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10/02/2016 | 2:26 PM  Energy retailer AGL attributes a net loss of $449 million for the half year to 31 December to its decision to quit exploration and production of natural gas.

10/02/2016 | 10:29 AM  Commonwealth Bank of Australia reports a half-year cash profit slightly above Morningstar's forecast and a steady dividend, after recording income growth across all divisions.

09/02/2016 | 8:49 AM  Morningstar's Tim Mann examines those stocks poised to benefit from strong housing activity and a strengthening US economy.

05/02/2016 | 8:03 AM  Further mixed signals from central banks will make financial markets difficult to navigate, perhaps for the rest of 2016, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

01/02/2016 | 9:37 AM  The income stream from dividend-payers can play a special role in funding portfolio withdrawals, says Morningstar's Josh Peters.

29/01/2016 | 2:57 PM  Know which companies are reporting when with Morningstar's calendar for the February 2016 earnings season.

29/01/2016 | 8:08 AM  The increasing use of derivatives across commodity markets is a reminder of their abuse during the global financial crisis, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

29/01/2016 | 8:08 AM  For Australian investors, taking advantage of key global trends could require a broader perspective than simply looking at ASX-listed stocks.

25/01/2016 | 10:05 AM  The worst-ever start to a year for Chinese shares has seen bourses around the world tumbling, but could other culprits be to blame for the global sell-off?

25/01/2016 | 8:14 AM  While equities are normally perceived as growth assets, some companies have defensive characteristics that can give investors protection against a downturn in the year ahead.

22/01/2016 | 8:23 AM  Peter Warnes reiterates the importance of Morningstar's Stewardship Rating following events over the past week involving three of Australia's top 10 companies.

18/01/2016 | 8:26 AM  Given the bearish start to 2016 for global equities, the question now is whether this rout will continue and cause the Australian stock market to bleed further.

15/01/2016 | 8:17 AM  Now may well be the time to adopt a contrarian investment strategy, according to Morningstar head of equities research Peter Warnes.

15/01/2016 | 8:17 AM  While investors in energy and mining stocks could be forgiven for thinking the sky has fallen in, prospects remain bright in the longer term.

14/01/2016 | 8:24 AM  The interplay of several elements--economic moats, strong finances and balanced payout ratios--creates a reliable stream of dividends, as Morningstar's Josh Peters explains.

13/01/2016 | 10:00 AM  Knock-on currency effects and trade concerns are weighing on, in some cases, fully valued global markets. The result: a rocky ride for investors.

08/01/2016 | 10:35 AM  Fundamental, technical, and behavioural factors are all at play in sending Chinese and global shares lower, says Morningstar's Dan Rohr.

08/01/2016 | 9:48 AM  The US economy is mostly insulated from a slowing China, but that doesn't mean a smooth ride ahead for global stock markets, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

08/01/2016 | 8:15 AM  After a topsy-turvy year for markets in 2015, stocks with Morningstar Economic Moat Ratings should be at the top of the list for risk-averse investors in the year ahead.

05/01/2016 | 4:18 PM  In this exclusive addendum to the Forecast 2016, Morningstar head of equities research Peter Warnes shares some further thoughts on what investors can expect in the coming year.

18/12/2015 | 8:53 AM  Following a difficult year for the Australian equities market, Peter Warnes looks ahead to what 2016 has in store.

14/12/2015 | 8:25 AM  With another uncertain year ahead, Morningstar Economic Moat Ratings will help investors choose the right shares for their Christmas stockings.

11/12/2015 | 8:14 AM  The worst judges of a company's share price are directors and management, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says, as they are too wrapped up in their own "backyard" to be objective.

11/12/2015 | 8:14 AM  If investors are hoping for a boost to company earnings in 2016 as a result of a lower Aussie dollar, they shouldn't expect a big one.

04/12/2015 | 2:52 PM  The recent episode involving Dick Smith provides a timely reminder to be wary when private equity is a vendor, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

04/12/2015 | 2:52 PM  Some surprising September-quarter results may give hope to the beleaguered miners which are struggling to keep shareholders happy amid falling commodity prices.

03/12/2015 | 2:52 PM  The payout ratio--the dividend rate divided by earnings--can give you an idea of how well covered the dividend is, and how likely it is to grow, says Morningstar's Josh Peters.

27/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  The Toll takeover was an excellent example of the divergence of between the market's perception of value and that of the bidder, and a similar situation is playing out in the battle for Asciano.

27/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  Finding value among Australia's retail stocks could prove challenging given the mixed outlook for 2016, but at least investors can enjoy a little retail therapy while shopping for bargains.

23/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  With the search for growth becoming increasingly difficult, Morningstar's focus on long-term competitive advantage should stand investors in good stead in the Year of the Monkey.

20/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  It is critical that long-term income portfolios avoid companies with a propensity to suspend dividends and embrace those with sustainable dividends, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

20/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  While some investors are wading in to buy the big miner, many more are still cautious about its prospects as the commodities downturn becomes more entrenched.

16/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  The telco faces choppy waters ahead as competition intensifies but on a long-term basis the stock still represents good value.

13/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  The board of Asciano must be flexible and look after the interests of those shareholders to whom they are servants, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

12/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  Morningstar's Mathew Hodge looks at how moat ratings complement an income strategy and can steer investors away from a range of problems.

09/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  The beleaguered resources sector is likely to see more takeovers ahead but it is mining services that could see some of the greatest levels of M&A activity.

06/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  The Qube-led purchase of an Asciano stake is a refreshing attempt to determine the fate of some critically important Australian assets, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

05/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  Morningstar's Chris Kallos explains why all biotech companies are not the same and how this can affect the number of risks a certain company can carry.

05/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  The bank delivers a solid first-quarter result in line with Morningstar's expectations, with momentum set to support modest earnings and dividend growth going forward.

04/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  While numerous factors play into whether a country has a dynamic financial market, there's one in particular that stands out.

02/11/2015 | 2:52 PM  The country's oldest bank delivers a full-year cash profit and dividend in line with guidance but warns of a "lower-for-longer" operating environment.

30/10/2015 | 2:52 PM  Morningstar's Peter Warnes reminds investors why a Fed rate hike is not something to be feared, while also illustrating the local competition regulator's lack of foresight.

29/10/2015 | 2:52 PM  Morningstar's Peter Warnes looks at an area of the market where the recent volatility has created opportunities, while also reiterating the importance of moats and stewardship.

28/10/2015 | 2:52 PM  Managers from two top-performing listed investment companies share their views on how to approach the market.

23/10/2015 | 2:52 PM  Morningstar's Peter Warnes points out where regulators should direct their focus in the wake of the government's FSI response, while also reiterating his stance on corporate credit.

21/10/2015 | 2:52 PM  While the party may be over for residential and office property, quality and value can still be found among ASX-listed REITs.

20/10/2015 | 2:52 PM  Businesses with a Morningstar Economic Moat Rating are positioned to generate excess returns over an extended period.

16/10/2015 | 2:52 PM  While China is an integral part of the global economic equation, a more considered analysis of data is required as opposed to knee-jerk commentary, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.



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