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Morningstar's Bear Market Survival Toolkit for Investors

Shani Jayamanne  |  24 May 2022Text size  Decrease  Increase  |  
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What’s driving the fall in the stock market

VIDEO: Investing in an inflationary environment

Long-term inflation trends, is inflation transitory or here to stay? Which investments have performed well during inflationary environments.

VIDEO: How low interest rates impact asset values

Learn how interest rates impact asset prices and how to invest in this environment.

PODCAST: Investing Compass Special: Inflation

How to find robust companies that can withstand inflationary changes, or have measures in place to protect them.

ARTICLE: Inflation or not, equity markets could be heading for a correction

Investing Compass
Listen to Morningstar Australia's Investing Compass podcast
Take a deep dive into investing concepts, with practical explanations to help you invest confidently.
Investing Compass

The mean reversion process is likely to cause risk asset price excesses to evaporate, and a turn from inflation to deflation.

ARTICLE: My journey through Bubbleville (Part 1 of a 3 part series)

To the moon, stonks, and TikTok experts. Being a bear is lonely when the bulls are in town.


How much further stock markets could fall based on historical data

VIDEO: Is the share market overvalued?

We look at traditional historical indicators and signs to explore whether the share market is overvalued, and where investors can find pockets of opportunity.

VIDEO: Are bear markets a thing of the past?

Are we wrong? Do shares only go up?

PODCAST: Disaster response: Equity Markets

Militaries play war games and governments run disaster response exercises. We do the same with the teetering equity markets.

PODCAST: State of the market: May 2022

It seems like markets have been teetering on the edge, and have commenced falling. If past bear markets are anything to go by, we're not even halfway there yet. This episode looks at the current state of the market, and the context in which it should be viewed.


What to do with your current investment assets

PODCAST: How to behave like a winner

Your behaviour impacts your returns more than you think. In this episode, we explore ways that you can increase your odds of better outcomes.

Upcoming webinar (28 June 2022): On demand (Register here) – When to buy and sell

Understanding when to buy and sell is a key point of interest for most investors, but is there really a golden time for this? This webinar explores timing the market versus time in the market, as well as reasons to sell. 

ARTICLE: Hello risk, our old friend

Get reacquainted with risk: defining it and discussing how it’s measured, how investors experience it, and how they can try to manage it.

ARTICLE: Is your portfolio ready for rising interest rates?

With rates on the move, here's how to assess your stock, bond, and cash holdings.

ARTICLE: 4 good reasons to sell stocks

Admonitions to "freeze!" assume a well-laid, well-maintained plan. That may not be the case for some investors.

VIDEO: What to do (and what not to do) in a volatile market

Christine Benz discusses how investors should handle the turmoil, whatever the life stage.


How to adjust your investment plan and strategy

VIDEO: Investing lessons from previous market crashes

We look back at the .com crash of 2000 and the Nifty-Fifty crash of 1973 to see if there are any parallels to today, and what we can learn from the downturns.

VIDEO: How to make better investing decisions

Learn how to make better investing decisions as we dive into behavioural finance and talk about the biases that may hinder investors reaching their goals.

VIDEO: How to tell if you’re on track to reach your goals

Setting up a portfolio is important, but maintaining and reviewing a portfolio to ensure that you are on track is equally as important to reaching your goals. Find out in this webinar how to conduct a review of your portfolio, and what levers you can pull if you are not on track.

ARTICLE: Profiting from low volatility stocks

Reducing risk isn’t only about avoiding losses; it's also about making profits.


How to identify opportunities in a bear market, and when to capitalise on them

PODCAST: The equity risk premium

This episode covers the equity risk premium. We quantify how much you're compensated for the risk you take on when investing in shares.

PODCAST: A sale worth skipping

If Reddit jumped off a bridge, would you? In this episode, we speak about two popular terms across social media and forums - 'buying the dip' and 'shares on sale', and we explore whether the recent market drop is an opportunity for investors.

Upcoming webinar, 14 June 2022 1pm (Register here): Investing traps (and how to avoid them)

This webinar explores how to stop bubbles, investing in highs and lows, behavioural investing responses and ignoring the noise to avoid these traps

Upcoming webinar (24 May 2022): On demand (Register here) - Are alternative investments the answer when stocks are volatile and interest rates are low

We explore the answer to this question.

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