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ETF Exchange-Traded Funds

Vanguard’s Aussie index tracker is a cheap option in a crowded field where fee competition is fierce.

Exchange-traded funds have served his cause.

ETFs have huge benefits for investors, they just might not be the ones you think.

Global investors have funnelled a staggering $33.7 trillion into gold ETFs year to date as the pandemic took hold - we look at gold's prospects and how to invest in it

New products look to offset currency risks, tap into high growth US tech giants, and provide access to sustainable investing.

The first quarter of 2020 was a litmus test for the resiliency of Australian ETFs.

Tech stocks, healthcare names and an avoidance of fossil fuels was key to their strategy.

Its Australian Shares Fund is dear compared to similar offerings, says Morningstar.

A disturbing number of Australian investors are trying their hand at day-trading during the lockdown. The problem is they're not very good at it.

From cannabis funds to artificial intelligence, investors have been piling into thematic investment options. Morningstar research shows where the money is going and why.

If you can keep your head while all others around you are losing theirs, you might be among the investors at robo advisory Six Park.

Morningstar's Matt Wilkinson shares his do's and don'ts for trading ETFs in the market rout.

Morningstar's Ben Johnson says the best way to protect yourself during turbulent times is to avoid trading during episodes where ETF prices disconnect from their NAV.

Undoubtedly the growth in assets and number of Australian exchange-traded funds over the past 10 years shows the enormous appetite for these investments.

The BetaShares passive fund is expensive and its returns trail the index, says Morningstar.

State Street Global Advisers cuts fees, this time on its ASX200-tracking ETF.

China’s new economy sectors are forecast to rebound from the short-term sell-off and continue to do relatively well.

Exchange-traded products can help investors strike the delicate balance between being too hands-on with their portfolios and fiddling too much. 

When do you buy? When do you sell? How do you get the price you want? It is always a good time to brush up on what constitutes good hygiene when transacting ETFs.

2020 could be the year in which Australia's active managers intensify their efforts to get a piece of Australia's $60bn ETF pie.

Australia's corporate watchdog has lifted the six-month suspension of opaque exchange-traded funds following a review, clearing the way for new products to come to market.

Australian exchange-traded fund manager BetaShares will launch a new range of diversified ETFs, competing directly with Vanguard's product suite.

A closer look at the merits of common arguments against index investing.

Exchange-traded funds are a simple and cost-effective way of investing in a wide range of asset classes, with both passive and active forms increasingly popular with investors.

There are three Morningstar medal-rated ETFs that offer a low-cost way to gain access to high-quality Australian fixed-income.

New bank capital regulations being rolled out locally over the next few years could open the door to a class of high-yielding bonds formerly only available to institutions, writes Arian Neiron.

The Australian ETF industry finished the month of August at a record $54.1bn in funds under management despite fears that a 'bubble' in passive investing is distorting share prices.



'An apocalyptic asset': owning gold ETF investing for the new decade: 4 trends to watch Morningstar year in review 2019
'An apocalyptic asset': owning gold ETF investing for the new decade: 4 trends to watch Morningstar year in review 2019