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Income investors to receive good news from banks, miners and the energy sector.

Morningstar analysts see value in several stocks under fire from shorts.

Aussie investors continue their love affair with ETFs.

More competition and share price troubles send investors looking for greener pastures.

Morningstar forecasts a2 Milk Company to recover revenue losses in China.

Deutsche Bank has terminated its Chi-X quoted US securities product and will return funds to investors.

Morningstar analysts support the long anticipated investment.

Companies with overseas revenue get a boost from a weaker dollar.

But investors have an opportunity amid the online retailer’s decline, says Morningstar.

Morningstar maintains fair value with Hamish Douglass still in the picture.

The mass-market automaker is making a strong transition to electric vehicles. 

A falling share price dents the offer's attractiveness.

Morningstar's electric vehicle analyst says the start-up is high risk.

These stocks combine high dividend yields with economic moats.

Morningstar analysts like its competitor, e-commerce giant JD.com

Shares debuted at a bargain after the IPO price was slashed.

These stocks are all trading at five stars.

The most attractive social-media stock under Morningstar coverage.

Neither the first nor the last bid for Link from the Carlyle Group.

These stocks crushed third-quarter expectations and remain undervalued.

The growth in fixed-term loans will impact borrowers, commercial banks and the Reserve Bank.

US-listed global equities with a different twist on sustainability.

There’s more to the Australian fintech sector than buy-now-pay-later.

Metaverse prophets are early but emerging technologies bear promise.

Climate change is one of the thorniest challenges confronting investors, and one that will reshape the financial markets.

We take a numerical look through this week's Morningstar research. Plus, our most popular articles and videos for the week ended 29 October.

Merchants likely to demand lower fees after the Reserve Bank calls for an end to “no surcharge” rules.

The good times are set to persist until the end of the year.

Morningstar remains neutral on Woodside’s announcement of its clean energy investment plan.

Despite the massive disruption, we still see opportunities across some affected sectors.

Shareholder group accuses CBA of dragging its feet on climate

Despite the stock's meteoric rise, shareholders are pushing back against Tesla's management and board.

The fuel has big potential in steel making and bulk transport.

While rates matter to technology stock valuations, they haven't been driving performance.

The popular trading platform's recent acquisition aims to give retail investors more say.

Shareholders flex their muscles and get Microsoft to support a ‘right to repair’ for its electronic devices.

Energy producers will welcome higher prices but hope they moderate before consumers turn to alternatives.

Morningstar analysts predict higher prices into 2022 as OPEC and US shale producers hold off increasing supply.

Spotlight on natural gas bodes well for Woodside.

Long-term investors can take a dip in their stride after a year of double-digit gains.

ARK Investment’s Cathie Wood and Research Affiliates Rob Arnott spar over Tesla’s future.

Despite growing four times as fast, China has had half the equity market returns of the US since 2011.

Post-tariff pivot to the US and premium wines is bearing fruit.

Betting on companies moving in and out of an index no longer a viable strategy, according to a new report from S&P.

We don’t expect any changes to our fair value estimates or moat ratings for the mRNA manufacturers.

Shareholders say the company's transition plans fall well short of the UN Paris Agreement.

Fears are mounting the collapse of one of China's real estate juggernauts could infect global markets and Australia's largest export.

We take a numerical look through this week's Morningstar research. Plus, our most popular articles and videos for the week ended 17 September.

High dividend yields can hide a falling share price.

Commodity price slump pushes BHP back into fairly valued territory.

Morningstar looks at two diversified Chinese biotech names.

Two visions of the future agree that returns will be lower. 

Double digit discounts to fair value on offer.

Defensive portfolios will struggle in a low interest rate environment.

Private equity buyers might be enticed back after share price plummets.

Investors lose interest with many CDIs over time.

Consumer-focused businesses dominated the last major week of company results. Stronger earnings were offset by weaker outlooks.

Morningstar outlines what Afterpay shareholders need to keep in mind before the acquisition.

Spark Infrastructure deal narrows listed utility options for investors say analysts.

International and local names to consider for your portfolio.

Take the cash or reinvest the dividends? We explore the pros and cons of dividend reinvestment.

SPACS and start-ups may not be the best way to capitalise on growing EV adoption, Morningstar analysts say.

Fund managers have had different responses to Beijing's latest regulatory changes, which have hit share prices of tech and education companies.

Fossil fuels won’t be in the vanguard. The winners will be the industrial metals needed to electrify society, writes Anthony Fensom.

Morningstar's cost of equity already incorporates higher interest rates.

The balance between retail and institutional participation has always been difficult and is likely to remain that way.

Financial heavyweights, utilities and Telstra have delivered record shareholder returns as earnings rebound

An elevated share price and a buyback offer a profitable exit for those investors overweight banking.

Every cent counts if 'there is no alternative' to equities.

Travel, online retail and buy-now-pay-later firms are among the most shorted stocks on the ASX.

Fairly valued Twitter an outlier among FAANGs.

As the Tokyo Olympics come to a close, Chinese viewers are looking at the national jersey differently.

A slump, then a sharp rise and a sign of things to come. How the retail broker is shaking up IPO trading.

ASX-listed companies have unveiled robust results in the first week of earnings season but covid clouds loom over the horizon.

Three undervalued Chinese names for your portfolio.

The country’s new order to strip them of the ability to make a profit may hurt worse than a near-term correction.

Every cent counts if 'there is no alternative' to equities.

Smaller competitors must consolidate to stay alive, says Morningstar analysts.

These undervalued wide- and narrow-moat names were recently added to the Morningstar Global Markets ex-US Moat Focus Index.

Pay attention to half-yearly results but don't give them more weight than they deserve.

We believe these global companies can take advantage of rapid electric vehicle growth.

Morningstar’s analysts warn about the sustainability of earnings.


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