Trump, trade and volatility: taking the pulse at MIICAU18

-- | 06/11/2018

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Emma Rapaport: As an investor at the moment, is there anything that concerns you, anything kind of going on that's making you little wary as an investor?

Unidentified Speaker: I suppose for me, I mean the transition from full-time work to retirement. So, it is about security, it is about capital stability, but it's also about income. So, this is what I get from Morningstar, which is good.

Unidentified Speaker: I think economically, probably the trade tariffs that are going on, obviously, that's going to cause lot of market volatility. And in terms of just like current predictions for future growth, I think that's going to be like an – obviously a big economic factor in terms of how you predict your forecast going forward for certain securities.

Unidentified Speaker: The day doesn't look particularly flattish. I think we're in for a bit of a downturn. I think the last speaker, probably captured it. You just got to ride out of the bad times and invest in quality companies with quality management.

Unidentified Speaker: Well, nothing. Nothing that I'll slash my wrist over at the moment. I mean, obviously, prices go up, prices go down.

Unidentified Speaker: Well, I think the volatility in the market I think you know even the drop in the market, even today, where to invest – where to invest money and not to try and pick the market, but to have a long-term strategy.

Unidentified Speaker: Here you often get led to astray, along the way of investing, caught up in the heat of the moment, all that sort of thing. There are thing that you shouldn't do.

Unidentified Speaker: Few people have said to me, oh, my god, the market is crashing. And I said, well, you're not losing anything if you don't sell, so…

Unidentified Speaker: I invest in ETFs, so I guess with anything I'm slightly concerned by the volumes going through passive investing.

Unidentified Speaker: Obviously, ETFs and things like that have become really popular lately, so just weighing out you know how much in ETF and how much of your own individual selections is the main thing that I'm thinking about.

Unidentified Speaker: Rise of the economic nationalism, which is rising through the world, basically from England to U.S. I've lived through that that through Australia. Australia in 1975 is exactly where the U.S. is going, and I know what it was like.

Unidentified Speaker: I've just come back from the states, so lot of people are talking about the Trump effect on many levels in America.

Unidentified Speaker: Focusing on what's happening around the world makes you (indiscernible) when you are an investor. But overall, I think from today as a talk that we just listened to, it tells you just to try and ignore all that and just focus on the good stocks that you have and let the bumps ride through and try not to be too nervous about at all, which isn't as – it's easier said than done.

Unidentified Speaker: I mean, a lot of us are concerned about the China-U.S. trade war and what impact that's having on the share market. But I've been through the global financial crisis in 2009, and that was pretty horrendous. This is nothing like it, of course. Hope we're getting through at the moment. So, I think it will blow-out eventually, but you just got to hang in there and watch out for opportunities.

Unidentified Speaker: I'm very close to retirement. So, when I moved across to a self-managed fund, I left a very large portion in cash. So, I suppose from that I'm not overly worried about the market. I'm probably more interested where the market is going and using that opportunity to use some of that cash.

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