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Retirement strategies

Morningstar State of Retirement Report
Morningstar’s State of Retirement Income report has reassessed the 4% rule, taking into consideration the current market environment and our outlook for future returns. We believe 4% may be too aggressive and all things being equal we suggest retirees should instead target a 3.3% withdrawal rate. Rather than simply relying on a rule we offer investors options for how to adjust their portfolio and retirement strategies to account for a future of lower returns.

A year-end bucket to-do list

These six steps tackle a lot of jobs: refilling cash, rebalancing and tax planning.

The bucket approach to retirement allocation

A diversified portfolio with various time frames can help you meet your income needs during retirement.

Does your retirement portfolio spark joy?

As with decluttering your home, winnowing down your number of accounts - and the holdings within them - can be incredibly clarifying.

Thirty years on, where is super going?

Safeguarding super’s purpose will ensure Australia's world-class superannuation industry continues meeting the needs of future generations.

How to estimate how much you need for retirement

We walk through the process of calculating the amount of money needed to support your retirement