 Mar 2017

Demand is rising for responsible or ethical investment, as funds flow into the sector from mainstream funds and the product offering is growing as more investment managers join the trend

Shoot first, ask questions later

Author: Martin Conlon
Date: 10 Mar 2017

Macro-driven oscillations and violent price moves remain the order of the day in equity markets and just about every other market

Lend Lease 12pc interim profit growth underpinned by office delivery

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 27 Feb 2017

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) for the property developer grew across all three business segments in the first half of fiscal 2017, up 25 per cent for the group to $639.6 million from $512 million a year earlier

Show me the money

Author: Bill Gross
Date: 14 Mar 2017

"School days" inexorably continue at the Gross household, not just because of grandchildren, but because of the necessity to teach my own kids the complexities and pitfalls of investing

Why this resources company is back in favour

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 09 Mar 2017

In February, Santos Limited (ASX: STO) reported a loss of US$1.05 billion for fiscal 2016, after writing off more than US$1 billion from its Gladstone liquefied natural gas project

Here are 2 undervalued shares paying fully-franked dividends

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 06 Mar 2017

Platinum Asset Management (ASX: PTM) , a highly-regarded global equities manager, delivered a weak earnings result for the first half of fiscal 2017, with net profit down 20 per cent to $95.4 million following a 12 per cent fall in funds under management

Global inflation is back

Author: Simon Stevenson
Date: 01 Mar 2017

Investor views on the inflation outlook have swung wildly since the global financial crisis of 2008

Asian equities shrug off Trumponomics

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 15 Mar 2017

Asian stocks have enjoyed a positive start to 2017, and could be set for more gains despite rising US interest rates and the threat of geopolitical instability

Why infrastructure appeals to investors: 3 reasons and 3 stocks

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 02 Mar 2017

Government spokespeople often refer to infrastructure in broad terms, referring to everything from bridges and gas pipelines, through to power stations, telecommunications cabling and roads--see, for example, US President Donald Trump's State of the Union address earlier this week

Market response to Trump's speech doesn't change policymaking realities

Author: Libby Cantrill
Date: 03 Mar 2017

The market's overwhelmingly favourable reaction to President Trump's first speech to a joint session of Congress was not necessarily surprising: President Trump veered away from the more protectionist and nationalistic tone of his inaugural address to instead deliver a more hopeful, conciliatory, and unifying speech

Vanguard named Morningstar Australian Fund Manager of the Year 2017

Author: Morningstar staff
Date: 06 Mar 2017

"The winners in the Morningstar Awards show the quality and breadth of the investment options available to Australian investors," says Chris Douglas, Morningstar Australasia's director of manager research ratings, Asia-Pacific

The inconvenient truth

Author: Tom Stevenson
Date: 01 Mar 2017

There is a glass half full view of the Trump Presidency which has won the majority of investors' attention since November

Myer interim result underwhelms as sales slide continues

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 16 Mar 2017

This comes amid troubled times for the broader Australian retail sector as Myer (ASX: MYR) faces multiple challenges from online and international specialty competitors

Information overload

Author: Simon Doyle
Date: 22 Mar 2017

While I'm a bit "old school" (I still tuck my shirts in), I do have Facebook and Instagram accounts and recently started a Twitter account--not to tweet myself--but given others do, I want to know what the fuss is about

Here are 5 top small-cap stocks in an award-winning strategy

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 13 Mar 2017

Morningstar cited the shop's "value and quality discipline, skilful application of a sensible process, and savvy people" as the rationale behind its bestowing of the award

Agricultural stocks riding commodity upturn

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 20 Mar 2017

The outlook for the agricultural sector is looking bright with commodity prices for food and livestock riding high, with a great season in 2016 lifting rural prices and profits, underpinned by strong demand for food from Asia

Yellen makes a move on US rates

Author: Peter Warnes
Date: 17 Mar 2017

As expected, the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) lifted the federal funds rate by 25 basis points to a new target range of 0.75 per cent to 1.00 per cent

Warren Buffett again backs Vanguard ETF

Author: Kevin McDevitt
Date: 14 Mar 2017

Warren Buffett once again extolled the virtues of passive funds in his recent Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter and reiterated his recommendation of Vanguard 500 Index as his preferred vehicle

5 reasons to be positive on this ASX gaming stock

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 21 Mar 2017

In October 2016, 18 of its employees were arrested and detained as part of an anti-corruption crackdown on the gaming industry by the Chinese government

Asia: a political safe-haven?

Author: Teera Chanpongsang
Date: 21 Mar 2017

As a long-term investor in Asian equities, I have seen first-hand how policies can influence both capital markets and economies

Here are some great ways to gain US tech stock exposure

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 13 Mar 2017

Buying shares in the US IT sector can produce good returns, but also comes with a high level of risk, so spreading your investments among different companies in managed or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can be an effective way to get diversified exposure to the sector

Bank boards need to be more equitable

Author: Peter Warnes
Date: 24 Mar 2017

No wonder there are calls for a Royal Commission into the banking sector

The maths involved in bond investing

Author: Stuart Dear
Date: 24 Mar 2017

After the fireworks of 2016, 2017 has, to date, been more like an aromatic candle in terms of market moves

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