If you’re new to the podcast, Investing Compass has been running for three and a half years with weekly episodes that may focus on foundational investing concepts, share deep dives, market updates or portfolio construction. Every episode has the underlying theme of empowering investor success and having the outcomes of individual investors in mind. The podcast is product and investment agnostic and focuses on what is best for investors given their individual circumstances.

For new listeners, this is a snapshot of the most popular episodes that we’ve published in the last year. For current listeners, here’s some long weekend listening for the episodes that you enjoyed the most!

1. Mark’s top 10 portfolio holdings

We run through Mark's top ten holdings, how they fit into his investment strategy and when to sell shares.

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More on this topic is in this article on when to sell shares

2. Our favourite income ETF

We explore how we find good ETF investments, what investors should look for, and our best pick for Income ETFs with our guest, Associate Director, Manager Research - Justin Walsh.

Investors can derive income from a variety of assets – from property, you collect rent. From equities, you collect dividends. From fixed income, you collect interest payments.

There are a variety of ways for investors to derive income, and also a variety of products. ETFs are increasingly popular with investors. They traditionally tracked indexes, but they’ve broadened the remit – they now cater for all tastes, preferences and persuasions. There’s passive ETFs, there’s active ETFs, there’s factor-based ETFs, there’s real return ETFs, there’s ETFs covering every asset class. We’ve combined income and ETFs, and asked Justin about the ins and outs of picking a good Income ETF.

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You can read more on this topic in an article outlining the steps to choose an income ETF.

3. Paying down your mortgage vs investing

The age-old question. This episode goes through the main considerations between paying down your mortgage and investing.

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You can read more about this topic in an article on paying down your mortgage vs investing and in how a house stacks up financially

4. Structuring your portfolio for income

Passive income is a goal for investors because it is an incredibly appealing concept - all of us are investing to try and improve our lives and generating income outside of our day-to-day jobs is pathway to doing that while moving towards more financial independence. For those in retirement, income from investments is their sole income. Mark speaks about how he has structured his portfolio for income.

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You can read more about why Mark is an income investor and the best metric for income investors

5. How to build a lazy portfolio with ETFs

Our guest James Gruber discusses how to build a lazy portfolio with 3 ETFs, and the issues that you come across when you do this.

James Gruber is the Assistant Editor of Firstlinks. Prior to that, he covered Asia as a leading fund manager, stockbroking analyst and journalist. More recently, he was a portfolio manager for Asian equities at AMP Capital, managing Asia and China. During his time there, the China fund was ranked number one globally over one and two years. He was also a television and radio news journalist at ABC and founded Asia confidential in 2012.

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Read more about how James thinks about his "lazy" portfolio

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