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  Fund Name Morningstar
Analyst Rating
Category Net Assets
Perpetual W Share Plus L/S5/Australia Large Value438.49
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Ethical SRI5/Australia Large Value24.75
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Share Plus L/S5/Australia Large Value10.15
Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI5/Australia Large Value741.15
Perpetual WFI-Perpetual Indl Shr4/Australia Large Value1,172.85
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Aus Shr4/Australia Large Value167.98
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Concntr Eq4/Australia Large Value17.42
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Indl Shr4/Australia Large Value412.89
Perpetual Wholesale Australian4/Australia Large Value1,597.08
Perpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity4/Australia Large Value976.20
Perpetual Wholesale Industrial4/Australia Large Value2,961.67
Sandhurst BMF-Sandhurst Ind Share4/Australia Large Value306.17
Sandhurst IML Industrial Share4/Australia Large Value176.73
Sandhurst Prof IML Industrial Share4/Australia Large Value4.16
Realindex Australian Share-Class A3/Australia Large Value152.30
Realindex Wholesale Australian Share3/Australia Large Value84.04
SSgA Australian Managed Volatility Alpha3/Australia Large Value7.60
The Trust Company Australian Share3/Australia Large Value167.58
Zurich Investments Aus Value Shr Fund3/Australia Large Value8.26
Perpetual WFIA-OnePath Tax Effective Inc2/Australia Large Value3.94
Perpetual WFIA-Perennial Value Shrs2/Australia Large Value6.17
Prime Value Imputation B2/Australia Large Value5.63
Strategic Australian Equity2/Australia Large Value2,014.21
Zurich Inv Aus Value Retail Shr Fd2/Australia Large Value2.47
Prime Value Imputation1/Australia Large Value23.47
Fund Name Date 6 Mnths % 1 Yr
3 Yrs %pa 5 Yrs %pa 7 Yrs %pa
Perpetual W Share Plus L/S31 Aug 20147.6219.0221.4915.758.26
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Ethical SRI31 Aug 20146.0515.5222.0115.87-
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Share Plus L/S31 Aug 20147.0317.7820.3114.68-
Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI31 Aug 20146.6716.8223.3416.978.25
Perpetual WFI-Perpetual Indl Shr31 Aug 20147.8215.9220.4511.624.72
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Aus Shr31 Aug 20144.1112.9215.5811.044.72
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Concntr Eq31 Aug 20146.6915.2017.3311.78-
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Indl Shr31 Aug 20147.6415.7020.3411.584.61
Perpetual Wholesale Australian31 Aug 20144.7214.1516.7212.085.70
Perpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity31 Aug 20147.1716.2318.4312.787.10
Perpetual Wholesale Industrial31 Aug 20148.1916.9021.5612.675.68
Sandhurst BMF-Sandhurst Ind Share31 Aug 20146.3013.2419.0311.995.15
Sandhurst IML Industrial Share31 Aug 20146.0213.6120.0813.186.35
Sandhurst Prof IML Industrial Share31 Aug 20146.6814.0919.9212.966.06
Realindex Australian Share-Class A31 Aug 20145.8814.0616.029.80-
Realindex Wholesale Australian Share31 Aug 20145.7813.8315.799.61-
SSgA Australian Managed Volatility Alpha31 Aug 20148.8417.1616.62--
The Trust Company Australian Share31 Aug 2014-----
Zurich Investments Aus Value Shr Fund31 Aug 20147.7715.6313.347.963.17
Perpetual WFIA-OnePath Tax Effective Inc31 Aug 20145.2413.1614.607.32-
Perpetual WFIA-Perennial Value Shrs31 Aug 20145.5815.6013.026.40-
Prime Value Imputation B31 Aug 20146.4314.3311.787.340.99
Strategic Australian Equity31 Aug 20146.3214.0111.447.46-
Zurich Inv Aus Value Retail Shr Fd31 Aug 20147.2614.5712.286.962.21
Prime Value Imputation31 Aug 20146.3214.0911.557.110.77
Fund Name Entry Price Exit Price Price Date Distributions
Perpetual W Share Plus L/S2.6392.62829 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Ethical SRI1.7441.73929 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Share Plus L/S1.5321.52629 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI1.9431.93729 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual WFI-Perpetual Indl Shr1.8151.81029 Sep 2014Quarterly
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Aus Shr3.0062.99729 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Concntr Eq1.3001.29629 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Indl Shr2.4082.40029 Sep 2014Quarterly
Perpetual Wholesale Australian1.7181.71229 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity1.8211.81629 Sep 20146 Monthly
Perpetual Wholesale Industrial1.5631.55829 Sep 20146 Monthly
Sandhurst BMF-Sandhurst Ind Share1.8711.86229 Sep 20146 Monthly
Sandhurst IML Industrial Share1.5111.50329 Sep 20146 Monthly
Sandhurst Prof IML Industrial Share--1.15126 Sep 20146 Monthly
Realindex Australian Share-Class A1.2201.21826 Sep 2014Quarterly
Realindex Wholesale Australian Share1.4451.44229 Sep 2014Quarterly
SSgA Australian Managed Volatility Alpha1.1881.18126 Sep 20146 Monthly
The Trust Company Australian Share2.3602.35329 Sep 2014Quarterly
Zurich Investments Aus Value Shr Fund1.3041.29729 Sep 2014Quarterly
Perpetual WFIA-OnePath Tax Effective Inc1.3111.30426 Sep 2014Quarterly
Perpetual WFIA-Perennial Value Shrs1.5331.52425 Sep 20146 Monthly
Prime Value Imputation B2.2972.28029 Sep 20146 Monthly
Strategic Australian Equity15.78615.76426 Sep 20146 Monthly
Zurich Inv Aus Value Retail Shr Fd1.2981.29129 Sep 2014Quarterly
Prime Value Imputation2.2972.28029 Sep 20146 Monthly
Fund Name Min Initial
Inv $
Legal Type Status Ticker
Perpetual W Share Plus L/S2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen9836
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Ethical SRI2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen16810
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Share Plus L/S2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen16775
Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI25,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen8649
Perpetual WFI-Perpetual Indl Shr2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen1820
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Aus Shr2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen3788
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Concntr Eq2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen16807
Perpetual WFIA-Perpetual Indl Shr2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen3789
Perpetual Wholesale Australian25,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen4361
Perpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity25,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen5893
Perpetual Wholesale Industrial25,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen4362
Sandhurst BMF-Sandhurst Ind Share2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen5809
Sandhurst IML Industrial Share50,000 W'sale Investment TrustsOpen7045
Sandhurst Prof IML Industrial Share25,000RetailInvestment TrustsClosed14315
Realindex Australian Share-Class A25,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen16955
Realindex Wholesale Australian Share5,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen16885
SSgA Australian Managed Volatility Alpha2,000,000 W'sale Investment TrustsOpen19501
The Trust Company Australian Share5,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen19784
Zurich Investments Aus Value Shr Fund5,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen5082
Perpetual WFIA-OnePath Tax Effective Inc2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen16814
Perpetual WFIA-Perennial Value Shrs2,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen16805
Prime Value Imputation B0RetailInvestment TrustsOpen13205
Strategic Australian Equity1,000,000 W'sale Investment TrustsOpen16755
Zurich Inv Aus Value Retail Shr Fd1,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen4575
Prime Value Imputation20,000RetailInvestment TrustsOpen11233
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