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Credit Basics

Investors in Australia are vulnerable as governments across the region try to stimulate growth

Investors should check their exposure to bonds, hybrids and equities as companies face rising risks of failure, warns BondAdviser's John Likos.

Investors are running out of savings options—but there is room for optimism.


The share market rout has pushed bond yields to record lows but investors shouldn't ignore the diversification benefits of credit assets.

The recent tumult illustrates the importance of using your time horizon to guide what kinds of bond funds to hold--or whether to hold them at all.

A dramatic spike in bond yields since coronavirus hit reflects fears highly indebted companies won't survive, writes Anthony Fensom.

Hedging may help further protect against a fluctuating dollar if you're buying currency to help ride out market volatility. 

Cash is the only safe haven, says BondAdviser, as coronavirus punishes high debt companies and Australia's property-addicted economy risks slipping into recession.

The US is slowing the coronavirus spread as drug makers race toward a vaccine; while the longer-term economic effect will be modest, say Morningstar analysts.

What we’ve learned about sticking out bear markets, avoiding short-term losses, and not trying to time the market.

Within the context of properly functioning of markets, circuit breakers can help with price discovery that could establish where the bottom is – but they also increase anxiety.

From stock opportunities to survival guides, from market updates to fund managers' forecasts, Morningstar examines the effect of covid-19 on the investment world.

Morningstar head of behavioural science Steve Wendel on why we don’t just owe it to ourselves to stay calm as we weather the storm. We owe it to one another.

The words we dare not whisper for almost 30 years have been scrawled on the toilet door but this time social media has amplified the panic.

Morningstar weighs supply and demand factors in assessing COVID-19's long-term effect on global GDP as minimal.