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How we can help you achieve your financial goals


Learn to invest

Morningstar believes that knowledge is the foundation of independence. We empower individuals to take control of their financial life through a number of resources to assist with learning foundational and advanced investment concepts.


Discover new investments

Morningstar provides a variety of ways that you can discover new investments including screening tools, reports on our top rated investment ideas and model portfolios.


Evaluate investments

As a leading independent provider of investment research, Morningstar provides our subscribers with support in assessing new investment ideas, reviewing current portfolio holdings and / or validating third-party advice.


Track and monitor your investments

Avoidance is the one financial strategy that is guaranteed to fail. We have the tools, commentary and insights to allow our subscribers to stay on top of their investment portfolios.

Learn from the best

Fixing an ingrained scarcity mindset requires more than extra money, writes Samantha Lamas.

Markets always deliver delusions and manias, but there's something unique now.

For the most part, the markets behaved in line with expectations.

If you have profited from cryptocurrency, be extra careful to disclose any gains because you're on the ATO's hit list.

Reviewing your year's performance so far and positioning yourself for the future.

Remember that guy in Florida who struck a deal in 2010 to pay for two pizzas with Bitcoin? A decade later, Bitcoin is a household name and everyone wants a slice.

Don't ignore the program's defaults.

We will live longer with more spending on health, pensions and super but with fewer workers. Where will 40 million people live?

After bitcoin’s recent slide, it may be tempting to buy the dip. Here’s what to consider when thinking about adding it to a balanced portfolio.

A new conference pitched at the emerging Gen Z and Millennial investor market is an opportunity for big business to influence young minds.

A boom in young and overconfident investors has led to the rise of investment influencers on social media platforms, but following their advice blindly is not a solid strategy.

The schemes, popular with start-ups, look simple at the outset but the devil is in the detail.

We look at the long-running war between ETFs and LICs/LITs to find a clear winner, in the same way Star Wars and Marvel are on different growth paths.

Our best practices for choosing from this expansive universe.

This group can easily behave as a collective power via social media which can produce some unexpected outcomes, at least for now.

A recent study finds debt can be a deal-breaker for new couples. But it doesn't need to be a red flag for relationships, writes Vikram Barhat.

Financial advisers say becoming overweight the winners may expose your portfolio to greater risk, writes Nicki Bourlioufas.

There's a financial impact to investing biases, writes Morningstar behavioural researcher Sarwari Das.

We explore how to build a balanced portfolio completely out of ETFs.

In part 2 we look at another five risks, with a focus on the drawbacks of buying when you cannot see the space, hear the noises, check the views and even sniff the smells.

A hands-off approach has been shown to beat the market and means less stress and fees.

FOMO got the better of me. If this is how people get rich quick, I'd rather stay poor.

Jordan Belfort's story provides useful things to keep in mind when dealing with a money manager, broker, or financial adviser, to avoid getting scammed.


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Considering crypto? Here's what to think about Investing basics: Explaining the disconnect between the stock market and the economy ESG investing is about more than feeling good: Morningstar equity research
Considering crypto? Here's what to think about Investing basics: Explaining the disconnect between the stock market and the economy ESG investing is about more than feeling good: Morningstar equity research