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Reasonable results, but a lot of hits and misses; coronavirus impacts guidance.

Limp growth and a sluggish inflation outlook provide a favourable backdrop for credit in 2020.


Stock Stories

ARM was a wide-moat-rated firm, and we believe it is likely this cash/stock deal would enhance Nvidia’s narrow moat even further.

A more disciplined investment approach can help investors avoid bad outcomes, writes Amy C. Arnott.

Accelerated adoption of digital cloud-based operations with the pandemic has these companies seeing significant profit potential.

These undervalued wide-moat stocks earn low uncertainty ratings, writes Susan Dziubinski.

GM’s truck-making tie-up with the Tesla rival is a sound move, says Morningstar’s David Whiston.

The near-term outlook is uncertain, says Brian Han, but value remains in Australia’s largest telco.

The fastest growing segment of consumer entertainment risks being overlooked, according to some asset managers.

Residential construction will pick up next year and boost the covid-hit economy, says Morningstar’s Grant Slade.

The global travel agent’s corporate travel segment held up better than expected, says Morningstar’s Brian Han.

Electric and hybrid vehicle use is set to grow and several companies in the supply chain have competitive advantages and trade at healthy discounts.

After adjusting our fair value estimates, both stocks still look rich.

We expect most US adults will be vaccinated in the first half of 2021, writes Morningstar healthcare strategist Karen Andersen.

The societal upheaval wrought by the pandemic was positive for some sectors and dire for others.

Cloud-based protection trends are accelerating, and moaty companies are positioned to reward investors, writes Morningstar's Mark Cash.

The Kiwi carrier will return to profitability from fiscal 2022, says Gareth James.


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17 Sep 2020
YMW Issue 36 | 'Have you got it wrong?...


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