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How we can help you achieve your financial goals

Learn to invest

Morningstar believes that knowledge is the foundation of independence. We empower individuals to take control of their financial life through a number of resources to assist with learning foundational and advanced investment concepts.

Discover new investments

Morningstar provides a variety of ways that you can discover new investments including screening tools, reports on our top rated investment ideas and model portfolios.

Evaluate investments

As a leading independent provider of investment research, Morningstar provides our subscribers with support in assessing new investment ideas, reviewing current portfolio holdings and / or validating third-party advice.

Track and monitor your investments

Avoidance is the one financial strategy that is guaranteed to fail. We have the tools, commentary and insights to allow our subscribers to stay on top of their investment portfolios.

Learn from the best

Have you lost sight of the link between the way your portfolio is designed and the reasons you are investing in the first place?


Covid-19 turned most city centres into empty spaces—but they won’t stay that way, writes Yan Barcelo.

The success of a hedging strategy depends on getting the direction of a currency right.

It's easy to say "money doesn't grow on trees," but it isn't enough.

Reaching financial prosperity can start by becoming the hero of your own financial narrative.


Not every retiree needs to gun for higher returns, but a conservative portfolio can court its own risks.

The 'core and satellite' approach is a solid way to construct your investment portfolio, but it's important to consider risk and fees. 

Consumer habits will likely change, fear may cause us to interact differently and unrecoverable costs could reset business models, say Morningstar analysts.

A systematic investing approach doesn't usually improve returns, but it can help in certain situations.

Women and younger investors are piling into the stock market, eyeing a stepping stone to future wealth.

Your personal experiences have likely had a big influence on how risk-averse or - tolerant you are.

We've safely averted much of what would result in a long-term financial crisis during the covid-19 downturn, write Preston Caldwell and Eric Compton.

When half-right means entirely wrong.

Stock splits are a way for companies to increase their overall liquidity.

Research shows the health sector continues to expand faster than the global economy, writes Arian Neiron.


The Morningstar Investor

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How to be a better investor: episode 1 Should your portfolio shift when the economy slumps? Investing basics: the hardest decision in investing
How to be a better investor: episode 1 Should your portfolio shift when the economy slumps? Investing basics: the hardest decision in investing