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Morningstar equity research methodology

Morningstar Guide to Investing: Part I
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Morningstar Guide to Investing: Part II

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Morningstar Style Box™ Methodology

By providing an easy-to-understand visual representation of fund characteristics, the Morningstar Style Box allows informed comparisons and portfolio.

Equity research coverage

Morningstar has one of the largest research teams globally with more than 110 analysts, associates, and strategists, including 13 in Australia.

Morningstar Global Equity Classification Structure

Morningstar's sector structure is more logical, allows for intelligent diversification, and makes it easier to understand the decisions being made by portfolio managers.

Morningstar Equity Research

In Australia and New Zealand, Morningstar helps individual, adviser, and institutional investors achieve their long-term investment goals by providing insightful, differentiated, independent, and actionable equity research, as well as portfolio management services.