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How we can help you achieve your financial goals


Learn to invest

Morningstar believes that knowledge is the foundation of independence. We empower individuals to take control of their financial life through a number of resources to assist with learning foundational and advanced investment concepts.


Discover new investments

Morningstar provides a variety of ways that you can discover new investments including screening tools, reports on our top rated investment ideas and model portfolios.


Evaluate investments

As a leading independent provider of investment research, Morningstar provides our subscribers with support in assessing new investment ideas, reviewing current portfolio holdings and / or validating third-party advice.


Track and monitor your investments

Avoidance is the one financial strategy that is guaranteed to fail. We have the tools, commentary and insights to allow our subscribers to stay on top of their investment portfolios.

Learn from the best

If you missed just two of the best market days in 2008 and 2020, your portfolio would be down 12 per cent, writes Ian Tam.

A simple set of rules and principles from the Oracle of Omaha can help you become a successful investor.

The secret to breaking your bad money habits can be found in Greek mythology, writes Erica Hall.

It is ill-advised to change your investment approach frequently, but there are some circumstances in which a change is warranted.

Maybe, but only in small doses at the fringes.

How do companies come to the stock market? Deliveroo IPO's float timetable is a useful illustration of how events unfold.

How one newbie trader got himself entangled with the taxman.

Decarbonisation, renewable energy, and ethical investing are increasingly urgent issues for asset managers and investors alike. But how do you play it?

Attitudes are changing— and companies and asset managers alike are seeking to help investors feel good about where they invest—and make money while they’re at it.


Morningstar run the numbers on investment opportunities over the past year.

Young people are taking too much risk with money they can't afford to lose, with social media and apps fuelling the rise of the thrill-seeking investor.

The rise in house prices has been the main driver of the increase, writes Nicki Bourlioufas.

Inflation, deflation, disinflation, and stagflation explained.

Have you heard about the purely digital artwork that sold for US$69.3m? Why is this piece considered so valuable? What are NFT's? When blockchain, crypto and art collide.

A generous payout is enticing but it’s not always a positive sign, writes Nicki Bourlioufas.

Is the currency worth owning? John Rekenthaler weighs the pros and cons of the cryptocurrency.

Emotions can get in the way of investing, leading to bad decisions and poor returns. Here are four emotional biases to avoid 

Having more women in the industry will lead to better outcomes for female investors.


The Morningstar Investor

Mstar guide fin advice

Morningstar Guide to Financial Advice

"Where are the customers' yachts?" Fred Schwed once famously asked. Our latest guide identifies the value that good financial advice can provide and ways investors can unlock that value – whether they choose to use an adviser or not.

Mstar income invest guide

Morningstar Income Investing Guide

Discover trusted strategies to pick the right securities and build a successful income investing portfolio in this comprehensive guide. Take advantage of Morningstar's leading research trusted by millions of investors worldwide.

Mstar portfolio guide

Morningstar Portfolio Construction Guide

Based on our 33 years of expertise, the exclusive Prem Icon Morningstar Portfolio Construction Guide shares a powerful 4-step framework to build a robust portfolio and select the highest rated investments to help you achieve your financial goals.

Mstar invest guide


Investing basics: Explaining the disconnect between the stock market and the economy ESG investing is about more than feeling good: Morningstar equity research Should you be worried about inflation?
Investing basics: Explaining the disconnect between the stock market and the economy ESG investing is about more than feeling good: Morningstar equity research Should you be worried about inflation?