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22/06/2018 | 10:43 AM  Jeremy Grantham suggests avoiding the US equity market as much as you dare, and keeping bond duration short.

21/06/2018 | 4:54 PM  Argentina has rejoined the ranks and Saudi Arabia becomes the newest emerging market as MSCI announces the result of its annual market classification review.

20/06/2018 | 10:58 AM  The lack of euphoria in the market today may mean the US stock market avoids a severe decline, according to one of the world's most influential investors, Jeremy Grantham.

19/06/2018 | 5:31 PM  The value of a good asset manager comes to the fore amid market volatility and in assessing recent company listings, says Fidelity's Kate Howitt.

15/06/2018 | 5:52 PM  Global fund manager Antipodes is upbeat on mobile phone technology and natural gas, but less so on software companies and Tesla.

15/06/2018 | 5:30 PM  Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria are making significant reforms, and some emerging market fund managers are upping their exposure, writes David Brenchley.

07/06/2018 | 4:58 PM  Professional and individual investors alike can be bamboozled by trade and tariff shifts, but need to remember talk doesn't necessarily mean action, explains JPMorgan's Hannah Anderson.

06/06/2018 | 11:15 AM  Why the Federal Reserve needs to lift rates meaningfully higher, and where investors can find lesser-known ESG investment opportunities.

06/06/2018 | 5:35 PM  Australian boutique fund manager Arnhem Investment Management is preparing to wind down its investment business following years of disappointing performance.

06/06/2018 | 8:32 AM  

05/06/2018 | 9:05 AM  With the Australian equity market still looking expensive, asset managers have their work cut out for them, explains Anshula Venkataraman.

05/06/2018 | 4:07 PM  Good financial decisions are more important than ever for investors as volatility returns to global markets, says Kunal Kapoor, Morningstar's global chief executive officer.

30/05/2018 | 5:06 PM  An increasingly bearish outlook on European equities and cautious optimism on Australia and New Zealand are among this multi-asset team's current positions.

30/05/2018 | 8:28 AM  Weeding out lying, cheating and stealing is just part of the company governance analysis performed by fund managers, explains JP Morgan's Kerry Craig.

29/05/2018 | 3:56 PM  These three companies with exposure to US housing, Australian property development and packaging are among some of the best investors can buy, according to Greencape's David Pace.

25/05/2018 | 3:22 PM  Emerging market tech firms should outperform the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Google, according to these asset managers.

25/05/2018 | 9:06 AM  David Pace explains how high active share underpins this Australian equity manager's process, along with focusing on aspects such as remuneration both internally and within the companies it invests in.

23/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Morningstar analysts believe fund-of-funds can be a good one-stop-shop for general investors, but higher costs may deter some.

22/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  UK stocks have fallen from favour as concerns build about Brexit. But James Henderson welcomes the dip as it has provided opportunity for him to pick up income stocks cheap.

22/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  The future active funds is not quite as bleak as the long-running active versus passive argument might suggest, writes Jeffrey Ptak.

22/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Nearly one in five managed funds in Europe fail to beat their benchmarks despite charging high fees, but the reasons are more nuanced than you might expect.

21/05/2018 | 4:08 PM  Each of these Australian international equities funds have substantial holdings in at least one of the well-known Chinese companies Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba.

17/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  While Berkshire Hathaway steered a wide berth around cryptocurrency, its latest SEC filing reveals what the conglomerate bought and how much.

17/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  The UK-based management of this 215 million-pound fund are exploiting a regulatory loophole to reduce exposure to local companies in favour of more appealing US-listed companies, writes David Brenchley from London.

15/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Superannuation did very well over the last five years, with funds posting positive results across the board, according to Morningstar's Australian Superannuation Survey for 1Q 2018.

15/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  High fees are a performance headwind that can be difficult for active managers and investors to overcome, says Mike Roach, head of Vanguard Australia's quantitative equity group.

15/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  

15/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Small cap stocks might be known for their volatility, but it is possible to reduce risk by investing in companies with quality franchises, according to these asset managers.

11/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Former hostage negotiator Richard Mullender highlights the value of plain-speaking, explaining why financial advisers should avoid jargon and tailor their message to individual levels of financial literacy.

