A word we don’t hear a lot in the investing world is simplicity. We are told that successful investing outcomes come from outsized intelligence and keeping up to date with each data point and twist and turn of the market. Savant portfolio managers supported by teams of well-educated and hard-working analysts devise and execute complex strategies us mere mortals can’t hope to replicate.

One of our goals on Investing Compass is to demystify investing. We strongly believe that any investor can build the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals. And we don’t think that an investing strategy needs to be complicated.

In this episode we learn about applying a simplistic approach to investing in ETFs. And it isn’t just any investor sharing this simplistic strategy. James Gruber is an assistant editor at Morningstar who provides insights on morningstar.com.au and Firstlinks. He also happens to be a former portfolio manager. If James is content with a 3 ETF portfolio perhaps it is something that all investors should consider.

This episode is based on an article that James wrote which can be found here and includes the 3 ETFs he selected for his portfolio.

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