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Articles from: IAG profit dips, hit by bond market - Nicki Bourlioufas to Is this time different for value investors? - John Rekenthaler

IAG profit dips, hit by bond market - Nicki Bourlioufas

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 22 Feb 2017

Insurance profit fell 6.4 per cent to $571 million, down from $610 million a year earlier

IAG's cash profit falls 12.2pc, announces $300m buyback - Nicholas Grove

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 19 Aug 2016

Insurance Australia Group (ASX: IAG) on Friday announced a 12.2 per cent fall in fiscal 2016 cash profit before one-off items to $987 million, ahead of consensus but in line with Morningstar's forecast

Imperfectly perfect - Matthew Booker

Author: Matthew Booker
Date: 01 Dec 2015

In the movie The Last Samurai , Katsumoto sought the perfect cherry blossom

Implications under the new ATO penalties - Aaron Dunn

Author: Aaron Dunn
Date: 21 Mar 2014

He will be speaking at the Morningstar SMSF Trustee Strategy Day in April

In Australia, play the hand you are dealt - Robert Mead

Author: Robert Mead
Date: 24 May 2016

As interest rates continue to fall in Australia, investors may want to take their cue from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

Income from prisons and pipelines - Christine St Anne

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 06 Nov 2013

Income-hungry investors can benefit from funds that invest in a range of infrastructure assets, ranging from toll roads and prisons to gas pipelines

India, China hold pockets of investment opportunity - Romina Graiver

Author: Romina Graiver
Date: 22 Sep 2016

The gap between emerging market economies and those of developed markets are narrowing, creating considerable opportunities for investors, according to Romina Graiver, product specialist, global and emerging markets equities, William Blair

Industry body rubbishes claims more SMSF regulation needed - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 27 Jun 2016

The article, published in The Sydney Morning Herald print and online editions, highlighted particular concerns around SMSF trustees with balances of less than $200,000

Inflationary sea change - Simon Stevenson

Author: Simon Stevenson
Date: 20 Apr 2017

The last year has seen a major sea change in views around the outlook for inflation

Inghams still not a goer - Peter Warnes

Author: Peter Warnes
Date: 04 Nov 2016

Is TPG Capital a charity? The Inghams IPO has been repriced at $3.15--a 12 per cent discount to the bottom of the original indicative price range and a meaningful 24 per cent from the $4.14 top

Interest rates have turned negative - Michael Collins

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 06 May 2015

This is a financial news article to be used for non-commercial purposes and is not intended to provide financial advice of any kind

Interest rates no cause for bond alarm - Rachael Micallef

Author: Rachael Micallef
Date: 17 May 2013

The possibility of normalising interest rates should not ring alarm bells for bond investors, according to Tyndall Asset Management

Investing a game in theatre of geopolitics - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 24 May 2017

Despite the French election result, which saw the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron soundly defeat the right-wing populist Marine Le Pen , populism is not going away any time soon, says Thomas Clarke, portfolio manager, dynamic allocation strategies, William Blair

Investing against the herd - Michael Coop

Author: Michael Coop
Date: 15 Jan 2014

Contrarian investing is about looking for undervalued and out-of-favour investments and avoiding highly priced and popular investments

Investing in BRIC and African economies - Mark Mobius

Author: Mark Mobius
Date: 30 May 2013

Growth in BRIC economies has slowed down in 2012 and early 2013

Investing in infrastructure in a rising rate environment - Arian Neiron

Author: Arian Neiron
Date: 26 Apr 2017

On the contrary, history has shown that global listed infrastructure securities can perform well after an interest rate hike

Investing in interesting times - Marcus Burns

Author: Marcus Burns
Date: 29 Aug 2013

When someone, purported to be Chinese, said "May you live in interesting times," they were clearly referring to the current investment climate faced by Australian small-cap managers

Investors moving away from cash - Katarina Taurian

Author: Katarina Taurian
Date: 07 Jun 2013

Investors are increasingly looking to get out of cash assets, according to HLB Mann Judd, prompting a warning that self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors shouldn't "overreact" and lose focus on their long-term investment strategies

Investors must accept lower returns for longer - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 08 Aug 2016

The trio of managers were: Bill Bovingdon, chief investment officer, Altius Asset Management; Prasad Patkar, head of qualitative investment, Platypus Asset Management; and Chad Padowitz, chief investment officer, Wingate Asset Management

Investors to reap Wesfarmers windfall? - Nicholas Grove

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 08 Apr 2014

Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers (WES) this week signalled its departure from the insurance game after announcing the sale of its insurance broking arm to the US-based Arthur J

Investors turning away from negative ESG screening - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 21 Apr 2017

Around 90 per cent of asset managers in the Asia-Pacific region intend to move beyond "negative screening" ESG approaches over the next two years, the study found

InvoCare posts 45.8pc rise in 1H profit - Nicholas Grove

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 16 Aug 2016

InvoCare Limited (ASX: IVC) on Tuesday announced a 45.8 per cent rise in comparable net profit to $30 million for the half year to 30 June, after the funeral, cemetery and crematorium operator's cost management offset a lower-than-expected number of deaths

Is an active or passive investment approach best for your portfolio? - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 12 Oct 2016

The majority of individual investors (68 per cent) have a false sense of confidence in passive investing, according to a global study of financial advisers

Is economic growth a question of culture? - Kellogg School of Management

Author: Kellogg School of Management
Date: 25 Sep 2014

As some countries' economies churn steadily -- even briskly -- over time, others' remain stagnant

Is it the season to be jolly? - Andrew Fleming

Author: Andrew Fleming
Date: 18 Dec 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Is the commodity supercycle dead? - Nicholas Johnson and Greg Sharenow

Author: Nicholas Johnson and Greg Sharenow
Date: 24 Sep 2013

From the late 1990s until the 2008 financial crisis, most commodities experienced double-digit annual real (that is, inflation-adjusted) price growth, a period known as the commodity "supercycle"

Is the Italian banking system insolvent? - Stephen Ellis

Author: Stephen Ellis
Date: 20 Jul 2016

With Britain's vote to leave the European Union a surprise to many investors, UK bank stocks fell, but Italian bank stocks also collapsed

Is the Reserve Bank out on a limb? - Peter Warnes

Author: Peter Warnes
Date: 10 Feb 2017

The Reserve Bank left the official cash rate at 1.5 per cent following the 7 February meeting

Is there value in the Healthscope IPO? - Christine St Anne

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 18 Jul 2014

There has been much ado about the upcoming float of Healthscope

Is this time different for value investors? - John Rekenthaler

Author: John Rekenthaler
Date: 17 May 2017

For growth-stock investors, every day is a new beginning

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