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Special Reports

Rising gas prices expected to tighten electricity market and drive earnings growth.

While potential for refinery closures adds an element of uncertainty, it may also equate to opportunity.

Investors underestimate the long-dated option available to Brambles to expand into key emerging markets.

Caveat emptor on IPOs as a surging market and insatiable demand for technology and 'In-Home' shares jam the float pipeline.

Coronavirus-induced shutdowns of most venues have weighed heavily on casino earnings since the last quarter of fiscal 2020, and we expect the pain will be felt into fiscal 2021.

Identifying environmental, social, and governance risks and estimating their impacts is critical in properly assessing potential investment in individual companies.

Commonwealth Bank reported a decline in first-quarter cash NPAT, but operationally it is a sound result.

Home improvement retailer Bunnings to continue expanding into underindexed categories, but earnings potential is mispriced.

Morningstar conducted qualitative research on 15 alternative strategies. This sector wrap summarises the Morningstar Analyst Ratings and outlines our major observations.

We are optimising our previous Stewardship rating to focus on balance sheet health, investment efficacy, shareholder distributions.

This month we have 14 companies in our Best Stock Ideas list. Since last month, we have added Brambles and Spark Infrastructure and removed Bingo Industries. 

The bank's capital position is strong enough to weather the rise in loan losses to come and still pay out dividends, says Morningstar's Nathan Zaia.

Screening for stocks with high dividend yields is the easy part, but identifying those with high sustainable yields is another story.

Chinese government stimulus and bank lending has surprised and benefited commodity prices, particularly iron ore.

Expect weak consumer spending growth while shifts between categories and sales channels may pose a medium-term test.

Interoperability is unlikely to undermine the competitive advantages.

This month we have 13 companies in our Best Stock Ideas list. Since last month, we have removed Adbri.

The bid to improve fibre accessibility and affordability for businesses will loosen Telstra’s grip on the enterprise market, mainly in regional areas.

Local oil and gas producers are some of the best placed to weather the COVID-19 meltdown and emerge comparatively stronger.

Historic analysis may be just a rear-view inspection, but its true value comes from the pointers it provides for future projection.

Reasonable results against slashed expectations; dividends the victim of caution and uncertainty.