10/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  What is artificial intelligence? And how can investors profit from the innovation in computer learning?

09/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Major corporations and venture capital firms are throwing their weight behind the technology that powers bitcoin, but it has limitations.

08/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  The world's largest asset manager is stepping up its engagement efforts to increase corporate responsibility, says Morningstar's Jon Hale.

08/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  The colourful duo behind Berkshire Hathaway discussed some of the world's largest companies at the annual shareholder meeting, including several of their own hits and misses, and a blunt Bitcoin assessment.

04/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Prospects of North and South Korean peace, India's economic formalisation and increasing Chinese consumer confidence are driving this portfolio manager's interest in Asia.

03/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  Nikko Asset Management's Robert Mann discusses India, providing his views on whether it's economic growth will equal that of China and how investors can access some of the opportunities.

02/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  As technology disrupts a growing number of industries including healthcare, financial services, retail and communication, Emma Wall asks Janus Henderson's Richard Clode what defines a tech stock.

01/05/2018 | 9:05 AM  South Korean equities continue to look cheap compared to Asian peers and fund managers are bullish, but how would reunification affect their investment case?

30/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Four of these five global equities funds from some of the biggest names in the game – including Platinum – hold Morningstar medals, and all have delivered double-digit returns in the financial year-to-date.

26/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  The combination of already slowing investment, and swiftly falling net exports from tightened terms of trade would be unmanageable, writes US-based Morningstar analyst Stephen Ellis.

24/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  The IMF says a trade war would tear the global trading system apart, but fund managers are much more sanguine and are gearing up for buying opportunities, writes David Brenchley for Morningstar UK.

22/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  How environmental issues are firmly linked with business performance, and why it's in everyone's interests to keep the pressure on corporations worldwide.

20/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Andrew Lill outlines five risky-looking investment ideas that could offer top returns. Are you brave enough to invest in the unloved?

20/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Colombia is the highest ranking non-European market for investing sustainability, the Morningstar Sustainability Atlas shows. Australia also scores well.

19/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Silver and gold specialist Ned Naylor-Leyland from UK's Old Mutual outlines what will drive precious metals higher, and where ESG fits.

19/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Ethical investors are no longer just focusing on changing company behaviour, they want to change the world, a Morningstar panel has found.

16/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  This trio of sectors spanning UK water, European utilities and US real estate are of substantial interest for Jim Lydotes from BNY Mellon Investment Management.

13/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  This fund manager thinks about the infrastructure sector quite differently than most other professional investors.

13/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Each of these Australian-domiciled funds hold positions in companies providing raw materials for the expanding lithium battery segment.

12/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Morningstar analysts highlight the following areas within the broader technology sector as likely sources of ground-breaking investment opportunities.

11/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Smaller companies shooting out the lights always sing when they're winning, but like most of us, are largely silent for the more common losses.

10/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  The Australian dollar is particularly vulnerable to escalating trade tensions between the United States and China, writes Simon Derrick.

10/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  JP Morgan's Richard Titherington tells Emma Wall why a weak US dollar is good for emerging markets, and why investors should not be put off by a trade war.

09/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Financial services businesses continue to under-perform investor expectations, even though overall trust in the financial system has risen since 2016, a study has shown.

06/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Australian investors' dividend addiction is creating problems in the long-term, says Bennelong senior analyst, Neale Goldston-Morris.

06/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Because timing and tilting your portfolio's asset allocations is complex, Morningstar's Elliot Lucas compares and contrasts the most popular ways of simplifying the process.

05/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Andrew Lill discusses the return of equity market volatility and other trends of 1Q 2018, looks at how inflation affects equity and fixed income investors, and expectations for interest rate movements.

05/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  While investors would be wise to proceed with caution over the next 12 to 18 months, the situation shouldn't warrant all-out panic, explains J.P. Morgan's Tai Hui.

05/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  

05/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Even before news of Facebook's latest transgressions hit the headlines, this fund manager reversed its overweight position on these large-cap technology companies.

