How to download and read Your Money Weekly

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Welcome to Morningstar.

Accessing the Your Money Weekly newsletter online is easy. First, make sure you're logged in.

Hover your mouse over the Download link for the latest issue.

Right-click this link; from the drop-down menu, select the "Save target as..." option.

Rename the PDF with a meaningful title, say the YMW issue number.

Save the PDF somewhere appropriate. We'll pop it in the 'Downloads' folder for this demonstration.

Internet Explorer provides a quick link to open the download folder. Click the button to access the PDF. Double-click the PDF to open it.

To view the PDF, you will need to have the Adobe Reader application installed. This can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

By default, Adobe Reader may display the PDF magnified to fit the page width.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of a page.

To view the whole page, hold down the Control key, then tap the zero key. To zoom in, hold the Control and equal sign keys. To zoom out, hold Control and minus sign.

Simply scroll through the document to read the content. You can zoom in to get a closer look. When you see a company name in bold, you can click on it to open the stock's profile page on Make sure you check the 'Remember settings' box. From here you can access the analyst's current view of the stock, including latest price and recommendation.

An easier way to navigate the newsletter is to use Adobe Reader's in-built Bookmarks feature. You can easily click through to the articles and company reports, then return to the front page by clicking "Home".

Another method of navigation is via the table of contents on the front page.

Your Money Weekly is a benefit of Morningstar Premium. If you're not currently a member, take a free trial.

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