Exercise caution and let some cash build

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Nicholas Grove: I'm Nick Grove at the Morningstar Individual Investor Conference in 2016 and I'm joined by Morningstar's head of equities research, Peter Warnes.

Peter, you've said in your recent Overview that you think we're approaching the end of a three-decade bond bull market. What are the implications of this for equities markets?

Peter Warnes: Well, Nick, that's right. I do believe that we have probably seen the bottom--or the top of the bond bull market certainly and the bottom of yield. That doesn't necessary mean we're going to see a big reversal. I think that's completely off the cards. I wouldn't get too concerned about the long-term implications for the equity markets, but I do think there could be a short-term disruption and that's one of the reasons why I'm a little bit cautious. But this bond market, as I said, 35 years of the bull, it is not going to be all of a sudden all over. It will bottom and it will consolidate. Inflation and low economic growth are still going to be front and center and that's not going to allow bond yields to rise too much.

Grove: And you said, Peter, over the next six months given a few of the major significant events that are going to be happening around the world, you are happy to let cash build over the next six months. Why do you think this is a wise move?

Warnes: Well, Nick, equity markets are relatively expensive compared to the bond market. I think you should be very, very careful pricing equities off bond yields that are officially low and pushed down by the central banks, have a normalised bond yield would probably 100 basis points higher, therefore I think the equity market should be a little bit lower. I also think that with Janet Yellen almost certain to pull the trigger in December--whilst the market should be quite conditioned to that happening, the event may well be a bit disruptive and you've got all sorts of things. You've got Deutsche Bank; you've got Italian referendum; you've got possible Trump. All those things suggest to me that just be a bit prudent and a bit more cautious and let's cash build.

Grove: And just to go off on a little bit of a tangent, let's talk poultry. What do you think of the indicative price range for the Ingham's IPO?

Warnes: Well, Nick, this has got private equity fingerprints all over it and I think this chicken has already been plucked when you had close look at it, but I just don't like the way that 2016 profit was up 60 per cent on 2015 and then this year it's going to be up another 18 per cent. The revenue hasn't moved all that much. It's been costs taken out and I don't think that's sustainable and I think I'd be very, very cautious. But we are doing an in-depth look at it and we'll have that research out next week.

Grove: Peter, thanks for your time today.

Warnes: Pleasure, Nick.

Grove: I'm Nick Grove at the Morningstar Individual Investor Conference for 2016.

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