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Articles from: 3 bad reasons to sell a fund - 08 Oct 2014 to Choosing a quality portfolio manager - 12 Aug 2014

3 bad reasons to sell a fund - 08 Oct 2014

Author: Christine Benz
Date: 08 Oct 2014

The decision about whether to sell a fund is usually not clear-cut, even in hindsight

Market Index Performance l September 2014 - 07 Oct 2014

Author: Morningstar
Date: 07 Oct 2014

Made in the USA again - 01 Oct 2014

Author: Dan Crimmins
Date: 01 Oct 2014

The extent of the US manufacturing renaissance is little appreciated

2 top-performing small caps - 30 Sep 2014

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 30 Sep 2014

Last month the Pengana Emerging Companies Fund [12260] rose by 4.9 per cent, outperforming the Small Ordinaries Index by 2.6 per cent and the Small Industrials index by 1.2 per cent

2 PIMCO funds under review - 30 Sep 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 30 Sep 2014

Morningstar will place two of the four PIMCO funds available in Australia under review following the recent departure of the bond manager's founder and chief investment officer Bill Gross

Is economic growth a question of culture? - 25 Sep 2014

Author: Kellogg School of Management
Date: 25 Sep 2014

As some countries' economies churn steadily -- even briskly -- over time, others' remain stagnant

What a sinking Aussie dollar means for your portfolio - 23 Sep 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 23 Sep 2014

The Australian dollar fell to a six-month low this week

China's false dawn - 23 Sep 2014

Author: Dan Rohr
Date: 23 Sep 2014

There is much conjecture surrounding the health of the Chinese economy and the outlook for growth for the remainder of 2014 and 2015

How much should I hold in ETFs? - 19 Sep 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 19 Sep 2014

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have always appealed to investors

Buffett versus hedge funds - 18 Sep 2014

Author: Scott Keller
Date: 18 Sep 2014

You can make big money from hedge funds -- especially if you run one

Avoiding a super fraud - 17 Sep 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 17 Sep 2014

It was only a couple of years ago when the collapse of the Trio Capital left 6,000 people without their superannuation savings

7 sins of investing - 16 Sep 2014

Author: Morningstar
Date: 16 Sep 2014

Years ago, James Montier, then with Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, came out with a white paper titled Seven Sins of Fund Management that looked at how behavioural finance can affect the investment process

3 stocks for getting your game on - 15 Sep 2014

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 15 Sep 2014

Social issues aside, Australians' love for a drink and a punt is no secret -- just look at Woolworths' (WOW) most recent full-year earnings if you were ever in any doubt

Emerging markets poised for growth - 11 Sep 2014

Author: David Semple
Date: 11 Sep 2014

The tide is turning for emerging markets, which we believe are poised to offer higher economic growth in the medium term, particularly as investors diversify away from their domestic economies and seek better earnings growth from emerging-markets economies

Cutting through the jargon - 11 Sep 2014

Author: Adam Zoll
Date: 11 Sep 2014

The investment industry, like most other industries, has developed its own terms to describe its methods, processes and offerings

Will Russia derail the eurozone recovery? - 09 Sep 2014

Author: Nicola Mai
Date: 09 Sep 2014

Geopolitical tensions from Ukraine threaten what is already a weak recovery in its neighbouring European economy

3 stocks to avoid in fiscal 2015 - 08 Sep 2014

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 08 Sep 2014

By any number of measures, the recently concluded Australian fiscal 2014 earnings season could be described as a pleasing one for investors

3 winning dividend stocks - 05 Sep 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 05 Sep 2014

More companies lifted than cut dividends in the latest reporting season

Market Index Performance l August 2014 - 04 Sep 2014

Author: Morningstar
Date: 04 Sep 2014

Click here to download the Market Index Returns table for August 2014.

Are we living in a "Truman Show" reality? - 03 Sep 2014

Author: Marcus Burns
Date: 03 Sep 2014

Even ugly ducklings can grow up to be swans some day and we have started to observe a number of fallen stocks recover and perform well this year, as either management teams change (APN News and Media) or new owners perceive value where the stock market didn't ( Holdings)

Not the time to doubt Europe - 01 Sep 2014

Author: John Ingram
Date: 01 Sep 2014

Jittery investors could be forgiven for having doubts about European equities in today's markets

Woolworths registers lift in profit, dividend - 29 Aug 2014

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 29 Aug 2014

Woolworths Limited (WOW) on Friday announced a fiscal 2014 net profit from continuing operations and before one-off items of $2.45 billion, up 4.2 per cent on the prior year or up 6.1 per cent on a normalised 52-week basis

Qantas posts $2.8bn loss, Ramsay beats forecast - 28 Aug 2014

Author: Nicholas Grove/Christine St Anne
Date: 28 Aug 2014

Companies covered in this report: • Ramsay Health Care

Fast-growing stocks in the New Neutral - 27 Aug 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 27 Aug 2014

It was global bond manager PIMCO that developed the term "new neutral," a concept that morphed from its original investment thesis, the "new normal"

Ways to beat the 3 per cent inflation rate - 26 Aug 2014

Author: Elizabeth Moran
Date: 26 Aug 2014

Not long ago, low inflation and high interest rates meant investors could easily get a good real return just by putting their money in the bank

Economic update - 19 Aug 2014

Author: Donal Curtin
Date: 19 Aug 2014

To read the latest Economic Update please click here .

NAB sees solid quarter, Newcrest's profit above forecast - 18 Aug 2014

Author: Nicholas Grove/Christine St Anne
Date: 18 Aug 2014

Companies covered in this report: • National Australia Bank

Why buying at the right price matters - 18 Aug 2014

Author: Andrew Lill
Date: 18 Aug 2014

Over the past five years share markets have risen significantly, with Australian shares up 11 per cent and global shares up 16.6 per cent

CBA posts mega profit, Suncorp pays special dividend - 13 Aug 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 13 Aug 2014

Companies covered in this report: • Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Choosing a quality portfolio manager - 12 Aug 2014

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 12 Aug 2014

It's no secret that Australia is a nation of do-it-yourselfers when it comes to everything from property renovations to share investing

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