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Credit Basics

It's a good time to trade up to wide-moat companies.

+ Noise and what the hell is water; 3 reg risks facing big tech; IGR misleads on super; retirement spending; best Aussie banks; best-in-class; buy tech.

Small monthly contributions could become expensive under the new fee structure for Vanguard’s Personal Investor platform.

Rising inflation, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and central bank policy are just some of the things currently impacting the gold price.

Ethereum has the potential to revolutionise the entire financial landscape, but this cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment asset.

Australian bonds lag while riskier credit benefits from economic recovery and central bank support.

Investors should treat record years with caution

How to consider whether green bonds have a place in your investment portfolio 

We put gold and cryptocurrencies through their paces and look at central banks' attempts to move into the world of digital assets

+ New podcast with Peter Warnes; YFYS super reforms; death of allfinanz; how inflation hits assets; returns in 2021; under-the-bonnet; HNWs, players.

The short answer is no, but there are certainly some similarities building.

Waiting a few months can be the right choice once fees are taken into account.

An investor who bought shares just before Lehman went bankrupt would still be up 145 per cent today.

Morningstar Indexes through a geographic revenue lens.

We expect to update the rate outlook in our banking models to incorporate rate hikes.

Currency movements can erode or boost returns. Here’s what to consider.

Disinflationary forces likely to keep inflation and the cash rate low longer term, say asset managers.

A new Morningstar report examines how BHP, Rio and Fortescue handle environmental, social and governance obstacles.

+ 5 quality small and mid caps; overlooked property gains; LICs delivering in COVID; inflation genie bottled; not so plastic fantastic; poor proxy rule.

Despite a big jump in investor lending, credit to investors remains low by historic standards and headwinds persist, says the RBA.

Despite stubbornly high unemployment, we have reason to believe fiscal stimulus has helped household finances hold up across all income levels.

Why doing a whole lot of nothing might be the ultimate contrarian approach.

Morningstar indexes reveal the extent of US technology dominance, writes Dan Lefkovitz.

And the longer inflation remains down the higher price-to-earnings ratios may go, writes Nicki Bourlioufas.

Recent events suggest there are two types of people in finance today: the trading app hares and the income-investing tortoises.

Computer game use has increased during covid-19 confinement, which is good news for publishers, but perhaps not for parents.