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Articles from: 3 stocks favoured by SMSFs to 3 couples, 3 different portfolios

3 stocks favoured by SMSFs

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 18 Sep 2013

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees are the fastest-growing clientele for stock analysis firm Skaffold

3 stock-picking lessons from Buffett

Author: Larissa Fernand
Date: 20 Nov 2014

An 11-year old boy bought six shares of Cities Service (an oil company now known as CITGO) at $38 a share

3 steps to a top-performing portfolio

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 28 Mar 2014

Picture this - a portfolio of small companies that have consistently outperformed the market over the past five years

3 stellar small-cap businesses

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 02 Dec 2013

A recent presentation by NovaPort Capital's Sinclair Currie and Alex Milton, the principals and co-portfolio managers of the NovaPort Smaller Companies Fund [9108] , revealed some interesting insights into their high-conviction stock-picking philosophy

3 standout low-PE stocks

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 29 May 2014

It is no secret that stocks investors are constantly on the lookout for value

3 sectors to be bullish about

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 16 Oct 2013

Morningstar head of equities research Peter Warnes highlighted that confidence was on the up in the latest Huntleys' Your Money Weekly newsletter

3 resources stocks worth watching

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 11 Jul 2016

Despite some movement in its fair value rating, mineral sands mining company Iluka Resources (ASX: ILU) remains underpriced at current levels

3 reasons stay upbeat on a global recovery

Author: Stefan Hofrichter
Date: 09 Sep 2013

When investors return to their desks after the summer break, they will notice that several things have changed

3 questions to ask when setting up an SMSF corporate trustee

Author: Peter Townsend
Date: 16 Dec 2016

There is no obligation on a company to appoint a company secretary

3 questions hover over China's economy

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 18 Aug 2015

Australia's record of 23 years of continuous economic growth is impressive

3 questions asked when setting up an SMSF corporate trustee

Author: Peter Townsend
Date: 11 Jul 2016

There is no obligation on a company to appoint a company secretary

3 quality small-cap ideas

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 26 May 2014

Investors are constantly reminded to exercise a large degree of caution and "do their homework" when it comes to the smaller end of the share market

3 priorities for NAB's new chief

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 03 Apr 2014

There will be no change in strategy for National Australia Bank (NAB) following the retirement of chief executive Cameron Clyne, according to Morningstar sector head of financials, infrastructure, insurance and property David Ellis

3 potential winners from A$ decline

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 18 Jun 2013

The Australian dollar has lost about 10 cents over the past two months, falling from 1.05 US dollars in mid-April to 0.95 US cents in mid-June - and this recent weakness is looking likely to be structural in nature rather than just being a short-term "dip," according to a number of pundits.

3 pillars of investing

Author: Daniel Ivascyn
Date: 05 Nov 2014

Today's investing success, as we are so often reminded, is not a guarantee of future success

3 myths about income investing

Author: Christine Benz
Date: 28 Apr 2015

It's safe to say that the current ultra-low interest-rate environment is messing with our heads

3 more winners from A$ decline

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 01 Jul 2013

In a recent article , a handful of ASX-listed companies that are poised to benefit from the recent fall in the Australian dollar were examined

3 micro-cap stocks to watch

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 14 Jun 2013

The small-cap sector is still posting solid gains, according to the recent article Strength remains in small caps .

3 media companies and how they stack up

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 29 Mar 2017

Australia has three leading commercial television networks: Seven Network, Channel Nine and Channel 10--and all are regarded by Morningstar as having no economic moat

3 levels of trust when choosing an adviser

Author: Peter Arnold/Larissa Fernand
Date: 05 Mar 2015

It's a big step entrusting a stranger with your money and therefore your future and investors place tremendous importance on trust when choosing financial advisers

3 key portfolio reminders

Author: Paul Resnik
Date: 09 Sep 2015

The current market conditions could be the start of another correction, according to some prominent commentators, with the bull market overdue for a taming

3 key lessons from a top investor

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 01 Apr 2015

Global investor and Platinum Asset Management (PTM) founder Kerr Neilson is one of the top investors in Australia

3 health stocks for the 21st century

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 01 Oct 2015

According to the Turnbull government, the Medicare review announced this week will bring the health system "into the 21st century"

3 good reasons to have an SMSF

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 17 Mar 2014

Nicholas Grove is a Morningstar journalist

3 global stocks to watch in 2014

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 21 Jan 2014

In its investment outlook for the first quarter of 2014, Saxo Bank head of equity strategy Peter Garnry emphasises the continuing importance of holding equities in the coming year, should investors wish to see any meaningful capital growth

3 global industry trends to watch

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 29 Jan 2016

Emerging-market volatility, penny-pinching by consumers and governments, tightening regulations and digital disruption are key global trends affecting companies in 2016, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

3 global income strategies

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 20 Jun 2014

Investors are increasingly looking across the globe for investment opportunities, with data from Morningstar showing strong fund inflows into many global equity funds

3 global banking opportunities

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 26 Jun 2014

In a recent interview with The Australian Financial Review , Sydney-based fund manager Wayne Peters, whose Peters MacGregor Global Fund [11512] has outperformed both the Magellan Global Equities Fund [15699] and the Platinum International Fund [4505] over the past five years, shares his views on the current prices of the big Australian banks versus their overseas counterparts

3 drivers behind a gold price hike

Author: Russel Chesler
Date: 10 Jun 2014

The gold price has been volatile in 2014

3 couples, 3 different portfolios

Author: Elizabeth Moran
Date: 04 Mar 2014

I was in Perth recently and had a lively dinner with three couples with completely different fixed-income portfolios

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