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Investing Tools

Portfolio Manager

Create multiple watchlists and transaction portfolios free with Morningstar's Portfolio Manager.

The Portfolio Manager is integrated with Morningstar data and research, calculates an internal rate of return and compares your portfolio to various benchmarks.

  • Latest Stock prices
  • Company news and information
  • Integrated Morningstar data and research
  • Compare purchase price and market value
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Compare performance with various benchmarks
  • Multiple watchlists and portfolios (up to five per member)
  • Available to free members

Portfolio Creator

Start a portfolio now. Enter stocks and funds by name or code to begin tracking and analysing your investments. If you're not yet a member, you'll be prompted to register
(it's free!)

Start a quick portfolio.
Just enter a portfolio name and codes to begin tracking your investments.



Screener Tools

Stock Screener

Search for stocks free with our Stock Screener tool, by sector, market cap, and key criteria including performance figures and valuation ratios. Click through the results to our Morningstar Stock Reports - company profile information on more than 2,000 stocks. If you're not yet a member, you'll be prompted to register.
(it's free!)

Fund Screener

Search for funds free using the powerful Fund Screener and find investment trusts, superannuation funds, pensions or annuities by Morningstar Rating, fund manager, category, assets, minimum investment and returns criteria. If you're not a member, you'll be prompted to register.
(it's free!)

Investor Portfolio Tools

Portfolio X-Ray

Gain unique insight using Morningstar features such as Portfolio X-Ray, an advanced way of analysing investments within portfolios.

Portfolio Intersection

This is an especially useful tool for those with managed funds, as a way of looking into the underlying holdings and improving portfolio construction.