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27/07/2016 | 4:01 PM  Two healthcare stocks, one a wholesaler of a Hepatitis C cure and the other an IVF provider, represent two interesting opportunities for individual investors.

25/07/2016 | 8:20 AM  Education is always a hot topic in Australia, especially in the lead-up to Australia's recent federal election. But it also presents an attractive theme for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio.

22/07/2016 | 8:02 AM  Morningstar's Peter Warnes explores the possible implications should central banks take the "helicopter money" option, while also looking at an Australian stock he believes can "keep dancing".

21/07/2016 | 8:25 AM  It is an age-old debate: property versus shares. In an uncertain environment, how can Australian investors pick a winner?

20/07/2016 | 8:16 AM  Westpac, NAB, Commonwealth Bank and ANZ still possess competitive advantages that will appeal to retail investors--and two are currently more attractive than the others.

19/07/2016 | 9:10 AM  The success of accounting software company Xero is part of a broader resurgence of technology companies, contrasting with the shifting fortunes of Australia's resources sector.

15/07/2016 | 8:37 AM  It is frustrating when politicians quickly find agreement on issues such as entitlements but cannot find similar ground when the future of the nation is concerned, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

13/07/2016 | 12:20 PM  Media companies face huge systemic challenges, but there are currently a number of strong arguments in favour of some stocks in the sector.

13/07/2016 | 8:07 AM  While Australian household wealth may have dropped due to falling returns from shares and property, lower interest rates should help wealth creation over the longer term.

12/07/2016 | 8:10 AM  Small was beautiful when it came to the Australian share market in the year to 30 June, but will this still be the case in the coming fiscal year?

11/07/2016 | 2:17 PM  These three very different resources companies occupy leading positions in their respective fields, maintaining their competitive advantages even during a challenging period for the overall sector.

08/07/2016 | 2:16 PM  Morningstar's Peter Warnes shares his thoughts on the past year, his expectations for the year ahead, as well as a few important recommendations.

08/07/2016 | 8:24 AM  The global ocean on which HMAS Australia sails is becoming more dangerous, and while decisive action is required, it will not be forthcoming, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

07/07/2016 | 11:18 AM  Brexit, the US elections and domestic upheaval has raised the level of uncertainty and investors must adopt a cautious and prudent approach, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

06/07/2016 | 8:19 AM  After the transformational acquisition of a portfolio of drugs from Teva and Allergan, one ASX-listed pharma company is poised to become a meaningful player in the US generics market.

04/07/2016 | 10:28 AM  The events of the weekend are negative for Australian financial markets, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says, and the critical issue is the country's AAA credit rating and the implications for the Australian dollar.

04/07/2016 | 8:17 AM  Investors should block out the short-term noise caused by the Brexit decision in order to find companies with sustainable earnings and therefore sustainable dividend yields.

01/07/2016 | 9:45 AM  There is no need to panic post-Brexit, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says, and should the RBA trim another 25 points off the cash rate, then sustainable income stocks will become a little more attractive.

29/06/2016 | 12:30 PM  We cannot apply lessons from the past to learn about the future, nor we can look to those who made the right call last time, says Morningstar's John Rekenthaler.

28/06/2016 | 11:08 AM  Dan Kemp of Morningstar UK says investors need to keep cool, calm heads amid political and financial uncertainty as to what happens next following the Brexit vote.

28/06/2016 | 8:07 AM  Technology companies continue to enjoy a resurgence of popularity among retail investors, who are attracted by a range of factors including the sector's lower capital requirements and high growth characteristics.

27/06/2016 | 12:02 PM  While a global recession looks unlikely following the UK's unprecedented decision to exit the EU, there are still several Australian companies whose earnings will be impacted to varying degrees.

27/06/2016 | 11:47 AM  Morningstar is here to help you stay focused on the big picture and highlight the risks and opportunities that Brexit volatility could be unearthing.

26/06/2016 | 12:16 PM  The Australian dollar tanked and more than $50 billion was wiped off the local share market after results showed Britain had chosen to leave the EU, media outlets reported on Friday afternoon.

24/06/2016 | 8:17 AM  While buying opportunities may appear post the Brexit vote, given the current global environment it pays to err on the conservative side, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

23/06/2016 | 8:11 AM  Changes proposed by the ASX would have a dire impact on Australian retail investors' ability to participate in initial public offerings, according to Ben Bucknell of OnMarket BookBuilds.

21/06/2016 | 11:43 AM  A focus on free cash flow yield and growth is of particular interest at present given the market's preoccupation with dividend yields against a backdrop of low competing interest rates.

17/06/2016 | 8:02 AM  Companies with sustainable operating cash flow and earnings, together with surplus free cash flow, should be at the top of the investor's menu, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

17/06/2016 | 8:02 AM  While historically low Australian bond yields are expected to push more money into the share market, it's critical to ensure equity yields are sustainable.

10/06/2016 | 9:45 AM  Morningstar's Peter Warnes discovers that both politicians and the Australian public have failed to heed lessons from classical antiquity.

08/06/2016 | 5:05 PM  The US pharmaceutical sector was recently highlighted as a key area of interest by Kerr Neilson, co-founder and CEO of Platinum Asset Management.

08/06/2016 | 10:47 AM  Active investing versus index investing isn't necessarily a prescriptive "one or the other" approach, explains Stephen van Eyk.

06/06/2016 | 11:04 AM  The head of Stephen van Eyk Consulting outlines why he believes China's high rate of credit relative to GDP introduces considerable risk for global markets and investors.

03/06/2016 | 10:47 AM  Australia's lack of competitiveness on the international stage may explain the lack of both private sector business investment and business confidence, Morningstar's Peter Warnes says.

03/06/2016 | 10:47 AM  The head of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission this week sought to reassure investors about the trustworthiness of financial markets and the stock-broking industry.



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