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Articles from: Managing Chinese volatility to Mining profits surprise on upside

Managing Chinese volatility

Author: Andy Rothman
Date: 22 Jan 2016

As expected, every important economic statistic in China grew a bit more slowly last year, according to official data published on 18 January, but the consumer and services part of the economy--the biggest part of the economy--remained very healthy

Bear to unleash its fury?

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 11 Jan 2016


It's a Xanax world

Author: Bill Gross
Date: 18 Jan 2016

The Romans gave their Plebian citizens a day at the Coliseum, and the French royalty gave the Bourgeoisie a piece of figurative "cake," so it may be true to form that in the still prosperous developed economies of 2016, we provide Fantasy Sports, cellphone game apps, sexting and fast food to appease the masses

When an SMSF can't meet pension payments

Author: Melanie Dunn
Date: 06 Jan 2016

Account-based pensions are required to meet minimum pension standards

Risk management through life insurance

Author: Vicky Kuok
Date: 05 Jan 2016

In our previous article we generally discussed managing risk through life insurance and estate planning

3 signs of a safe dividend

Author: Josh Peters
Date: 14 Jan 2016


Stocks to watch in 2016

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 08 Jan 2016

Australian investors had a mixed 2015, with stocks finishing higher only with the benefit of dividends after a sell-off in resource and bank stocks

Risks and opportunities in 2016

Author: AllianceBernstein
Date: 04 Jan 2016

Investments in healthcare and transport infrastructure stocks may help Australian equity investors withstand some of the expected market volatility during 2016, while fertiliser manufacturers, airlines and some discretionary retailers could provide value opportunities

FoMO and the lure of outsized gains

Author: Martin Conlon
Date: 12 Jan 2016

Much as we might prefer otherwise, the market price of every listed equity investment is an amorphous blend of human behaviour, macroeconomic and corporate fundamentals

SMSF trustee responsibilities and obligations

Author: Kathy Evans
Date: 13 Jan 2016

I recently commented on the importance of choosing the right trustee structure when establishing a self-managed upper fund (SMSF)

The appeal of managed portfolios

Author: Andrew Alcock
Date: 12 Jan 2016

Oscar Wilde is quoted to have said: "With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone." When it comes to investing, the needs of investors have traditionally been determined according to their age, with generations typically grouped as Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y

Death benefit misconceptions

Author: SUPERCentral
Date: 15 Jan 2016

While self-managed superannuation funds are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal, the annual report of the tribunal makes interesting reading

Guarded attitude is warranted

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 05 Jan 2016


Why Japan is a stock picker's paradise

Author: Tom Becket
Date: 06 Jan 2016

Change is a word totally applicable to Japan at this time

How to obtain specific SMSF guidance from the ATO

Author: Melanie Dunn
Date: 07 Jan 2016

A trustee can apply for guidance from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) when there is uncertainty about how the law applies to a self-managed superannuation fund, in relation to a specific circumstance

How to make retirement savings last

Author: Vicky Kuok
Date: 04 Jan 2016

This article discusses generally how you can plan ahead for retirement with risk management and cash-flow management to make your retirement savings last

Two Chinas better than one

Author: Stuart Rae
Date: 08 Jan 2016

Investors seeking a balanced perspective on risk and opportunity in China should set aside outdated perceptions of the country as a manufacturing juggernaut and think of it instead as "two Chinas," global asset manager AllianceBernstein (AB) said

Top shares for the Christmas stocking

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 14 Dec 2015

Australians' Christmas stockings should be filled with presents again this December after another prosperous year, albeit one where some sectors have had more reason to celebrate than others

What's in store for global equities in 2016?

Author: Dominic Rossi
Date: 15 Dec 2015

Next year promises to be a better year for equities than 2015, when markets were rattled by much weaker-than-expected growth in emerging markets

4 areas of complacency to guard against

Author: Guy Bruten
Date: 14 Dec 2015

Global asset manager AllianceBernstein (AB) has warned Australians against becoming complacent about the country's economic outlook, even though 2015 is ending the year on a stronger note than many economists had foreseen a year ago

Sucking the marrow out of life

Author: Marcus Burns
Date: 15 Dec 2015

"Sucking the marrow out of life doesn't mean choking on the bones." Dead Poets Society Small-cap investing is as much about what you don't own as what you do

Festive season for income investors

Author: Robert Mead
Date: 15 Dec 2015

What a difference a quarter makes

As China stops buying, world suffers

Author: Anthony Chan
Date: 04 Dec 2015

The recent sharp decline in Chinese imports is widely blamed for the continued weakness in global oil and commodity markets

Lift from lower dollar not that great

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 11 Dec 2015

The fall in the Australian dollar will only give a moderate lift to several companies in 2016, given many have revenue in sterling or euros and any further decline in the Australian dollar could be limited by meaningful offshore investment and merger and acquisitions activity, according to Morningstar head of equities research Peter Warnes

Emerging countries are struggling

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 30 Nov 2015

Brazil's government debt is now rated junk, only seven years after it gained investment-grade status

Surviving volatile markets in 2016

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 07 Dec 2015

The threat of higher US interest rates, China's slowdown and Australia's sluggish growth have all contributed to rising market volatility in 2015

Aussie dollar may be on the improve

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 07 Dec 2015


Imperfectly perfect

Author: Matthew Booker
Date: 01 Dec 2015

In the movie The Last Samurai , Katsumoto sought the perfect cherry blossom

Painting a worrisome picture

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 14 Dec 2015


Mining profits surprise on upside

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 04 Dec 2015

Australian company profits strengthened in the September quarter of 2015, breaking a five-quarter run of negatives, and some surprising results in the mining sector may give hope to the beleaguered miners who are struggling to keep shareholders happy amid falling commodity prices

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