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Company Profile

  • Business description

    Noontalk Media Ltd is a media entertainment company. The business activities of the group is carried out through Management and Production segment. The Management segment comprises services relating to the management of artists and talent, management of studio venue and equipment, management of projects including live streaming services and events conceptualization and management services both in terms of in-person events and live-streamed events. The Production segment comprises services relating to multimedia creation and production, film and television production and video production. The company earns majority of its revenue from production segment.

  • Contact

    No. 01-04/05, 29 Media Circle
    ALICE Mediapolis
    Singapore 138565

    T: +65 81008255

  • Sector

    Communication Services

    Stock type


  • Industry


    Fiscal Year End

    30 June 2024



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Last price
% Change
All Ordinaries 8,050.20 23.90 -0.30%
CAC 40 8,010.83 12.91 -0.16%
DAX 40 17,930.32 24.16 -0.13%
Dow JONES (US) 37,983.24 475.84 -1.24%
FTSE 100 7,995.58 71.78 0.91%
HKSE 16,721.69 373.34 -2.18%
NASDAQ 16,175.09 267.10 -1.62%
Nikkei 225 39,523.55 80.92 0.21%
NZX 50 Index 11,931.32 2.99 -0.03%
S&P 500 5,123.41 75.65 -1.46%
S&P/ASX 200 7,788.10 25.50 -0.33%
SSE Composite Index 3,019.47 14.77 -0.49%

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