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Credit Basics

Hamish Douglass on tech and post-COVID; costs of SMSFs; outsourcing investing; living longer; quality ETFs; Review pushes SKIing; are zombies real?

5 ways Retirement Review hits super; Keating defends; property income interview; tech concentration risk; fixing the debt; new SMSF risk.

Disunited States of America; why tech commands a premium; Chris Cuffe; Noel Whittaker; oil price peaks; index problems; four recovery strategies; UK.

Both equity and fixed interest markets now have far greater understanding of which companies will struggle during COVID. Supported by central banks, the markets have bailed out companies facing zero revenues.

China funds and trusts have had an excellent year, and a new US President could provide a further boost if they revive US-China relations.

We forecast a strong long-run US recovery.

Morningstar columnist John Rekenthaler wonders whether buying government bonds is the equivalent of stuffing your money under the mattress.

Investing in business while wages stagnate is the wrong approach, the Grattan Institute's Danielle Wood has told a Morningstar forum.

High prices and low, or even negative, yields make some bonds appear unattractive to investors, but here are four reasons not to ditch the debt.

Responsible investing should extend to government and corporate debt, says the head of a prominent ‘green bond’ fund.

LICs pivot; gold's time; SMSFs COVID checklist; market Ponzi; funding retirement; Australia's debt; surprising survey results.

A more disciplined investment approach can help investors avoid bad outcomes, writes Amy C. Arnott.

Most of us have never seen a bond market like this, writes Morningstar's Eric Jacobson.

Snap back or road map survey; family business success; property trust winners; ethical not fluffy; fix SMSF EPOA; Ackman on super; define defensive.

Resurgences in outbreaks make it clear that ending the pandemic requires more than testing, contact tracing, and social distancing, says Morningstar's Karen Anderson

A one fund investment for beginners, 5 big SMSF trends, new speculators, COVID means work longer, China-US decoupling, fixed income matrix.

We've safely averted much of what would result in a long-term financial crisis during the covid-19 downturn, write Preston Caldwell and Eric Compton.

Without more government scrutiny, conflicts of interest will continue to occur, industry insiders argue.