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ETF Exchange-Traded Funds

The unification of the company's dual-listed structure could make ETF investing in Australia even more exposed to sector-concentration risk.

Often criticised for their risk-return imbalance, funds focused on an investment theme have taken off in the pandemic.

A personal journey through sustainable finance.

These fixed-income-focused exchange-traded funds all earn Morningstar medals.

And how to avoid picking funds on their deathbed.

We used the Morningstar ETF screener to find three low-cost, passively managed ETFs with Morningstar medals that could form the backbone of a diversified portfolio. 

New products look to provide access to sustainable investing, tap into high growth US tech giants and provide income in retirement.

Accessibility, price transparency and no ongoing platform fees are some of the advantages over conventional managed funds.

Criticisms about index funds have proven largely unfounded – until now.

The switch to sustainable benchmarks compels investors who remain in the funds to adopt its new investment philosophy.

Fixed Interest ETFs offer several advantages over direct-bond investing, write senior analysts Kongkon Gogoi and Zunjar Sanzgiri in this months' ETFInvestor.

ETFs that track megatrends are soaring in popularity but there are risks to consider before you jump in.

Did you invest in an ethical fund last year? New data shows you were far from the only one, writes Emma Rapaport.

Duffy was an investor we rated highly, and his departure is disappointing.

The Australian ETF market hit $100 billion this week. Well, not really.

Sheep, sloths, and gorillas.

Inside the best and worst performing Australian exchange-traded funds of the first quarter.

Personnel issues and tax risk controls looks large, writes Morningstar analyst Robby Greengold.

The boom in niche and often gimmicky exchange-traded funds has increased the demand for clarity and guidance, writes Ben Johnson.

Battery technology. Cybersecurity. Cloud Computing. Exchange-traded funds that focus on a niche sector are in vogue and worth considering but brace for a high-risk/high-reward ride.

What investors always wanted to know about the US "tech champions index” and perhaps no longer dare to ask.



6 qualities of great index funds These aren't the Bitcoin ETFs you're looking for Short-sellers bet against ARK Innovation ETF
6 qualities of great index funds These aren't the Bitcoin ETFs you're looking for Short-sellers bet against ARK Innovation ETF