04/04/2018 | 9:05 AM  Here's what Morningstar analysts think of these medal-rated funds that hold exposures to market behemoths Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet.

29/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  These Morningstar-rated funds with Australian domiciles have the highest rates of exposure to Facebook shares within our coverage universe, and all but one of them hold medal ratings.

28/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  Industrial, technology and consumer are favoured sectors over the medium-term for Calvert Research and Management, which also holds strong convictions about firearm manufacturers and related companies.

28/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  Contrary to much of the rhetoric, investors can still find plenty of upside in stocks if they look hard enough, according to T. Rowe Price associate portfolio manager, Hari Balkrishna.

28/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  With growing recognition of environmental and sustainability principles among investors worldwide, more strategies are emerging and ESG fund flows are increasing.

27/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  In an environment of rising interest rates and increasing market volatility, the role of multi-asset investing is evolving, says Nikko Asset Management's Tanuj Dutt.

27/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  ESG principles are increasingly important to companies in heading off potential risks and differentiating themselves, says Calvert Research & Management's John Streur.

26/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  Even most successful funds will underperform over certain time periods. Most people aren't cut out for this and therefore should use index funds, writes Jeffrey Ptak.

26/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  Suggestions on generating retirement income; the pros and cons of holding cash as an investment; and Peter Warnes' view on the recent proposal for more superannuation meddling ranked among our most-read topics last week.

26/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  As market volatility continues to build, there are various methods investors can deploy to protect portfolios.

22/03/2018 | 9:05 AM  Emerging markets may have risen in value significantly over the past two years, but we're only just getting started, says Neptune's Ewan Thompson.


Fund Styles

Large Value

About this style

These Funds own mostly larger-sized companies the fund manager believes are overlooked by the market and trading relatively cheaply

Fund Example Morningstar
Net Assets
1 y% 3y%
2.03 -- --

More info on this example...

