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Articles from: Could Australia slide into a Greece-like scenario? - 27 Jul 2015 to How to defer tax - 25 Jun 2015

Could Australia slide into a Greece-like scenario? - 27 Jul 2015

Author: Michael Collins
Date: 27 Jul 2015

Herbert Stein (1916 to 1999) was a US economist who was influential in his time

Top stock picks for fiscal 2016 - 24 Jul 2015

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 24 Jul 2015

Plunging oil prices helped Qantas Airways (QAN) fly away with the prize for the top ASX 200 stock for fiscal 2015

Economic update - 23 Jul 2015

Author: Morningstar
Date: 23 Jul 2015

Signs the US recovery is solid - 22 Jul 2015

Author: Rick Rieder
Date: 22 Jul 2015

Many market observers lately have been making some pretty pessimistic evaluations of the US economy, declaring that it's stagnating and soft

Finding growth in emerging markets - 20 Jul 2015

Author: Simon Dorricott
Date: 20 Jul 2015

Emerging market investors had a difficult time in 2014, with returns lagging developed markets

Currency markets near turning point - 20 Jul 2015

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 20 Jul 2015


6 lessons from a true investor - 17 Jul 2015

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 17 Jul 2015

A true investor should aim to generate a satisfactory return on capital over time while minimising the risk of capital loss, according to Magellan Financial Group (MFG) chief investment officer Hamish Douglass

Did investors get it wrong with China? - 16 Jul 2015

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 16 Jul 2015

Last week, the AMP Capital China Growth Fund (AGF) was hit by a plunging Chinese stock market

Investing on borrowed time - 15 Jul 2015

Author: Matthew Booker
Date: 15 Jul 2015

The old saying to "sell in May and go away" certainly rang true this year, with the Small Ordinaries Index giving up nearly all of its calendar year gains in the month of June

10 ways to avoid hasty market decisions - 14 Jul 2015

Author: Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Date: 14 Jul 2015

1) Volatility is a normal part of long-term investing From time to time, there will inevitably be volatility in stock markets as investors react to changes in economic, political and corporate environments

Staring into an abyss - 13 Jul 2015

Author: Scott Minerd
Date: 13 Jul 2015

With a resounding "no" vote on the Greek referendum to accept the terms of Europe's proposed "bailout," market pundits are out in force talking about the coming turmoil

Keep eye on key support levels - 13 Jul 2015

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 13 Jul 2015


China's stock bubble bursts - 10 Jul 2015

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 10 Jul 2015

China's stock-market bubble has popped, with the Shanghai bourse's 30 per cent fall since its peak on 12 June wiping out more than US$3.5 trillion in equity values

2 quality stocks in a weak market - 09 Jul 2015

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 09 Jul 2015

The article, Greek crisis presents buying opportunity , explained how a big market event such as that currently playing out in Europe often provides an opportunity for investors to buy stocks at a discount

New legislative changes affecting SMSFs - 09 Jul 2015

Author: Melanie Dunn
Date: 09 Jul 2015

New legislation was passed on 19 March 2015 removing the double taxation of after-tax superannuation contributions made in excess of the cap (currently $180,000 a year)

Weighing up the chance of a Grexit - 08 Jul 2015

Author: Holly Cook
Date: 08 Jul 2015

Stock markets across the Eurozone opened sharply lower on Monday morning after the people of Greece voted a resounding "no" to an International Monetary Fund-imposed "cash-for-reform" deal

US market of most importance - 07 Jul 2015

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 07 Jul 2015


Market Index Performance l June 2015 - 07 Jul 2015

Author: Morningstar
Date: 07 Jul 2015

Click here to download the Market Index Returns table for June 2015.

Capital crime of asset manipulation - 07 Jul 2015

Author: Martin Conlon
Date: 07 Jul 2015

Renewed concerns about the ability of Greece to repay loans

Kitchen closed for Australian depositors - 06 Jul 2015

Author: Rob Mead
Date: 06 Jul 2015

With the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) policy rate now at 2 per cent and Australian banks much more focused on raising capital than raising deposit funding, the "free lunch" that Australian investors quite rightly feasted on has ended

Strong bank profits ensure steady returns - 03 Jul 2015

Author: Nicki Bourlioufas
Date: 03 Jul 2015

Bank prices have had a volatile few months

Greek crisis presents buying opportunity - 02 Jul 2015

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 02 Jul 2015

It's been pretty much all about Greece for the markets this week

Was Medibank a bad buy? - 02 Jul 2015

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 02 Jul 2015

Medibank's (MPL) initial public offering was launched in November 2014 with a great deal of fanfare within the investment community

Where leading stock-pickers are finding value - 01 Jul 2015

Author: Jeff Ptak
Date: 01 Jul 2015

Where are valuations and values today? Both managers are bottom-up investors, but when pressed for their market-level view neither see stocks as unreasonably expensive

10 obsessions of an investment guru - 30 Jun 2015

Author: Jason Stipp
Date: 30 Jun 2015

"In my current role, I'm totally free to obsess about important issues that interest me," he said

4 guidelines for taking profits - 29 Jun 2015

Author: Lesley Beath
Date: 29 Jun 2015

Last week we looked at the importance of cutting losses

The perpetual growth myth - 29 Jun 2015

Author: Kevin Flynn
Date: 29 Jun 2015

Wishful thinking now grips the investment world

Is the Buffett deal good for IAG investors? - 26 Jun 2015

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 26 Jun 2015

Berkshire Hathaway's decision to buy a stake in Insurance Australia Group (IAG) was met with much fanfare in the media and investment community

The end of dividend imputation? - 26 Jun 2015

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 26 Jun 2015

Australia's dividend imputation system has been described as "one of the seven wonders of the world"

How to defer tax - 25 Jun 2015

Author: Westpac advisers
Date: 25 Jun 2015

Diana Saad, senior financial planner, Westpac Premium 1) Set up a discretionary trust

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