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Credit Basics

It’s a rare day that US Federal Reserve researchers and the Australian Council of Trade Unions sing from the same hymn book.

US equity markets have the worst half year since the 70's and Tyro CEO calls it quits.

Long-term rates have soared, but is fixed or floating best?

We were warned; Fixed versus floating investments; Companies making money; Recession? Barry Lambert story; Electrification and EV future.

Binance follows Celsius in suspending withdrawals, leading to panic online

EOFY tips for SMSFs and super; Rate rise then fall; Lobbyists; Joy of small investor; Gold v Bitcoin; More tech wreck; Demerger mania; Euro inflation.

Davos set wrings hand over barriers being thrown up to cross border trade and investment.

The crash of the Terra stablecoin’s exchange rate raises pressing questions.

Futures markets see a cash rate of 3% by December but economists disagree. We look at both sides.

Six charts on the bond market's big selloff and where it may go from here.

The worst quarter for bonds in decades has sent yields to levels not seen in almost a decade.

Major banks start reporting. Delta and travel stocks rise higher. Healthcare stocks reverse gains while Nvidia and AMD extend losses.

Our monthly update detailing the short- and long-term performance of major indices.

Albanese stumbles at the opening gate and team transitory catches a break.

Market experts react to news that incumbent Emmanuel Macron will face Marine Le Pen in the final round of the presidential elections on April 24

5% bond yields; SMSF planning; Arian Neiron interview; Even God's portfolio falls; Volatility truths; Hybrids and credit; Longevity strategy.

Morningstar analysts expect a tight market and high oil prices to persist in the short run as the Ukraine war continues, but 2024 could see a shift in the dynamic.

Despite a broad jump in inflation in March, the details are encouraging.

The limits of investment knowledge.

Fed minutes trigger a tech sell off, Nvidia shares slide. Defensive sectors rally.

Petrol prices set for more relief while the Reserve Bank makes a house price forecast.

March was not a good month for traditional fixed interest, with the AusBond Composite Index adding to its recent streak of losses with this being the worst month in the index's recorded history.

How 'active' is your fund manager? Commodities boom-bust cycles; Aged care and pension; Budget's 'bad' debt; Taiwan's prospects; Hybrids vs bonds.

What's it like to hold crypto as an investment?

Morningstar's first analysis of crypto uncovers the home truths of this novel, heavily concentrated, and highly volatile asset class.

Investors face losses on stocks and bonds after a volatile quarter.

Commodity price surge could cost the Mint millions as many small denomination coins become unprofitable to make.

Oil prices tumble and the yield curve inverts. Trip.com and airlines on the rise, while bank stocks take a hit.

Telstra changes the guard as bond traders pile pressure on the Reserve Bank.

Optimists and pessimists on the next move for markets.

The return of selling fees; Cycle investing; Helping the supply chain; Getting used to inflation; Population decline; Budget summary; 6% mortgages?

Despite inflation rising as companies pass on price increases, the RBA is reluctant to increase rates. The market is pricing in a dozen rises by the end of 2023, but Philip Lowe will see a threat to his legacy.

More strong readings on the labour market are expected as the Fed is seen moving higher, faster on rates.

This week marked one month since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Here's how it impacted financial markets.

Surging wheat prices start to bite and Hamish Douglass farewells Magellan board.

With inflation still running hot, bond prices are sliding as the market looks for faster Fed rate hikes.

Same fund, but cheaper? Hume's crypto frontier; Need a bigger battery; Plight of Russian oil; Invasion impacts; Private equity; Global REITs.

Where are the shareholders’ yachts?

Our monthly update detailing the short- and long-term performance of major indices.

The federal government says its role is not to shield retail investors from all risk.

Chinese ADRs bounce back, NVIDIA and Moderna rise and energy stocks slump.

Magellan announces buyback as Covid-19 roars back. 

Fundies versus funds; MFS on portfolios; Gold in AUD as hedge; Discombobulation; Universal pension; Midterms are Biden referendum; Fed turning point.

In a mission to fight inflation, Wednesday's rate hike is likely the first of eight this year alone.

BHP, Rio Tinto and a slew of smaller miners stand to gain if the supply shock to commodity markets persists.

With hazards that are bigger and more numerous, these markets highlight the importance of diversification.

Historically, US stocks have done well in the months after an initial rate increase.

Well-known growth funds remain popular even as value strategies extend their outperformance.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is sparking global price increases at a time of already-high inflation. But will worsening inflation and weakening economic growth open the door to stagflation?

Russia, China highlight the need to consider 'regime risk.'

Reserve Bank’s band on indefinite hiatus as Myer shows department stores have life yet.

Not seen since the 1970s, a period of high inflation and stagnant growth would leave investors with few places to hide. 

Uncertainty and volatility persisted in February, while still present, inflation and interest rates were not the key driver but rather the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Investment fads and trends look good when they are launched, but can end in disaster.

Futures prices for a range of major commodities remain elevated for months ahead.

Western exodus from Russian oil and gas could be costly, Commonwealth Bank forecasts a fall in house prices and super fund fees to drop.

+ Death of single-industry funds; Six good stock results; Global property; Top investment theme; Having fun; House of Gucci lessons.

Habit, selectivity bias, and groupthink.

Any disruption in grain supply from Russia and Ukraine could have a massive impact on prices, but with nitrogen, potash and phosphate, Moscow may just seek other buyers.

But many funds are cash heavy and paying high costs.

Russia and the Federal Reserve, commodity prices see-saw and AGL energy.

Despite potential inflationary pressures from the conflict, expectations for Fed tightening have been dialed back.

Global equity markets sell off, bonds rally and oil jumps as Russian President Vladimir Putin orders a military operation in eastern Ukraine.

+ Stop the mistakes; Longevity variance; Who is Stephen Jones? Exciting media; Vulnerable in 2022; DDO hybrids; Rebalancing; Colossal waste of time.

Russian tanks are in Eastern Ukraine. While investors try to guess Putin's next move, and how Western nations will try to punish it, here's the market impact we can see right now. 

Packer hands off the Crown as markets read the tea leaves over Ukraine.

+ LIC Holy Grail or not; House prices in 2023; Howard Marks on selling; Why hold cash? Stocks at 12m lows; SMSF competitive with instos; Agent secrets.

Recent results from shipping and logistics companies suggest an easing of supply chain pressure in the second half of 2022.

Jeremy Grantham predicts a 'super scarcity' of commodities and warns of the end of a US stock market super bubble.