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Simple, no-fuss revenue management with PayLogic

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Import, consolidate and analyse revenue data from any source to gain powerful insights on your business, pay your advisers and referral partners and support client service obligations.

paylogic revenue management

Consolidate revenue data to support payments to advisers

To pay advisers efficiently the process of consolidating revenue information from multiple sources needs to be efficient and reliable. PayLogic streamlines the process of importing, analysing and identifying payment outcomes to provide consistent and timely payment advice to support your advisers.

paylogic library of schemas

Utilise an extensive library of schemas to seamlessly import your revenue files

No product provider sends their revenue files in the same format. PayLogic provides you with a library of pre-coded schemas for each revenue source, allowing you to easily and efficiently drag and drop each of your product providers’ files into PayLogic.


View reporting on current and historical revenue

Whether you are interested in understanding the sources of your revenue, examining profitability or reviewing the effectiveness of advisers, all the data and insights you need are served up in your PayLogic reports. Through a simple interface, PayLogic allows you to customise and configure your reporting so the information you need is always at hand.

payment structure

Set up your payment structure

Your business is never static, so it’s important that your systems are easy to maintain and updated as circumstances change. Add new advisers, clients and referral partners with ease, using our intuitive configuration screens to define everything from the Adviser Group (CAR) to licensee splits and referral arrangements. Regardless of your revenue structure, PayLogic allows you to cater for all your advisers individually.

PayLogic compliance

Streamlined compliance

Simplify your paperwork and administration by fulfilling your audit obligations in minutes using Paylogic’s audit report function.

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Why choose PayLogic?


Configure your own data

Our easy-to-use configuration tools put the power in your hands to manage advisers, clients, referral partners and payment sources. As your business changes, you have the control and the capability to update PayLogic so that it’s always aligned to your needs.


Intuitive but powerful

A clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and perform complex tasks like setting up schemas to upload and interpret revenue files, build reports to analyse information and manage users.


Support your advice practices

With fee data pushed directly to AdviserLogic and exported to any other system, you can manage your practices’ needs regardless of how they run their business.

Ready to see for yourself?

Discover what PayLogic can do for you