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Building a contingency plan around when you intend to retire is better than setting a firm date ahead of time, according to a recent study from Morningstar's head of retirement research.

SMSFs now account for around 27 per cent of Australia’s $2.6 trillion superannuation pool, down from 30 per cent three years ago. 

A BlackRock research study looks at structural shifts in the global economy and how they affect our investment thinking.

SMSF trustees looking to invest their savings in the property market have suffered another blow following the move by the nation's second largest mortgage lender to withdraw new loan offers. 

The workforce participation, rates of pay and board representation of Australian women slipped back slightly in the first half of 2018, a study has shown.

Australians are underestimating by up to 20 per cent the amount of money they’ll need in retirement, according to a new survey from global investment manager Schroders. 

One in three SMSF users are in the dark about their investment strategy and are sometimes being urged to push their savings into high-risk property, according to a survey from the corporate regulator.

The start of the 2018-2019 financial year is an ideal time to check whether your portfolio is still delivering your lifestyle needs.

New investments and a decline in stamp duty revenue will take a toll on the New South Wales Government's state finances, with the budget surplus tipped to fall in the year ahead.

Following are some expert tips on getting your self-managed super fund into the best shape possible before the end of financial year on 30 June, 2018.

If you're an Australian citizen who has lived abroad and accumulated offshore assets, you may need to have separate wills for your local and international affairs.

Keeping on top of changing rules has become the biggest concern for SMSF trustees following years of government tinkering, an investor survey has found.

A savings target of twice your income by the age of 35 is achievable for some people but unrealistic for many others.

To avoid losing 45 per cent of your fund's total value in ATO penalties, the following tips will help ensure your self-managed super fund is compliant.

There was a sigh a relief when the budget revealed there would be no major changes to superannuation, but it still pays to examine measures that passed under the radar and how they could affect you.

An early return to surplus, minor changes to superannuation, and $140 billion in income tax cuts all featured in Scott Morrison’s pre-election budget.

New rules on claiming exempt current pension income may mean big changes to the operations of self-managed super fund administrators.

Sophisticated pension products from financial services organisations and government, and investor awareness of properly managing withdrawal rates are key to securing Australian retirement incomes.

Battle lines have formed over the Australian Labor Party's proposed changes to dividend imputation, with opponents dubbing it the latest front in a class war and an unfairly targeted attack on retirees. 

Various industry groups have voiced strong opinions on the proposed removal of cash refunds for excess dividend imputation credits, an idea floated this week by the Australian Labor Party.

Australia's female labour force participation rate reached an historic high in January and continued growth could help to grow women's superannuation balances, which still significantly lag those of men.

With inflation fears on the rise--particularly in the US, but also in Australia--retirees are among the most vulnerable.

New research that segments SMSF trustees into Growers, Spenders and Preservers considers a combination of retirement income risks and suggests more detailed cashflow strategies are needed.



The importance of flexible retirement planning Why you need a retirement policy statement VIDEO | Investors hoard cash at their peril, says JP Morgan
The importance of flexible retirement planning Why you need a retirement policy statement VIDEO | Investors hoard cash at their peril, says JP Morgan

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