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ETF Exchange-Traded Funds

The Australian ETF market hit $100 billion this week. Well, not really.

Fund outperformance has been driven by handful of holdings, writes Lewis Jackson.

Sheep, sloths, and gorillas.

Inside the best and worst performing Australian exchange-traded funds of the first quarter.

Personnel issues and tax risk controls looks large, writes Morningstar analyst Robby Greengold.

The boom in niche and often gimmicky exchange-traded funds has increased the demand for clarity and guidance, writes Ben Johnson.

Battery technology. Cybersecurity. Cloud Computing. Exchange-traded funds that focus on a niche sector are in vogue and worth considering but brace for a high-risk/high-reward ride.

What investors always wanted to know about the US "tech champions index” and perhaps no longer dare to ask.

What are these securities about? Should you consider them?

The appeal of low-cost investment options continues to pull investors towards passive and strategic-beta ETFs, writes Anthony Fensom.

Active managers are poised to grab a bigger piece of the $80bn exchange-traded pie but hurdles remain.

Why doing a whole lot of nothing might be the ultimate contrarian approach.

Eventually, exchange-traded funds will eclipse managed funds and become the industry standard, writes John Rekenthaler.

The exchange-traded fund sector is as diverse and popular as ever, not to mention swollen with investor funds.

Record flows and closures were among the major milestones.

The silver-rated fund is now under review following a reshuffle at the famed investment house.

The jury is divided on how robust the recovery will be but there are ways to make the most of it, writes Anthony Fensom.

Here are some simple investing strategies for those resolving to streamline their portfolios in the new year.

The Australian exchange-traded product industry has jumped by almost 30pc to a record $73.6bn, writes Van Eck’s Arian Neiron.

Slashing red tape and raising the minimum wage are among the priorities for new leader Yoshige Suga. Anthony Fensom shows how investors can tap the expected rebound.

The real estate investment trust sector is trading at attractive valuations, while delivering yields close to 5 per cent, says Van Eck's Arian Neiron.

Thematic ETFs often come with a good story attached but that doesn't mean they're sound investments, says Morningstar analyst Alex Bryan. 

Whether the rebound is V, U or L-shaped there’s a portfolio mix to suit your risk profile, writes Anthony Fensom.

Vanguard’s Aussie index tracker is a cheap option in a crowded field where fee competition is fierce.

Exchange-traded funds have served his cause.



One year after the market crash, through the ETF lens What Tesla's inclusion in the S&P 500 means for investors 'An apocalyptic asset': owning gold
One year after the market crash, through the ETF lens What Tesla's inclusion in the S&P 500 means for investors 'An apocalyptic asset': owning gold