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ETF Exchange-Traded Funds

Vanguard’s ultra-cheap ETFs are a sound option for diversified coverage, says Morningstar’s Donna Lopata.

The regulator is worried about the opacity of the active exchange traded fund market.

Is today’s much-larger ETP market truly better than it was five and 10 years ago?

These days there seems to be an exchange-traded fund for every emerging trend and while they are convenient, they are no guarantee of value and growth.

Australia's ETF market is tipped to doubled over the next three years as more investors abandon managed funds and direct shares, says an online investment adviser.

Dividend exchange-traded-funds are a developing feature of the Australian listed product market. We find out which are trading with Morningstar medals.

Each of these exchange-traded funds take a slightly different slant on listed real estate investment trusts, three of them focusing on Australia and one tracking global REITs. 

We know investors are always hungry for investing tips, including information about exchange-traded funds, so these 10 timeless tips are worth revisiting.

Some of Australia's largest providers of exchange-traded products are slashing fees as the battle for market share rages on.

Investors are prone to sticking to equities in their own country but many of the historical arguments for home bias no longer hold water, argues Morningstar director of global ETF research Ben Johnson.

There are many reasons to love passive exchange-traded funds, though there are a handful of potential problems for unwary investors.

The newest and cheapest broad market Australian shares exchanged-traded-fund caught the eye of local investors over the quarter, attracting inflows of $108 million. 

Each of these ETFs provide exposure to a range of leading American companies, but there are a few differences investors should consider when weighing up the Vanguard US Total Market Shares Index and iShares S&P 500.

The design of the two products means investors should be aware of the differences between them when it comes to trading, dividends and cost. 

More money is flowing into fixed-income ETFs as investors seek defensive positions and brace for a slowing economy under a potential Labor government and its plans to axe cash refunds for franking credits. 

There was an incredible amount of activity in Australia's exchange-traded product market in 2018.

A well-spun narrative about a seemingly plausible investment opportunity can cause investors to ignore facts and lose their ability to make sound decisions.

Millennials and women are among the investor cohorts behind a record 20 per cent increase in the number of people in Australia pouring money into exchange-traded funds, says BetaShares.

Statistics reveal that some active managers are simply following an index and charging fees for services they don't deliver, writes Van Eck's Arian Neiron.

Australia's exchange-traded-fund industry is expected to deliver another record-breaking year, hitting the $50 billion mark in 2019, according to one ETF provider.

Millions of investors are better off because of Bogle's innovations and adherence to the notion that investing should be as cheap as possible and for the long term.



ETFs are democratising investing, says Vanguard Friday fundamentals webinar: Deep dive into ETFs Strategic-Beta ETPs on the rise
ETFs are democratising investing, says Vanguard Friday fundamentals webinar: Deep dive into ETFs Strategic-Beta ETPs on the rise