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Adviser Research Centre®

Independent investment research for professional advisers.

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Empowering informed investment decisions

Today, your clients expect you to be equipped with research, data and tools that support impartial advice. Adviser Research Centre provides easy access to Morningstar’s independent research, comprehensive investment selection and portfolio tools, high-quality data and analytics, unparalleled market insight and client-friendly reports to help you empower your clients’ success.

Make Confident Decisions

Support your investment recommendations with independent research and analysis built on premium global data.

Differentiate Your Advice

Compare investments, evaluate client and model portfolios and produce client-friendly reports with our advanced tools.

Streamline Your Business

Substantiate your advice with research through financial planning software, including Morningstar’s AdviserLogic.

Ready to see for yourself?

Elevate your business with independent research backed by Morningstar's analyst team.

Why choose Adviser Research Centre?


Transparent and Independent Research

Empowering advisers with thought-provoking, independent research. Our broad forward looking qualitative coverage is driven by investment merit and adviser/investor demand. Our quantitative coverage delivers a range of investment information powered by our extensive industry level database. Make suitable investment choices for investors with analyst-driven insights into funds, equities, ETFs, LICs and Hybrids, along with a forward-looking perspective into how investments might behave in different market environments.


Advanced Portfolio and Investment Comparison Tools

Efficiently compare, search and analyse investments to support your best-interest recommendations with our investment tools which presents fund, equities and ETF options to your clients. Build and analyse a portfolio using the X-Ray tool viewing asset allocation, exposures, performance and much more.


Timely Insights

Access timely market commentaries and thought leadership from Morningstar’s global team of analysts and behavioural scientists to ensure you're supporting your clients with the most up-to-date information.


Cross-platform Integration

Integrated with the leading financial planning software—including AdviserLogic and XPLAN using a single sign-on for easier access to research reports, and in case of AdviserLogic some of the advanced research tools.*

*Requires a Morningstar Adviser Research Centre subscription


Advanced ESG Research

Align client preferences with your investment recommendations, through Morningstar’s fund, portfolio, and company-level data and ratings, latest ESG research findings, and proprietary sustainability ratings assessing ESG risk, ESG commitment and carbon footprint.

Ready to see for yourself?

Elevate your business with independent research backed by Morningstar's analyst team.

What does a subscription to Adviser Research Centre (ARC) give you?

Bringing all of Morningstar’s independent research capabilities together with sophisticated modelling and analytical tools, Morningstar’s Adviser Research Centre (ARC) has a wealth of easy to find resources and investment research support to assist your role as a professional financial adviser.

There is so much more to an Adviser Research Centre subscription than just the trusted application used by over 7000 financial professionals. The following are the valuable capabilities you can enjoy access to when you take an ARC subscription.

ARC research coverage

Investment Research Coverage

Adviser Research Centre delivers extensive Research coverage of managed fund, ASX, NZ and Global Share, ETF, LIC & Credit Coverage, delivering qualitative and/or quantitative ratings for over 9,000 investment securities.

ARC esg research

Sustainable Investing – ESG Research

Adviser Research Centre gives you access to the latest thinking and analysis of ESG investing alongside a range of ratings covering ESG risk, carbon exposure and commitment to sustainable investing.

ARC filter tools

Filters & Selection Tools

Morningstar ARC's filter and selection tools help you find funds and equities based on Morningstar ratings and other commonly used criteria.

ARC Investment And Portfolio Decision Support Tools

Investment & Portfolio Decision Support Tools

Adviser Research Centre gives you the power to quickly and efficiently search, select and analyse one or more investments from our coverage, and then make comparison between investments. Taking it a step further you can then compare portfolios to help you optimise and validate your recommendations to your clients.

ARC model portfolios

Model Portfolios and Managed Accounts

Adviser Research Centre presents you Morningstar’s best ideas thinking across a range of managed funds, ETF and equities model portfolios as well as coverage and access to range of managed accounts.

ARC support and resources

Support and Resources

Adviser Research Centre has a wealth of summary and comprehensive Research reporting, disclosure documents and resources including integration with financial planning software, adviser presentations and thought leadership. Adviser Research Centre can support you to establish your own watch lists and model portfolios. You will also be able to access exclusive events and webinars covering investments, portfolios and economics throughout the year. All of the capabilities of Adviser Research Centre are supported by our dedicated customer success teams who will help you get the most out of your Adviser Research Centre access.

Client Story

David Kissane, Wealthpool Advisers P/L

I use Morningstar as a trusted source of research and advice around building model portfolios for our business. I find the team at Morningstar are very supportive and responsive to our business needs. Adviser Research Centre (ARC) is easy to use and an invaluable tool for the development and maintenance of our model investment portfolios.

Morningstar ARC client since 2011

Robert Wilson, Collinson & Co. Private Banking (New Zealand)

As an independent investment adviser I have found the services provided by the Morningstar Adviser Research Centre invaluable for me personally, my portfolio construction and for my investors. The Adviser Research Centre has been updated/improved on an ongoing basis to keep aligned with my requirements (re portfolio construction, background market research and regulatory perspectives) as my requirements have changed over the years – so that I can keep my investors fully informed at all times and construct/update portfolios that are most likely to meet their objectives. I have also been grateful for the extra support provided by Morningstar staff whenever I have had any questions or needed assistance.

Morningstar ARC client since 2012

Sam Simpson, Mortgage Choice Financial Planning

Morningstar's Adviser Research Centre is a fantastic resource, which I use on an almost daily basis, allowing me to add significant value to my clients. I regularly use the Morningstar-managed funds and ETF model portfolios with my clients, providing my business with an efficient means of portfolio construction. The reports and commentary in relation to the model portfolios are fantastic for engagement purposes and at client review time. I also find it handy to be able to provide my clients with an analysis of a particular equity they might hold.

Morningstar ARC client since 2016

Ready to see for yourself?

Elevate your business with independent research backed by Morningstar's analyst team.

^ Offer is limited to first time users only and cannot be used in combination with any other offers and cannot be used to extend and existing Adviser Research Centre membership.

One free trial per adviser.