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18/01/2018 | 2:30 PM  The role of superannuation solely as an investment vehicle to fund retirement is a core underpinning of the structure, but one that is continually being challenged.

09/01/2018 | 9:46 AM  Recent changes to allowable tax deductions may have implications for SMSF trustees with investment properties, writes Elizabeth Wang.

29/12/2017 | 8:20 AM  After an eventful 2017, trustees will be hoping for less regulatory and market uncertainty in the year ahead--but expect the unexpected.

11/12/2017 | 8:20 AM  Here are just a few examples of how tailored binding death benefit nominations can be a "magic bullet" for SMSF estate planning.

30/11/2017 | 2:30 PM  With the growing number of investment products on offer, will SMSFs' love affair with ETFs continue?

30/11/2017 | 10:18 AM  While there are many ways to operate your SMSF with a great deal of flexibility, certain rules still apply.

29/11/2017 | 7:58 AM  Transfers of property between SMSFs can be done with only concessional stamp duty of $500 payable, explains Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers.

09/11/2017 | 4:12 PM  Consumer groups have welcomed the Australian Tax Office's softening of its latest changes to SMSF transfer balance cap reporting.

06/11/2017 | 12:37 PM  Cryptocurrencies may be gaining broader acceptance and legitimacy, with a single bitcoin now nudging US$10,000, according to some estimates.

01/11/2017 | 10:26 AM  The advantages of self-managed super funds continue to outweigh the negatives, even though frequent legislative changes add complexity, according to Natasha Fenech, CEO, SuperConcepts.

30/10/2017 | 12:14 PM  Operating an SMSF is a long-term commitment that is both challenging and rewarding, and there are several reasons why you should stay the course on your SMSF journey.

30/10/2017 | 8:08 AM  With the so-called "Fourth Industrial Revolution" now putting artificial intelligence and robotics into virtually every industry, is it time for SMSFs to let the robots take charge?

26/10/2017 | 11:56 AM  The politicisation of Australia's super system; greater uptake of income streams in retirement; and the policy alignment of aged care and retirement planning, as discussed by Pauline Vamos at Morningstar Individual Investor Conference 2017.

05/10/2017 | 6:38 PM  What is in an SMSF name change? Quite a lot. Here is a checklist for SMSF trustees to use in making the name change on their fund.

22/09/2017 | 6:38 PM  The lifestyle investing approach aims to lower the risk profile of an SMSF by reducing its exposure to growth assets as the investor approaches retirement.

19/09/2017 | 6:38 PM  People over 65 will be able to make an additional contribution to super provided they sell their house to do it.

18/09/2017 | 6:38 PM  A key risk faced by SMSF retirees is sequencing risk, as the order and timing of investment returns can have a significant impact on account balances and the ability to meet future cash flow.

14/09/2017 | 6:38 PM  Super regulations used as political play-things, excessive complexity, and high fees for active management are among concerns raised in submissions to the Productivity Commission's Australian superannuation system inquiry.

12/09/2017 | 6:38 PM  Labor's plan to tax discretionary trust distributions has sparked fears that self-managed super funds could be hit in the process.

12/09/2017 | 6:38 PM  Some APRA funds will only give the death benefit to the estate, which makes it vulnerable to estate creditors.

22/08/2017 | 6:38 PM  In the current uncertain legislative and socioeconomic environment, it helps for SMSF trustees to plan with greater certainty when it comes to their taxes.

18/08/2017 | 6:38 PM  Aside from a few high-profile misses, large-cap stocks are doing okay as FY17 reporting season passes halfway, says AMP Capital's chief economist Shane Oliver.

17/08/2017 | 6:38 PM  Managed funds are becoming less popular among self-managed super fund trustees, a new study from Investment Trends and Vanguard has found.

10/08/2017 | 6:38 PM  While SMSF trustees' market return expectations remain subdued, prolonged uncertainty is inspiring greater asset allocation activity, a Vanguard and Investment Trends study shows.

09/08/2017 | 6:38 PM  Australian retirees are faring considerably better than many, ranking sixth behind a handful of European countries and New Zealand, but well ahead of the US and UK, a multi-national study has shown.

09/08/2017 | 6:38 PM  Investing in emerging companies, through speculative equity crowdfunding platforms, unnecessarily adds to risk, says Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers.

27/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  Having your SMSF own property that is leased to your business is a smart way to build wealth, says Omniwealth's Andrew Zbik.

24/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  Sydney's housing market is continuing to slow with the monthly growth in the price of a home down 1 per cent, latest auction figures show.

19/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  With Australia now facing its "inescapable demographic destiny" of an ageing population, the SMSF sector has been given a timely wake-up call.

17/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  A small error on your trust deed can be surprisingly nasty and a deed of rectification may be the only effective way of fixing the problem.

10/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  The start of the new financial year is a great opportunity for trustees to reflect on how they have progressed and what this means for their investment strategy and asset allocation.

06/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  A new report reveals the world's ultra-high net worth population grew by 3.5 per cent in 2016, though Australia's UHNW population grew at a slightly slower rate.

05/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  During a six-week sabbatical from her role as director of personal finance with Morningstar US, Christine Benz test drives retirement to come up with these 10 insights.

04/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  Navigating the specific challenges of investing in retirement requires careful attention, writes Dan Kemp, chief investment officer at Morningstar Investment Management in the US.

03/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  There are some common pitfalls that mean self-managed super fund trustees shouldn't go it alone entirely, says BT Financial Group's head of financial literacy, Bryan Ashenden.

03/07/2017 | 6:38 PM  Part two of Anthony Serhan's discussion of MyRetirement, the federal government's proposed structural response to retirement income and longevity risk.

29/06/2017 | 6:38 PM  The government's proposed structural response to retirement income and longevity risk has pros and cons, writes Anthony Serhan, Morningstar's managing director research strategy, Asia-Pacific, in the first part of a two-article series.

28/06/2017 | 6:38 PM  Global equities exposure propelled Australian corporate super funds to double-digit returns in the financial year so far, to the end of May 2017.

28/06/2017 | 6:38 PM  If an ATO interpretation is deemed to be correct, SMSFs will have to use more complex methods for calculating tax exemptions, according to Accurium.

27/06/2017 | 6:38 PM  With the latest rule changes set to commence, SMSFs have been given another reminder of the need for succession plans to be both legally effective and tax-efficient.

22/06/2017 | 6:38 PM  Trustees should ensure their SMSF balance is above $200,000 with funds to allow for a deposit of at least 30 per cent.



Shifting laws not denting SMSF demand Superannuation not political football Earnings season FY17 mixed bag so far
Shifting laws not denting SMSF demand Superannuation not political football Earnings season FY17 mixed bag so far

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