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The secrets of Australia’s Berkshire Hathaway
Washington H. Soul Pattinson is an ASX top 50 stock with one of the best investment track records this country has seen. Yet, most Australians haven’t heard of it, and the company seems to prefer it that way.

Our top rated Vanguard ETFs

These ETFs provide exposure to bonds, global shares and local shares. 

Why you shouldn't wait until 35 to take your super seriously

A recent Rainmaker study concludes that the best time to start taking super seriously is in your mid-thirties. I don't agree. 

How much business risk are you taking in your portfolio?

An ownership mentality is critical to success but many investors ignore the risk of the businesses in their portfolio. 

Have some of the ASX 200's worst performers fallen too far?

These four stocks have had an awful twelve months. Morningstar's analysts weigh in on whether they offer good value yet. 

Is not having 'enough' hurting your investment returns?

Four tips to resist the pressure of not having enough. 

Should you gobble up shares of the Guzman y Gomez IPO?

Morningstar initiates coverage prior to the June 20th ASX listing.

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Market movers

Last price
% Change
Pantoro Ltd PNR 0.09 1.11%
Pilbara Minerals Ltd PLS 3.41 2.85%
South32 Ltd S32 3.64 0.82%
Sayona Mining Ltd SYA 0.04 0.00%
Judo Capital Holdings Ltd JDO 1.35 3.85%
Mirvac Group MGR 1.90 0.26%
Core Lithium Ltd CXO 0.10 5.00%
Peninsula Energy Ltd PEN 0.10 4.00%
Nickel Industries Ltd NIC 0.85 7.61%
Northern Minerals Ltd NTU 0.04 13.95%

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Last price
% Change
All Ordinaries 7,963.10 -0.53%
CAC 40 7,859.04 0.90%
DAX 40 18,616.74 1.34%
Dow JONES (US) 39,066.64 0.82%
FTSE 100 8,227.48 0.98%
HKSE 17,937.84 -1.31%
NASDAQ 17,599.53 1.48%
Nikkei 225 38,876.71 -0.66%
NZX 50 Index 11,741.88 -0.37%
S&P 500 5,432.68 1.07%
S&P/ASX 200 7,715.50 -0.51%
SSE Composite Index 3,037.47 0.31%

11 ASX dividend stocks for the next decade

What are the best stocks to own that can pay regular dividends and beat indices on a total return basis in the long-term? Here is our list of 11 ASX-listed companies that could help investors achieve these goals.

16 ASX stocks to buy and hold forever

In his recent shareholder letter, Warren Buffett mentions several stocks he expects Berkshire Hathaway will own indefinitely, including Occidental Petroleum. We look at ASX stocks that investors could buy and hold forever.

Morningstar’s verdict on the 3 most popular ETFs

Our analysts’ takes on Australia’s largest ETFs. 

4 steps to calculate how much you need to retire

This step-by-step process can help you estimate the size of the portfolio needed to support your dream retirement.

The 4% rule explained

The safe withdrawal rate is one of the most important components in retirement planning but many people don’t understand the basis of the rule. 

The three elements of a successful transition to retirement

Transitioning to retirement can be a perilous time for investors. A plan helps and here is mine. 

Introducing our investing course: Foundations of financial independence

An outline of the free course curriculum. 

Foundations of financial independence Module 1: How to invest successfully

Mark LaMonica, CFA runs through how to set up the frameworks for investing successfully, and how to think about risk. 

Foundations of financial independence Module 2: Ensuring you have set the right foundations prior to investing

Shani Jayamanne outlines the foundations that you need to invest successfully for the long-term.
Investing in shares beginner's guide
Investing in shares for the first time? This step-by-step beginner's guide will show you the steps you need to take to invest in the share market.
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