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Aurizon Holdings Limited AZJ Articles

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Aurizon books $54m 1H17 net profit despite earlier write-downs

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 13 Feb 2017

Aurizon Holdings (ASX: AZJ) recorded $54 million in statutory net profit after tax (NPAT) for the first half of fiscal 2017 (1H17)--a return to positive territory after its $108-million statutory loss in the same period last year

Aurizon, Iluka announce write-downs

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 31 Jan 2017

Australia's biggest rail freight operator Aurizon Holdings (ASX: AZJ) and mineral sands miner Iluka Resources (ASX: ILU) announced hundreds of millions of dollars in write-downs on Tuesday, ahead of the upcoming local corporate earnings season

Here are the earnings season standouts and disappointments

Author: Anthony Fensom
Date: 14 Sep 2016

Amid subdued expectations, which were the biggest winners and losers? Morningstar's head of equities research, Peter Warnes, said the 2016 season "was reasonable and a little better than generally expected" under the circumstances.

Aurizon profits down as cost-cutting continues

Author: Glenn Freeman
Date: 15 Aug 2016

Underlying profit fell to $510 million in fiscal 2016, down from $604 million in fiscal 2015

Same song still on repeat

Author: Martin Conlon
Date: 16 Mar 2016

Investment strategy of recent years has been somewhat monotonous

Aurizon, Newcrest lift profits

Author: Christine St Anne/Nicholas Grove
Date: 17 Aug 2015

Companies covered in this report: • Aurizon (AZJ)

Bendigo's cash earnings rise, Aurizon's profit up

Author: Nicholas Grove/Christine St Anne
Date: 16 Feb 2015

Companies covered in this report: • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (BEN)

NAB sees solid quarter, Newcrest's profit above forecast

Author: Nicholas Grove/Christine St Anne
Date: 18 Aug 2014

Companies covered in this report: • National Australia Bank

5 best stocks from reporting season

Author: Christine St Anne
Date: 14 Mar 2014

The recent reporting season featured its usual mix of positive and negative earnings numbers

Aurizon's dividend surprises, Bendigo lifts profit

Author: Nicholas Grove and Christine St Anne
Date: 17 Feb 2014

Companies covered in this report: • Aurizon Holdings • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Aurizon ups profit, payout ratio

Author: Nicholas Grove
Date: 19 Aug 2013

Aurizon Holdings' (AZJ) underlying net profit for fiscal 2013 rose 16 per cent on the previous year to $487 million, the rail freight company said on Monday

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