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The regulator's new ranking system for superannuation funds has shaken up the industry, but investors have been warned not to over-react to some of the early indications.

Minimising the potential of negative returns while remaining invested in the market is a balancing act as volatility ticks up and interest rates languish.

The '4 per cent withdrawal rate' is a commonly-used safe amount to take from retirement savings and not run out of money. But this may lead to frugality when retirees could enjoy a better lifestyle.

Around 25 per cent of self-managed super fund trustees are at risk of running out of money or having to accept a less-than-adequate lifestyle in retirement, a recent study shows.

A slashed tax rate of 10pc for working Australians beyond age 65 would encourage older-age employment and help defuse the Baby Boomer ‘time-bomb’, says Morningstar's Peter Warnes.

Intense debate about the budgetary cost of Australia's ageing population magnifies for individuals the importance of a financial plan for their twilight years.

Australian retirees are turning away from financial advice and are even reluctant to include their own life partners in the retirement planning process.

The pre-Boomer generations faced global wars and depressions, but Australians born after 1946 have enjoyed prosperity, writes Graham Hand.

The 4 per cent guideline can put you in the right ballpark, but the best spending policies factor in time horizon, asset allocation, and market fluctuations.

Can Australians look forward to increased leisure time in their retirement years, or do they face days of penny-pinching?

Those with self-managed super funds can overcome the transfer balance cap through contribution splitting.

Anticipate extra costs and portfolio shocks before pulling the rip cord on retirement.

Investors have long been urged to diversify. Nowadays they face a fine if they don't.

For many, retirement isn't a full stop. Morningstar US columnist Mark Miller discusses how to plan for a phased retirement that includes work and shares useful resources.

Finding a stable income as rates plumb new lows is tough but attractive options do exist – here are six to consider.

Record-low cash rates and bond yields are putting retirees in a dangerous position, forcing them into riskier assets as they search for sustainable income streams.

You don't need to wear the expense and complexity of an SMSF to pick stocks and other vehicles for your retirement fund.

The ballooning pension bill and fears about rising costs of living risk drowning out the importance of annuities, which can provide a steady income stream.

Super funds posted another stellar run, but clouds are building as assets reach peak valuation, warns Chant West.

The "bank of mum and dad" remains a popular way to get onto Australia's property ladder, but there are considerations for all parties to be aware of, writes Anthony Fensom. 

Big fees, mediocre advice, and time-consuming maintenance are among the reasons some trustees are seeing red.

The dramatic fall in interest rates is depriving Australian pensioners of what they're deemed to be entitled to.

These saving and spending adjustments can help overcome the natural ambivalence many of us have to tucking away money for retirement, says Morningstar's head of retirement research David Blanchett.

Having previously discussed how SMSF trustees can position their pension to meet minimum withdrawal requirements, we now turn to those who want higher amounts.

New research challenges the popular perception that most Australians are accessing the aged pension the moment they become age eligible. 

With a new financial year upon us, SMSF trustees in pension phase have some decisions to make about how much they draw down and from which accounts, explains Accurium's Melanie Dunn.

The start of a new financial year is a good time to take a fresh look at your portfolio and your investment plan.

Financial year 2019 marked the "souring of an enduring love affair" between self-managed super funds and Australian blue-chip stocks, new research shows.

With the new tax year underway and the Coalition back in the saddle in Canberra, it’s a good time to look ahead and consider some strategies for tax effective investing. 

These strategies can help investors who are either approaching retirement or already retired and don't want to spend hours each week monitoring their investments.

Rising living costs and income inequality sit on one side, and changing living standards on the other in this debate about boosting the minimum superannuation contributions rate. 

SMSFs have long been prone to a strong home market bias, but adding a blend of funds can add diversification without blowing out costs or risk, says PineBridge’s Hani Redha.

The end of financial year is looming but it’s not too late to put in place some smart superannuation strategies before 30 June to help reduce tax liabilities.

The life insurance of self-managed super fund trustees who have opened APRA-regulated super funds to access this protection could be under threat, warns the SMSF Association.

Superannuation funds are bracing for another wave of policy changes with a new-look Senate and a fresh face in the superannuation and financial services portfolio.

Self-managed super trustees need to be aware of an additional reporting deadline that falls on 15 May 2019, due to the $1.6 million transfer balance cap introduced ahead of the 2018 financial year.

Labor's plan to scrap cash payments for excess franking credits is unlikely to dent share prices for fully franked stocks if the proposal becomes law in July, according to one Aussie fund manager. 

Josh Frydenberg's first and possibly last budget, and one that the coalition is pinning its thin election hopes on, may include several sweeteners for superannuation members.

As with decluttering your home, winnowing down your number of accounts - and the holdings within them - can be incredibly clarifying.

The head of the SMSF Association has backed a bill that would allow the number of members in a self-managed fund to increase from four to six, saying it will help retirees manage Labor’s plan to axe cash refunds for franking credits. 

Self-managed super funds have heeded calls to keep calm in the face of last year’s global market rout, finding pockets of opportunity among blue-chip stocks at bargain prices.

Frozen seamen, taxi plates, and water vending machines are among the most exotic assets popping up in the portfolios of SMSFs new analysis reveals, even as the asset class continues to decline in popularity.

The wealth of Australian households could fall this year as property prices drop and as share prices possibly correct further.

Super funds delivered their worst performance in seven years during 2018, returning an average of just 0.8 per cent across growth funds, research shows.

Australians could retire with an extra $500,000 in superannuation if the federal government makes changes to the $2.8 trillion sector, according to a new report.

The complex task of comparing fees charged by superannuation funds could soon get easier if new rules proposed by the corporate watchdog are enacted.

More than 60 per cent of SMSF trustees say their share portfolio would shift away from local to overseas equities, according to a SuperConcepts survey.

Couples increasingly disagree on when they're going to retire and how much they'll need to have saved, but there are ways to avoid the shock, writes Mark Miller.

When markets swing wildly conventional wisdom suggests doing nothing may be best, but for people closer to retirement that's not always the best strategy, says Christine Benz.



Should the home affect Age Pension eligibility? There’s more to running an SMSF than paperwork and penalties Safeguarding your finances against cognitive decline
Should the home affect Age Pension eligibility? There’s more to running an SMSF than paperwork and penalties Safeguarding your finances against cognitive decline

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