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How we can help you achieve your financial goals


Learn to invest

Morningstar believes that knowledge is the foundation of independence. We empower individuals to take control of their financial life through a number of resources to assist with learning foundational and advanced investment concepts.


Discover new investments

Morningstar provides a variety of ways that you can discover new investments including screening tools, reports on our top rated investment ideas and model portfolios.


Evaluate investments

As a leading independent provider of investment research, Morningstar provides our subscribers with support in assessing new investment ideas, reviewing current portfolio holdings and / or validating third-party advice.


Track and monitor your investments

Avoidance is the one financial strategy that is guaranteed to fail. We have the tools, commentary and insights to allow our subscribers to stay on top of their investment portfolios.

Learn from the best

History's lesson is straightforward: the more stocks, the merrier.

Most investors shouldn’t stray beyond a few percentage points.

Read the warning signs because if it sounds too good to true, it probably is.

Time is money and you should be averse to losing both.

While they invest in passive funds, robo-advisers make very "active" decisions in portfolio construction.

If you've got time on your side, invest as much as you can, on a regular basis, in simple, well-diversified portfolio.

Focus on what you're good at. If you have no insights on macro themes or market trends but can spot a great company, that should be your emphasis.

The order of when things happens has implications even from the start.

Asking how well your holdings are doing their jobs is a starting point for trimming your portfolio.

Imagine it is 24 hours before you are born and you can set all the rules. One catch: you don't know which of the nine billion people on earth will be you.

Understanding the basic terminology is a good place to start.

The lesson learned by translating yesterday's dollars.

Meme stocks might look attractive, but the investment strategy of the Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway can provide some helpful advice for young investors. 

My 'too hard' pile is pretty big, and yours should be too.

Even some professional portfolio managers admitted that it is hard not to take a peak.


A six-week break from work provides takeaways for retirement ,and the years that will come before.

How you get your start in the market is important but it shouldn’t paralyse you. Use lockdown to kick-start your investing habit.

Markets always deliver delusions and manias, but there's something unique now.

For the most part, the markets behaved in line with expectations.

If you have profited from cryptocurrency, be extra careful to disclose any gains because you're on the ATO's hit list.

After bitcoin’s recent slide, it may be tempting to buy the dip. Here’s what to consider when thinking about adding it to a balanced portfolio.

Reviewing your year's performance so far and positioning yourself for the future.

Remember that guy in Florida who struck a deal in 2010 to pay for two pizzas with Bitcoin? A decade later, Bitcoin is a household name and everyone wants a slice.

We will live longer with more spending on health, pensions and super but with fewer workers. Where will 40 million people live?

Don't ignore the program's defaults.


The Morningstar Investor

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Morningstar Guide to Financial Advice

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Building investment portfolios in a low interest rate environment Considering crypto? Here's what to think about Investing basics: Explaining the disconnect between the stock market and the economy
Building investment portfolios in a low interest rate environment Considering crypto? Here's what to think about Investing basics: Explaining the disconnect between the stock market and the economy