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Articles from: Europe continues to emit warning signals to Economic update

Europe continues to emit warning signals

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 05 May 2015


Euro area's ticking fiscal time bomb

Author: Darren Williams
Date: 02 May 2016

Final government deficit and debt data for 2015 have just been published

EU elections set to rattle Europe

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 24 Apr 2014

Imagine if fringe political parties of the left and right were gaining sufficient support in different Australian states to win enough seats at a federal election to destabilise the House of Representatives

ETFs: Giving investors transparency and choice

Author: Arian Neiron
Date: 12 May 2015

There is now a greater range of low-cost, transparent, easily traded managed funds available to Australian investors

ETF or ETP: What's the difference?

Author: Arian Neiron
Date: 27 Apr 2016

All ETFs are ETPs, but not all ETPs are ETFs

ETF market outlook strong despite volatility

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 08 Feb 2016

Despite the wild ride of share markets over recent months, and some very poor investment returns, the size of the Australian exchange-traded fund (ETF) market has jumped as investors pour money into this asset class despite, or perhaps because of, volatile markets

Estate planning implications of Budget 2016

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 23 May 2016

Budget 2016 could have far-reaching estate planning consequences for some self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees, further emphasising the importance of a well-formed, legally binding plan

Estate planning beyond wills

Author: Brian Hor
Date: 18 Nov 2014

These days estate planning means more than just making a will

Estate planning a pull factor for SMSFs

Author: Katarina Taurian
Date: 07 Jun 2013

The increasing focus on estate planning as one of the benefits of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) is contributing to the popularity of SMSFs broadly, according to Peter Burgess, head of policy and technical at AMP SMSF

Equity markets priced for too much hope, says Gross

Author: Bill Gross
Date: 20 Apr 2017

A recent internet blog posed the predicament of many medium/long-term relationships: At some point couples run out of historical stories or even topical things to say

Equity markets in vulnerable position

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 30 Sep 2013

Disclaimer : To the extent that any content in this report constitutes advice, it is general advice that has been prepared by Lesley Beath without taking into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any individual investors

End-of-year SMSF tax considerations

Author: Melanie Dunn
Date: 20 Jun 2016

Here are just a few key tax considerations to be aware of to help you and your self-managed superannuation fund make the most of available tax deductions and concessions

End of the bull market?

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 19 Aug 2014


Emerging world needs new model

Author: Dominic Rossi
Date: 15 Aug 2013

The recent weakness in emerging market equities is structural

Emerging world battles mighty US dollar

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 15 Jun 2015

When the Federal Reserve embarked on its third dose of quantitative easing in 2012, Brazil's then-finance minister Guido Mantega slammed the Fed's decision as the start of a "currency war"

Emerging markets' thirst for consumer stocks

Author: Odile Lange-Broussy
Date: 08 Dec 2014

As populations grow and wealth rises in the developing world, the options for investors multiply

Emerging markets: the optimistic view

Author: Market Vectors Investments
Date: 03 Feb 2016

With all the gloom and doubt surrounding China and other emerging market economies, portfolio manager of the Van Eck Emerging Markets Equity Strategy, David Semple, remains optimistic that 2016 will end well

Emerging markets: Great potential for the patient

Author: Jason Stipp
Date: 13 Dec 2013

Stipp : In your November letter to shareholders, you wrote: "As frustrating as this year has been, I do not think it matters much to the long-term investor with an objective perspective." We've heard the story about emerging-markets' potential for many years, especially coming out of the financial crisis

Emerging markets still global growth drivers

Author: Mark Mobius
Date: 16 Jan 2015

We at Templeton Emerging Markets Group believe high economic growth rates will remain a key attraction of many emerging markets in 2015

Emerging markets ready for growth

Author: Mark Mobius
Date: 11 Jun 2013

Some markets do appear to have a weak pulse right now, but any number of catalysts could act as a jump start

Emerging markets ready for growth

Author: Mark Mobius
Date: 11 Jun 2013

Some markets do appear to have a weak pulse right now, but any number of catalysts could act as a jump start

Emerging markets poised for growth

Author: David Semple
Date: 11 Sep 2014

The tide is turning for emerging markets, which we believe are poised to offer higher economic growth in the medium term, particularly as investors diversify away from their domestic economies and seek better earnings growth from emerging-markets economies

Emerging markets plant seeds for growth

Author: Jeffrey Stafford
Date: 02 Sep 2014

Growth prospects for emerging-market diets remain robust

Emerging markets outlook: China's key role

Author: Michael Gomez and Lupin Rahman
Date: 12 Oct 2015

Key points - Emerging markets are dominated lately by global drivers, including China, the Federal Reserve's policy stance and lower commodity prices, while politics and upcoming elections are adding a layer of idiosyncratic risk;

Emerging countries are struggling

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 30 Nov 2015

Brazil's government debt is now rated junk, only seven years after it gained investment-grade status

Election outcome will bring certainty

Author: Paul Bloxham
Date: 06 Sep 2013

The Australian federal election will take place this Saturday, 7 September, with the country voting on all 150 seats of the House of Representatives and half the seats of the 76 seat Senate – both of which are involved in the legislative process

Election aftermath: Lift US$ exposure

Author: Peter Warnes
Date: 04 Jul 2016

The Australian dollar is in the top seven traded currencies

Economic update

Author: Donal Curtin
Date: 24 Feb 2014

Economic update

Author: Julian Robertson and Donal Curtin
Date: 29 Apr 2013

Economic update

Author: Donal Curtin
Date: 21 May 2014

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