10 Top Tens

Multisector Growth
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
HOSTPLUS Balanced 0 4.21 11.11 8.90
AustralianSuper Pension Balanced 5 3.47 10.96 8.85
Ausbil Balanced 5 4.01 10.96 7.09
Partners Group Global Multi-Asset 5 1.09 10.89 8.98
Austsafe MySuper (Balanced) 0 2.98 10.81 7.41
Invesco WS Diversified Growth-Class A 4 4.82 10.48 7.27
CBUS Super Income Stream Growth 0 4.28 10.47 9.24
Invesco WS Diversified Growth-Class R 5 4.66 10.47 7.07
Suncorp RO Deposit Suncorp Trad Growth 5 4.35 10.41 7.53
Suncorp Corporate Inv Super Sun Trad Gr 5 4.35 10.41 7.53
Australian Large Value
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
Dimensional Australian Core Equity Trust 3 3.95 13.49 7.94
Dimensional Australian Value Trust 3 4.12 13.25 8.32
Clime Australian Value WS 2 3.32 12.87 3.02
Clime Australian Value 3 3.22 12.70 2.88
Legg Mason Martin Currie Select Opps A 4 4.08 11.82 9.24
Strategic Australian Equity 4 3.38 11.49 6.85
Suncorp BSuper Pen-Perpetual W S-PLUS LS 0 1.92 11.16 --
AMP Capital W Australian Equity Value 4 3.84 10.85 5.67
Suncorp BSuper Pen-Suncorp Aus Shrs Val 0 3.56 10.83 --
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Share Plus L/S 5 1.72 9.87 7.07
Australian Large Blend
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
Chester High Conviction 0 7.82 30.79 --
BlackRock Concentrated Total Return E2 0 9.09 29.24 --
OnePath OA FR Pen-Bennelong Aust Eq 5 14.53 25.15 13.93
Katana Australian Equity Fund 5 9.15 24.28 9.04
OnePath OA AP-Bennelong Australian Eq EF 5 13.95 23.87 12.77
BlackRock Australian Share 4 9.87 23.80 11.01
Regal Australian Long Short Equity 5 8.07 23.66 7.76
Regal Long Short Australian Equity 5 7.97 23.55 7.75
OnePath OA AP-Bennelong Australian Eq NE 4 13.52 22.94 11.93
Solaris Australian Equity Long Short Fd 0 8.37 22.56 --
Australian Large Growth
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
Bennelong Concentrated Australian Eq 5 15.89 30.32 19.79
Lincoln Wholesale Australian Growth 3 11.77 29.93 9.10
Lincoln Retail Australian Growth 2 11.33 28.92 8.24
Spheria Opportunities 5 8.38 26.81 13.23
BlackRock Equity 4 10.16 24.68 11.77
Platypus Australian Equities - Wholesale 4 14.20 24.67 11.51
BlackRock Australian Share Plus 4 10.11 24.48 11.60
Bennelong Australian Equities 4 14.11 24.21 13.00
Platypus Australian Equities - Retail 4 13.96 24.19 10.94
OnePath OA FR IP-Bennelong Australian Eq 4 14.12 24.11 13.01
Australian Mid/Small Blend
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
Perennial Value Microcap Opportunities 0 18.87 61.24 --
Regal Australian Small Companies Fund 5 22.28 47.55 24.63
Eley Griffiths Group Emerging Companies 0 12.30 42.15 --
Lakehouse Small Companies Fund 0 10.53 41.97 --
Ausbil MicroCap 5 13.60 38.20 17.23
Ophir Opportunities Class E 5 8.22 38.09 22.00
OC Micro-Cap 5 8.55 37.81 17.18
Ophir Opportunities 5 7.92 37.31 20.97
Ophir High Conviction 0 13.64 36.79 --
Lennox Australian Small Companies 0 10.26 34.42 --
World Large Value
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
Acadian Wholesale Global Eqty Long Short 5 3.61 15.96 12.20
CFS FC W Pen-Acadian W Glb Equity LS 5 3.61 15.92 12.19
CFS FC Inv-Acadian Glb Equity LS 5 3.28 15.18 11.48
CFS FC Pen-Acadian Glb Equity LS 5 3.28 15.15 11.45
CFS FC W PSup-Acadian W Glb Equity LS 5 3.33 14.30 11.19
CFS FC PSup-Acadian Glb Equity LS 5 3.02 13.93 10.71
BT PPSP-MLC Platinum Global Share 4 -0.08 13.05 6.25
ANZ ASA-Platinum International 4 1.11 12.61 7.53
Vanguard Global Value Equity 0 2.65 12.41 --
Strategic International Equity 4 1.94 11.59 8.37
World Large Blend
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
Platinum International Brands Fund 4 7.15 19.09 13.02
Nikko AM Global Share 5 8.55 18.17 10.06
CFS FC-T. Rowe Price W Glb Eqty 4 7.13 17.86 10.02
CFS FC W Pen-T. Rowe Price W Glb Eqty 5 7.11 17.79 9.99
Platinum Unhedged Fund 5 4.35 17.43 11.28
CFS FC Pen-T. Rowe Price Glb Eqty 4 6.71 16.91 9.17
CFS FC Inv-T. Rowe Price Glb Eqty 3 6.71 16.90 9.16
CFS FC W PSup-T. Rowe Price W Glb Eqty 5 6.38 16.09 9.20
Platinum Global Fund 4 2.21 15.91 8.52
Suncorp BSuper Pen-Suncorp Intl Shrs MM 0 6.16 15.85 --
World Large Growth
Fund Name Morningstar
6m% 1y% 3y%
Hyperion Global Growth Companies B 5 14.73 25.08 17.74
Hyperion Global Growth Companies A 0 13.02 23.43 --
William Blair Global Leaders 4 8.89 22.01 11.66
BetaShares CPS - Global Growth Fund 0 10.44 19.96 --
T. Rowe Price WS Plus Global Equity 5 7.55 19.14 11.95
Zurich Investments Concentrated Glbl Gr 0 9.50 19.12 --
T. Rowe Price Global Equity 4 7.48 18.95 11.55
OnePath OA FR IP-T. Rowe Price Global Eq 5 7.35 18.75 11.41
OnePath OA FR Pen-T. Rowe Price Gbl Eq 5 7.31 18.56 11.24
ANZ OA IP-T Rowe Price Global Equity EF 5 6.78 17.54 10.32