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Articles from: SMSF trustee responsibilities and obligations to Santos slides into red on weaker oil

SMSF trustee responsibilities and obligations

Author: Kathy Evans
Date: 13 Jan 2016

I recently commented on the importance of choosing the right trustee structure when establishing a self-managed upper fund (SMSF)

SMSF trust deed traps

Author: Peter Townsend
Date: 22 Oct 2015

The peace of mind of a retiree happily taking a pension from their self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) could be shattered by the news that their pension was in fact not commenced properly and that both they and their fund owe the tax office a lot more money

SMSF sector reaches tipping point

Author: Rachael Micallef
Date: 14 May 2013

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have reached a "tipping point," with drawdowns likely to exceed growth in the sector over the next 10 years, according to DEXX&R's May Market Projections report

SMSF outperformance: lessons for investors

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 24 Sep 2015

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have continued their rise, with the number of SMSFs swelling to 557,000 and with total assets of $590 billion in the year to June 2015, both up around 6 per cent

SMSF investors boost exposure to managed funds

Author: Rachael Micallef
Date: 13 May 2013

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees have boosted exposure to managed funds in the wake of continuing interest-rate drops

SMSF assets will not need segregating

Author: Doug McBirnie
Date: 23 Jun 2016

But the changes highlight how a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) may be well-placed to take advantage of the changes by providing retirees with the ability to plan and manage their tax settings in a single vehicle

Small, mid caps to outperform

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 11 Mar 2014


Small caps face unknown in 2016

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 15 Feb 2016

Australian small-cap stocks had a good year last year, with the ASX Small Ordinaries Index returning 10.2 per cent, with the hefty gains of Blackmores (BKL) a key example of a large gainer, while the S&P/ASX 200 returned just 2.6 per cent

Slowing profit growth but renewed retail vigour for Magellan

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 11 Aug 2016

Global fund manager Magellan Financial Group (ASX: MFG) on Thursday announced $198.4 million in net profits after tax for fiscal 2016, up 14 per cent on fiscal 2015

Sizing up the global economy

Author: Bill Gross
Date: 17 Sep 2015

Size does matter you know

Sit back and wait for the signal

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 14 Mar 2016


Silver linings shine in China's risks

Author: AllianceBernstein
Date: 25 May 2016

In our experience, the key to understanding economic and financial events in China lies in analysing how three factors intersect with, and influence, each other

Signs the US recovery is solid

Author: Rick Rieder
Date: 22 Jul 2015

Many market observers lately have been making some pretty pessimistic evaluations of the US economy, declaring that it's stagnating and soft

Should we be wary of selling in May?

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 06 May 2013

Disclaimer : To the extent that any content in this report constitutes advice, it is general advice that has been prepared by Lesley Beath without taking into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any individual investors

Should the AGM be abolished?

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 10 May 2013

The bulk of questions at Westpac's (WBC) annual general meeting (AGM) last year focused on customer service

Should investors worry about a housing bubble?

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 18 Nov 2013

The UK government is said to be stoking one

Should a portfolio change in retirement?

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 26 Nov 2014

Demand has strengthened for annuity and allocated pension products, according to joint research from industry association the Financial Services Council (FSC) and investment bank UBS

Short-term risk is high

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 07 Apr 2014


Shoot first, ask questions later

Author: Martin Conlon
Date: 10 Mar 2017

Macro-driven oscillations and violent price moves remain the order of the day in equity markets and just about every other market

Sell signal on All Ords still in place

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 21 Oct 2013

Disclaimer : To the extent that any content in this report constitutes advice, it is general advice that has been prepared by Lesley Beath without taking into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any individual investors

Seeking value in expensive markets

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 05 Jun 2015

Against a backdrop of benign inflation and accommodative policy settings, the global economy has been ticking along

Seeking high-quality stocks in rollercoaster markets

Author: Garry Laurence
Date: 29 Jul 2015

Happy new financial year! For those of you who have been enjoying the northern hemisphere summer and have not been watching the markets, you might be thinking that not much has changed over the past few weeks! In reality, global stock markets have gone on a rollercoaster and have ended up back at June highs

Seeking high-growth US stocks

Author: Garry Laurence
Date: 28 Sep 2015

In the past month we have seen a healthy global stock-market correction with the US seeing the first 10 per cent plus correction in four years

Seeking high dividends from ETFs

Author: Tim Murphy
Date: 07 May 2014

Investors building income portfolios with listed investments historically have often relied on dividends from blue-chip shares like the major banks and Telstra (TLS) , or in more recent times, have chased the higher yields on offer from hybrid securities, particularly those issued by the major banks

SEEK lifts half-year profit 11pc, dividend 10pc

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 21 Feb 2017

The jobs website operator also reiterated guidance for full-year earnings before significant items of $220 million, at the upper end of its previous guidance range of $215 million to $220 million

Secret bond option for grandparents

Author: Austock Life
Date: 09 Feb 2016

Grandparents are increasingly utilising insurance bonds to leave bequests to their grandchildren that are beyond will disputes

Scope for a sharp rally?

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 03 Jun 2014


Scentre Group's earnings meet expectations

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 21 Feb 2017

The owner of Westfield shopping centres declared a distribution of 21.3 cents per security, up 2 per cent on the previous year, also in line with Morningstar's expectations

Santos' profit just below expectations

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 20 Feb 2015

Santos Limited (STO) on Friday announced a 6 per cent increase in net profit to $533 million for the year ended 31 December 2014

Santos slides into red on weaker oil

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 19 Feb 2016

Santos Limited (STO) has joined its rivals in racking up red ink on the back of falling oil prices

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