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Investing in shares

Investing in shares beginner's guide
Investing in shares for the first time? This step-by-step beginner's guide will show you the steps you need to take to invest in the share market.

Only 2.4% of companies deliver all net shareholder wealth

Over decades, relatively few companies generate all the stockmarket's outperformance. Is this an argument for passive investing or does it prove active investing is rewarded?

Does reporting season matter?

Investors are fixated on reporting season but a long-term orientation means looking for value beyond the headlines.

Are lithium shares too good to be true?

The widely accepted narrative about lithium has captured the attention of investors but it may be too late to make outsized profits.

The big margin squeeze facing ASX companies in 2023

Margin squeeze was a key theme this reporting season amid rising cost pressures and a drop in pricing power. But the challenging environment presents opportunities for oversold companies. 

Small-cap investing: Limiting risk at the riskier end of the market

Ed Prendergast, co-fund manager at the gold-rated Pengana Emerging Companies Fund, explains how to limit risk in the often-volatile small-cap space.

An 8-step plan to tackle a bear market

A bear market is the perfect time to look under the hood of your portfolio and financial plan.