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Australian building materials names with US exposure to benefit from secular tailwinds despite weakening macro outlook

While we don’t rate any of our mining coverage as having moats, there’s still a hierarchy in terms of asset quality for those companies.

No need to buy now; indicative range offers no margin of safety for uncertainty and lack of economic moat.

We remain bearish despite material fair value estimate increase.

The damage done from the confession period often opens a margin of safety to intrinsic value that is too good to ignore.

The August reporting season was disturbed by the return of extreme volatility in global equities markets as the US/China trade war escalated.

Strong Asia-Pacific demand growth is providing room for Australian project expansions

There are occasions when a demerger is effectively forced upon a company as it needs to get rid of “bad” apples for the sake of the tree.

The legalisation of cannabis in Canada has boosted an industry that Morningstar forecasts will grow by nine times through 2030

BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue are among a host of Australian miners that appear overpriced, but we see value emerging in base metals and coal.

Negative sentiment has bitten into Australia's leading online food retailer.

Danger lurks in high altitude markets as central banks invite investors to take more risk, writes Morningstar's Peter Warnes.

Deftly navigating joint venture complexities to drive maximum value from an integrated PNG LNG.

The chill winds of a weak economy have been felt in the market, with a barrage of profit downgrades and consensus expectation hose-downs in just the past month, writes Morningstar's Brian Han.

Unlike its peers, Iluka is undervalued, has a strong operational record and stands to benefit from industry supply challenges and sustained favourable prices.

There are good reasons for caution in the local equity market, which is now at an 11-year high

Opportunities could present if the market loses its cool.

Labor’s policy recommendations present risks for some investments, but also opportunities, according to Morningstar Equity Research.

Cost savings, added scale, and brand diversity will help AP Eagers navigate the challenging auto retailing environment.

The Australian Taxation Office is closing in on SKI and will send the group its inaugural tax bill in 2019.

Memories of the GFC are fading fast and corporates are becoming ever more confident in pursuing growth, size and scale.

Crop protection dynamics and omega-3 innovation provide a chance to invest in a cyclical but solid business.

The market is ignoring the long-term benefits being created by the upheaval in the Australian retirement sector.

Supply disruptions are unlikely to persist and China's demand for steel is on track to reach equilibrium point.

Under-the-radar storage a gem in the portfolio.

What could low tax paying individuals or the trustees of pension-phase SMSFs do to reduce the impact of the potential franking-credit changes? 

Supply disruptions raise the near-term price outlook, which will benefit all the major miners under our coverage, including the beleaguered Vale.

The partnership with the online grocery sales specialist provides Coles access to state-of-the-art end-to-end online technology and increases the pressure on Woolworths.

This earnings season set a record for dividends and distributions and company results met largely watered down expectations.

It's the Year of the Pig and no doubt the pig-like behaviour of borrowers in the post-GFC era will come under the microscope.
Violent sell-off creates an opportunity to invest in Crown Resorts at an attractive price.
Mortgage servicing underpins group earnings growth.
Markets are underestimating susceptibility of rents to new supply and economic weakness.
Higher profit margin forecasts increase FVE to AUD 19.00.
Fight-or-flight amid structural headwinds? We recommend investors take flight at current prices.
Looking past the near-term risks to reap the high growth opportunities of the Chinese infant formula market.
But we recommend purchase when this potential is not priced-in.

Steady cash flows and dividends expected, but competition keeps Australia's number 2 supermarket on its toes.

High gas prices should undermine government efforts to rein in generation profits.
So far, Australian retailers haven't felt Amazon AU's presence, but the threat is real.
Urge to merge has strategic merits, but structural headwinds are here to stay.
While results were positive, top line or revenue growth underwhelmed, reflecting the lack of inflationary pressures and difficulty raising prices in an increasingly competitive environment.

Global trade tensions and their far-reaching implications have the potential to trigger a global economic recession within the next two years.

Developing product aligned to customer needs will deliver long-term rewards.
New competitors are unlikely to breach the firm's wide economic moat.