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Company News Summary

Oil Search Provides Drilling Report for January 2019

07 Feb 2019  |  12:51:00  |  Associate analysts  |  Increase  |  Decrease  |  

Original announcement: Oil Search Drilling Report for January 2019

Oil Search provided drilling update stating that, drilling continued in an 8-1/2" hole through the Ieru and a 7" liner was run and cemented at 3,509 metres. A 6" hole was drilled to 3,537 metres into the Toro Formation before commencing coring operations at Muruk 2. The Pikka B well penetrated the target Nanushuk Formation and encountered hydrocarbons, in line with pre-drill expectations. Coring and processing of 146 metres (480 feet) of Nanushuk 3 sand and six open-hole logging runs were completed successfully. A side-track well was drilled from the Pikka B well to a depth of 1,027 metres (3,370 feet), at a 71-degree angle from the original Pikka B wellbore. Drilling commenced on the Pikka C well on 23 January 2019 and at the end of January, was at a depth of 675 metres (2,215 feet).

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