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Credit Basics

Cash is the only safe haven, says BondAdviser, as coronavirus punishes high debt companies and Australia's property-addicted economy risks slipping into recession.

The US is slowing the coronavirus spread as drug makers race toward a vaccine; while the longer-term economic effect will be modest, say Morningstar analysts.

What we’ve learned about sticking out bear markets, avoiding short-term losses, and not trying to time the market.

Within the context of properly functioning of markets, circuit breakers can help with price discovery that could establish where the bottom is – but they also increase anxiety.

From stock opportunities to survival guides, from market updates to fund managers' forecasts, Morningstar examines the effect of covid-19 on the investment world.

Morningstar head of behavioural science Steve Wendel on why we don’t just owe it to ourselves to stay calm as we weather the storm. We owe it to one another.

The words we dare not whisper for almost 30 years have been scrawled on the toilet door but this time social media has amplified the panic.

Morningstar weighs supply and demand factors in assessing COVID-19's long-term effect on global GDP as minimal.

A forecast low fatality rate implies an overstated threat to the economy, says Morningstar's Karen Andersen.

The coronavirus and an unexpected oil price shock have caused market havoc. Morningstar explains why there will be minimal long-term impact.

The following five environmental, social and governance trends are set to herald a shift in the behaviour of companies and investors in coming years.

The coronavirus outbreak has put a hole in the numbers of IPOs on the ASX. 

If the virus is eventually contained, the economic impact could be limited, and today’s prices will have been good entry points.

Lower interest rates increase housing wealth inequality while higher rates do the opposite, according to new RBA research.

Gold is the pre-eminent safe haven investment asset and had a strong run in 2019. But looking ahead, Morningstar analysts are less bullish.

A fall in the Australian dollar magnifies returns when international assets are converted into local currency. Conversely, a rise in the Aussie would decrease returns.

On 17 February 2020, National Australia Bank launched an offer for NAB Capital Notes 4, to raise $750 million, with the ability to raise more or less.

Global market reaction to the coronavirus outbreak has been mixed: Chinese shares have slumped, gold and the Japanese yen have rallied, but US stocks have bounced back quickly

On 11 February 2020, Macquarie Bank Limited launched an offer for Macquarie Bank Capital Notes 2 (ASX: MBLPB), to raise $400m.

Emerging market bonds have generated returns of about 7 per cent over the past 15 years and ETFs offer a way to gain exposure to this asset class.

Limp growth and a sluggish inflation outlook provide a favourable backdrop for credit in 2020.

Equity market volatility, low rates and diversification benefits are some of the reasons to consider credit assets.