Inflation, Interest Rates, Liquidity

Wednesday 12th January

A general outlook of the Australian and global economy, equity market, plus undervalued sectors and stocks to watch.


State of the Market entering 2022

Thursday 13th January

This session runs through the current state of the market, with an exploration of the state of different asset classes.


New Year Portfolio Check-Up

Thursday 20 January

We run through the steps on how to review and maintain your portfolio, using practical examples.


Bitcoin ETFs

Thursday 27th January

Bitcoin and ETFs—two investments that are dominating investors' conversations, and attracting their funds. What happens when you combine them together? We explore whether Bitcoin ETFs are worth paying attention to.


How low interest rates impact asset values

Thursday 3 February

We take a deep dive into how low interest rates are impacting different assets, and what investors should be paying attention to.


Alternative assets

Thursday 10 February

This session explores alternative assets - what they are, how to invest in them and whether they deserve a spot in your portfolio.


ETF Model Portfolios

Thursday 17th February

We go through Morningstar's ETF model portfolios.


Is the share market overvalued?

Thursday 24th February

We look at traditional historical indicators and signs to explore whether the share market is overvalued, and where investors can find pockets of opportunity.


Income investing: how to identify sustainable income opportunities in the market

Thursday 3 March

This session explores what to look for when you are searching for sustainable income opportunities in the market, with practical examples.