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Title Date Author
  Local equities offer chance for active managers to prove their worth 05/06/2018 Anshula Venkataraman
  Look beyond FAANGs for stock opportunities 25/05/2018 David Brenchley
  Beware fees when choosing a multi-asset manager 23/05/2018 David Brenchley
  Cost has influenced fund flows but so has performance 22/05/2018 Jeffrey Ptak
  No clear link between high fees, active share and outperformance 22/05/2018 Glenn Freeman
  3 top-rated exposures to leading Chinese stocks 21/05/2018 Glenn Freeman
  AustralianSuper tops performance league table 15/05/2018 Emma Rapaport
  Keys to a successful small-cap strategy 15/05/2018 Anthony Fensom
  Why North Korea, South Korea deal would boost investor outlook 01/05/2018 David Brenchley
  Mostly-medalled funds deliver double-digit returns 30/04/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Trade war threat doesn't warrant investor panic 24/04/2018 David Brenchley
  Earth Day 2018: ESG a powerful force for investors 22/04/2018 Glenn Freeman
  5 cheap global investment ideas 20/04/2018 Andrew Lill
  Emerging markets beat US in ESG rankings 20/04/2018 Sustainalytics
  5 investment funds to catch the electric wave 13/04/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Does financial education make you a better investor? 12/04/2018 Morningstar
  9 technology themes investors should be following 12/04/2018 Karen Wallace
  Study shows heightened fears of financial crisis 09/04/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Investors need a seat belt, not a life jacket 05/04/2018 Tai Hui
  5 funds with FAANGs 04/04/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Socially responsible investing exceeds $620bn in Australia 28/03/2018 Arian Neiron
  The evolution of multi-asset investing 27/03/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Even the best funds underperform 26/03/2018 Jeffrey Ptak
  Ways to benefit from investment market volatility 26/03/2018 Nicki Bourlioufas
  Investors continue to back Japanese equities 21/03/2018 David Brenchley
  Maximising returns on your cash investments 20/03/2018 Nicki Bourlioufas
  Top 10 articles of last week 19/03/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Why active managers do better in some periods than others 15/03/2018 Alex Bryan
  Why active managers do better in some periods than others 15/03/2018 Alex Bryan
  Aussie bank among world's top dividend payers in 2017 15/03/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Fundamentals strong for Australian credit 01/03/2018 Glenn Freeman
  3 gold-medal funds with reduced fees 19/02/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Navigating a safe course for China through 2018 14/02/2018 Kerry Craig
  Best performing growth funds of 2017 13/02/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Market Index Performance l January 2018 08/02/2018 Morningstar
  Thoughts on the Wall St correction 05/02/2018 Anton Tagliaferro
  Where to look beyond blue-chips 01/02/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Economic progress doesn't equate to market returns 01/02/2018 Daniel Sotiroff
  Economic progress doesn't equate to market returns 01/02/2018 Daniel Sotiroff
  State Street: Watch out for March inflation figures 25/01/2018 Emma Wall
  China's tricky tightrope 24/01/2018 Fidelity International
  Has the era of sustainable capitalism arrived? 24/01/2018 Jon Hale
  Schroders' lessons from 2017 and outlook for 2018 23/01/2018 Simon Stevenson
  2018: A balancing act 23/01/2018 Tom Stevenson
  Investing on shaky ground 22/01/2018 Kerry Craig
  Fed bigger risk to markets than China in 2018 19/01/2018 Emma Wall
  The year in bond funds: 2017 16/01/2018 Emory Zink
  A lower risk way to boost small-cap exposure 15/01/2018 Glenn Freeman
  Better days for active management? 15/01/2018 Lori M. Heinel
  Equity investment activity trending down 11/01/2018 Glenn Freeman