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Articles from: Trump: 100 days in office to SMSF trustees travelling overseas may need company power of attorney

Trump: 100 days in office

Author: Stephen Mitchell
Date: 26 Apr 2017

The rally in global stock markets following the election of Donald Trump came about on expectations, so far largely unrealised, that his presidency would usher in a new era of low taxation, market deregulation and infrastructure spending that would boost US growth, with a positive knock-on effect for economies worldwide

What lies ahead for Australia's mining and energy companies

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 28 Apr 2017

Mathew Hodge and Mark Taylor, senior equity analysts covering mined commodities and energy, on Thursday provided their expert insights into Morningstar's overall medium-term outlook for the sector, during our exclusive webcast, "Mountains still to climb: What lies ahead for mining and materials"

Investing in infrastructure in a rising rate environment

Author: Arian Neiron
Date: 26 Apr 2017

On the contrary, history has shown that global listed infrastructure securities can perform well after an interest rate hike

Should you sell your Coke Amatil shares?

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 24 Apr 2017

Coca-Cola Amatil (ASX: CCL) on Friday downgraded its full-year earnings forecast, with the ASX-listed Coke bottler now expecting to post a flat underlying net profit for the year to 31 December 2017

How the stock market affects corporate decision-making

Author: Knowledge@Wharton
Date: 26 Apr 2017

The stock market is seen as a reflection of what happens in the real world: A company releases poor earnings results and its stock price tanks, or shares rise if the firm becomes an acquisition target

Inflationary sea change

Author: Simon Stevenson
Date: 20 Apr 2017

The last year has seen a major sea change in views around the outlook for inflation

Risk appetite unwavering, beware of the PIE

Author: Peter Warnes
Date: 13 Apr 2017

As global risk levels rise after the US missile attacks on Syria's Al-Shayrat air base and the diversion of US warships of the Third Fleet to Korean waters, investors' appetite for risk assets has not been affected

Equity markets priced for too much hope, says Gross

Author: Bill Gross
Date: 20 Apr 2017

A recent internet blog posed the predicament of many medium/long-term relationships: At some point couples run out of historical stories or even topical things to say

LICs in fashion as investors seek diversified investments

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 10 Apr 2017

LICs are essentially professionally managed funds, which are listed--investors can simply buy or sell existing shares in the fund on the ASX

Investors turning away from negative ESG screening

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 21 Apr 2017

Around 90 per cent of asset managers in the Asia-Pacific region intend to move beyond "negative screening" ESG approaches over the next two years, the study found

Growth versus value stocks: What next for markets?

Author: Jacob de Tusch-Lec
Date: 10 Apr 2017

The powerful rally in cyclical "value" stocks and financials seen in the second half of last year--and which carried over into January, paused for breath in February

How Morningstar estimates a stock's intrinsic value

Author: Adam Fleck
Date: 13 Apr 2017

If stock prices always reflected the true intrinsic values of the underlying businesses, there would be no point to stock picking

Protecting your portfolio against a downturn

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 12 Apr 2017

Many experts are pointing to a correction in bank shares, especially if the property market should come off the boil

Are Aussie companies on the edge of a dividend spiral?

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 11 Apr 2017

Among ASX 200 financials, industrials, and commodities stocks, dividend payouts are tipped to exceed $72 billion by June this year, according to February 2017 data from Credit Suisse

Most stocks stink

Author: John Rekenthaler
Date: 11 Apr 2017

The reply to the headline's question surely can't be yes, because that would be no story at all; everybody knows that stocks beat Treasuries

Why is stock-market volatility so low?

Author: Scott Berg
Date: 12 Apr 2017

This perspective is demonstrated by the MSCI AC World Index returning 7 per cent year to date and more than 10 per cent since the US election, to 31 March, with resolute and largely uninterrupted upward momentum

The return of the ASX big caps

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 13 Apr 2017

"Big-cap" stocks are back in favour with investors again after previously lagging their smaller rivals

Reflections on an asset class

Author: Stuart Dear
Date: 21 Apr 2017

The economic data and sentiment indicators--in most parts of the world--continue to suggest a renewed expansion phase for the global economy

Some things you should know about the super changes

Author: Genene Wilson
Date: 06 Apr 2017

There is a one-time opportunity for total contributions of up to $575,000 before 30 June for some people

Amazon effect, rates not enough to dent REITs

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 12 Apr 2017

Rising bond yields and the "Amazon effect" have hit the real estate investment trust (REIT) sector

Can your SMSF invest in gold?

Author: Eleanor Tjondro
Date: 03 Apr 2017

A recent client enquiry led us to take a closer examination of the types of assets an SMSF can invest in

Putting the perspective into politics

Author: Paras Anand
Date: 04 Apr 2017

Paras Anand, Fidelity International's CIO equities, Europe, argues that the heightened sense of a political "black swan" event is overshadowing the important trends of a reduction in systemic risk since the GFC and the relentless onward march of technology

How long can the bull keep running?

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 07 Apr 2017

If it feels like the current bull market has been running for years, that's because it has

BlackRock sends in the clones

Author: John Rekenthaler
Date: 05 Apr 2017

The world's largest investment manager--Vanguard is the leading mutual fund company both in the United States and globally, but BlackRock runs more assets in all forms--swapped living, breathing people for stock-picking models

Here's what you need to know about Downer's bid for Spotless

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 22 Mar 2017

Downer EDI Limited (ASX: DOW) on Tuesday launched a $1.3-billion takeover bid for facility and laundry services provider Spotless Group Holdings (ASX: SPO) , an offer which sent shares in the latter soaring nearly 50 per cent in the hours after the bid was announced

Super robots marching on member funds

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 05 Apr 2017

The noise around automated financial advice--known colloquially as robo-advice--has been building for years

Here are 4 good reasons to own this healthcare stock

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 04 Apr 2017

Healthscope Limited (ASX: HSO) this week announced that former Telstra (ASX: TLS) executive Gordon Ballantyne will be taking the helm of Australia's second-biggest private hospital operator effective 15 May 2017, replacing outgoing CEO Robert Cooke

Market Index Performance l March 2017

Author: Morningstar
Date: 05 Apr 2017

Outlook delicately balanced but strong buffers support housing market

Author: David Ellis
Date: 07 Apr 2017

Record high gross household debt levels, terrible housing affordability, low wage growth and rising borrowing costs, regardless of changes in the RBA's official cash rate, are headwinds to stronger economic growth in Australia

SMSF trustees travelling overseas may need company power of attorney

Author: Natasha Ng
Date: 07 Apr 2017

What happens if they, in their capacity as directors of the corporate trustee, need to sign off on decisions concerning them as members but they are overseas? This is a very common scenario and therefore it is very important that if the trustee of your fund is a company that the company appoints a company power of attorney in anticipation of this type of situation.

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