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Articles from: Top stock picks for fiscal 2016 - Anthony Fensom to US charts versus fundamentals - Lesley Beath

Top stock picks for fiscal 2016 - Anthony Fensom

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 24 Jul 2015

Plunging oil prices helped Qantas Airways (QAN) fly away with the prize for the top ASX 200 stock for fiscal 2015

Topside resources break imminent - Lesley Beath

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 20 Jan 2014

Disclaimer : To the extent that any content in this report constitutes advice, it is general advice that has been prepared by Lesley Beath without taking into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any individual investors

Trans-Tasman super SMSF requests denied - Chris Kennedy

Author: Chris Kennedy
Date: 03 Jun 2013

The government has finalised details of trans-Tasman super portability arrangements, with several industry requests around the scheme going unheeded

Transurban continues distribution growth trend - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 09 Aug 2016

Roads infrastructure company Transurban Group (ASX: TCL) on Tuesday announced a distribution of 23 cents a share for the second half of fiscal 2016, including a 3.5-cent a share fully franked component

Transurban shows strength, Cochlear meets guidance - Nicholas Grove

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 05 Aug 2014

Companies covered in this report: • Transurban Group

Transurban's earnings, distribution in line - Nicholas Grove

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 01 Aug 2013

Toll-road operator Transurban Group (TCL) on Thursday announced a 5.6 per cent rise in proportional earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) to $828 million for the 2013 fiscal year

Treasury Wine more than doubles earnings, ups dividend - Nicholas Grove

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 14 Feb 2017

Net profit and earnings per share (EPS) for the half year to 31 December 2016, including one-off items, stood at $136.2 million and 18.5 cents a share, respectively

Treat market with caution - Lesley Beath

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 02 May 2016


Trouble ahead: What's next for the Chinese economy? - Knowledge@Wharton

Author: Knowledge@Wharton
Date: 22 Mar 2016

China's economy continues its decline, as reports earlier this month revealed that exports had their biggest monthly drop since May 2009

Trouble keeping up with the political risks swirling in Europe? - Michael Collins

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 15 Jul 2016

Few would have expected that within two years the Berlin Wall would collapse as a barrier and that communist regimes across eastern Europe would crumble

Troubled times for super - Anthony Fensom

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 01 Aug 2016

What might investors expect? Firstly, a look at what Treasurer Scott Morrison proposed in his pre-election budget:

Trump executive orders, US ructions to have muted Aussie equities impact - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 08 Feb 2017

As Donald Trump's presidency nears the 30-day mark, amid persistent uncertainty and volatility in financial markets, an attempt to reverse the Dodd-Frank financial reforms could be next on the already long list of executive orders

Trump gets a full house but caution prevails - Peter Warnes

Author: Peter Warnes
Date: 10 Nov 2016

Donald Trump, President of the United States (POTUS)

Trump-led trading spike benefits ASX 1H17 result - Glenn Freeman

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 17 Feb 2017

Group revenue for the market operator grew 2.8 per cent to $386 million in the six months to 31 December 2016, from $376 million a year earlier

Trust gives nod to "superior" Perpetual offer - Staff Reporter

Author: Staff Reporter
Date: 21 May 2013

The Trust Company (TRU) board has written to shareholders recommending they accept a takeover offer from Perpetual (PPT) that it says is superior to a revised offer from Equity Trustees (EQT) , while the competition watchdog is also keeping an eye on proceedings

Trust refuses to offer Equity Trustees due diligence - Rachael Micallef

Author: Rachael Micallef
Date: 20 May 2013

The Trust Company (TRU) is refusing to offer due diligence to Equity Trustees (EQT) after reiterating its recommendation for Perpetual's (PPT) acquisition offer

Trustees struggle to keep pace - Anthony Fensom

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 27 Sep 2016

Despite support for a belated backflip, more government tinkering with superannuation has left advisers, funds and self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees struggling to keep pace

Trustees: Don't breach your obligations - Julie Hartley

Author: Julie Hartley
Date: 05 Apr 2016

Being in control of a superannuation fund does not come without responsibilities or obligations and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is now able to hit trustees where it hurts the most (their wallet!) if they forget this

Turnbull's growth challenge - Christine St Anne

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 17 Sep 2015

The newly installed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was among the key topics of discussion at a media event held with a number of fund managers this week

Two bubbles - Andrew Fleming

Author: Andrew Fleming
Date: 02 Nov 2016

Two years ago, two price bubbles emerged on the ASX and we progressively positioned the fund against both of them

Two Chinas better than one - Stuart Rae

Author: Stuart Rae
Date: 08 Jan 2016

Investors seeking a balanced perspective on risk and opportunity in China should set aside outdated perceptions of the country as a manufacturing juggernaut and think of it instead as "two Chinas," global asset manager AllianceBernstein (AB) said

Uncovering disparities in small caps - Matthew Booker

Author: Matthew Booker
Date: 28 Jul 2014

The S&P ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index ended the financial year up a casual 13 per cent

Understanding ETF liquidity - Louis Crous

Author: Louis Crous
Date: 17 Mar 2015

One of the many benefits of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for investors is their tradability

Understanding opportunities in China - PIMCO

Author: PIMCO
Date: 19 May 2015

Why are investors increasingly focused on China? Eric Mogelof : It is no secret that China has become a critical part of the global economy

Understanding the growing complexity of ETFs - Christine St Anne

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 08 Oct 2015

Australia's strategic-beta exchange-traded fund (ETF) market has continued to grow both in the number of products and the amount of assets, according to the latest research by Morningstar

Understanding the Morningstar Style Box - Phillip Gray

Author: Phillip Gray
Date: 19 Sep 2013

Morningstar pioneered understanding of share funds' market-cap and investment style characteristics through the creation of the nine-square Style Box

Upside ahead for Telstra? - Nicholas Grove

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 17 Sep 2013

The newly elected Coalition government headed by Tony Abbott has pledged to scale back the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), and Telstra (TLS) shareholders may be wondering what this means for their investment

Upward momentum on ASX could be unleashed - Lesley Beath

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 19 Jul 2016

As usual we will start with the US equity market

US businesses hold back on investing - Michael Collins

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 10 Aug 2016

In the US in recent years, internet-based companies have invested countless billions of dollars to make the US the world leader in mobile broadband and other savvy technologies

US charts versus fundamentals - Lesley Beath

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 26 Jul 2016

Many years ago, some chartists simply locked themselves in a room and studied the price of certain stocks or indices

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