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24/05/2016 | 3:28 PM  The gathering backlash against Australia's baby boomer generation from less well-off Gen X and Gen Y cohorts is understandable but unwarranted, according to a new SMSF Association board member.

23/05/2016 | 12:02 PM  Budget 2016 could have far-reaching estate planning consequences for some SMSF trustees, further emphasising the importance of a well-formed, legally binding plan.

23/05/2016 | 8:26 AM  Having done their homework, trustees should have their SMSF well prepared for the end of the financial year. Here are some "spring cleaning" tips for when 1 July comes around again.

09/05/2016 | 8:56 AM  Despite constant tinkering, any government still needs super to remain the most tax-effective form of saving for retirement in order to support an ageing population.

05/05/2016 | 11:59 AM  The retrospective nature of proposed changes to the superannuation contributions regime may be the most disruptive part of Budget 2016 for super investors.

04/05/2016 | 12:11 PM  High net wealth individuals, particularly those with high super balances, higher income earners and workers aged 55 to 65 years of age are among key groups to lose out in the Federal Budget 2016.

22/04/2016 | 8:07 AM  While some SMSF trustees may get nervous knowing the regulator is coming to knock on their door, here's a list of "do's and don'ts" to help deal efficiently with the ATO.

21/04/2016 | 8:55 AM  For SMSF trustees, the next two months could prove crucial in getting their fund in the best position for the new fiscal year--and avoiding the wrath of regulators.

20/04/2016 | 12:28 PM  The need to work for longer combined with volatile markets is putting pressure on retirement savings, which could push some investors, including SMSFs, into riskier assets.

20/04/2016 | 8:03 AM  The good news is that two thresholds have increased. The bad news is that the other thresholds have not.

18/04/2016 | 8:09 AM  A five-year reprieve on collectables rules for self-managed superannuation funds will end on 30 July 2016, according to SUPERCentral.

12/04/2016 | 8:03 AM  ATO guidelines on safe harbour for related party limited recourse borrowing arrangements are not as accommodating as one would have hoped, according to superannuation lawyer Michael Hallinan.

11/04/2016 | 8:11 AM  SMSF trustees can apply a concession from the ATO when they fail to pay the minimum pension amount due to an honest mistake or matters outside their control.

07/04/2016 | 9:47 AM  Australian wealth topped fresh levels in the December 2015 quarter, but with most wealth held in property, a property correction combined with higher interest rates could hit households hard.

05/04/2016 | 8:47 AM  Being in control of an SMSF does not come without responsibilities and the ATO is now able to hit trustees where it hurts the most should they forget this.

31/03/2016 | 8:09 AM  Binding death benefit nominations and reversionary pensions are two means available to SMSF members to select who is to receive their death benefit. But what happens if a member uses both but they clash?

24/03/2016 | 8:17 AM  When thinking about estate planning for your super death benefits, it is absolutely crucial to put into place a valid binding death benefit nomination to provide certainty regarding how your death benefits will be paid.

23/03/2016 | 8:37 AM  Deeds are: "uber agreements; obligations on steroids; solemn promises" carrying the full weight of moral and legal enforcement.

14/03/2016 | 8:28 AM  Some SMSFs may not have enough exposure to growth assets, including shares and property, in order to reach retirement goals, some commentators say.

10/03/2016 | 8:13 AM  The increasing value of member balances and the continued focus from the ATO means it is more important than ever to get things right when it comes to being in pension phase.

09/03/2016 | 4:17 PM  It now appears that the "banana sundae" of a transition-to-retirement pension may also apply to individuals who have not yet reached age 60.

08/03/2016 | 8:11 AM  The Turnbull government may have shelved its planned reforms to negative gearing but the debate is far from finished. Should SMSF trustees be worried?

08/03/2016 | 8:07 AM  One would have thought issues relating to SMSF pensions are relatively well settled but two private binding rulings have been recently issued which have upset the neighbourhood.

04/03/2016 | 8:11 AM  Regardless of how your investments perform this financial year, by making investments using tax-effective structures such as superannuation you may still come out ahead.

29/02/2016 | 8:26 AM  Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers recommends that SMSF trust deeds signed electronically in the eastern states are revisited and signed legally.

23/02/2016 | 9:17 AM  The earlier children start contributing to their superannuation, or you start contributing on their behalf, the better off they will be in retirement.

09/02/2016 | 8:13 AM  Using insurance bond nominations for non-estate bequests can be made in secret because these types of inheritances are not subject to probate procedures.

02/02/2016 | 3:14 PM  While it's impossible to predict the future, the market environment today for Australians is unique and therefore it makes more sense to base withdrawal rates off expectations versus history.

02/02/2016 | 8:24 AM  Parents in blended families can be given the certainty that their nominated beneficiaries will receive their bequest without challenges from disgruntled family members.

15/01/2016 | 8:18 AM  While SMSFs are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal, the annual report of the tribunal makes for some interesting reading.

13/01/2016 | 8:35 AM  While having the right trustee structure is an integral part of an effective SMSF, understanding your obligations is critical in ensuring there are no hiccups along the way.

12/01/2016 | 8:06 AM  While investment needs differ depending on what stage of life you are in, managed portfolios are an attractive investment for all generations, as HUB24's Andrew Alcock explains.

11/01/2016 | 8:19 AM  Selecting and managing income streams that mitigate longevity and investment risks are integral when ensuring retirement income adequacy.



Safe withdrawal rates for retirees Pitfalls of investing for retirement 4 retiree to-dos in a turbulent market
Safe withdrawal rates for retirees Pitfalls of investing for retirement 4 retiree to-dos in a turbulent market

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