As inflation surges around the world, you're probably wondering what high inflation means for your portfolio and ongoing investment decisions.

We’ve rounded up key resources to help you navigate this challenging environment, covering:

  • How inflation impacts you
  • Inflation hedges
  • Stagflation
  • Impact of inflation on retirees
  • Economic outlook amidst rising inflation


About Inflation

PODCAST: Investing Compass Special: Inflation

How to find robust companies that can withstand inflationary changes, or have measures in place to protect them.

VIDEO: Investing in an inflationary environment

Long-term inflation trends, is inflation transitory or here to stay? Which investments have performed well during inflationary environments.

VIDEO: What rising inflation means for Australian investors

And how investors can protect their portfolios.

ARTICLE: What's your real inflation rate?

Headline inflation is spiking but it doesn't tell the full story with some households disproportionately affected. Here's how to calculate your own personalised inflation rate.

ARTICLE: How inflation affects your income: Explained

Depending on your last pay rise you may have little to fear from rising prices.


Inflation hedges

VIDEO: How you can hedge your portfolio against inflation

Morningstar FundInvestor editor Russ Kinnel describes some direct and indirect hedges for inflation protection.

ARTICLE: Using factors to protect against inflation

There are numerous tactics for trying to protect your hard-earned assets from inflationary pressures. Equity factor-based investing is one of them.

ARTICLE: How to protect your portfolio from inflation

Direct and indirect hedges to protect against inflation, plus investments vulnerable to inflation.

ARTICLE: Inflation won’t slay REITs

Higher inflation may actually be beneficial for some in the property sector.

ARTICLE: The inflation hedges haven't hedged

Four assets commonly touted as inflation hedges that have failed to hedge inflation.

ARTICLE: Listed infrastructure to shine amid economic uncertainty

Real assets such as infrastructure have exhibited three characteristics – stable cash flows, inflation protection and lower economic sensitivity.



ARTICLE: Explained: What is stagflation and how to play it

Not seen since the 1970s, a period of high inflation and stagnant growth would leave investors with few places to hide.

ARTICLE: What to buy if stagflation arrives

Direct and indirect hedges to protect against inflation, plus investments vulnerable to inflation.


Inflation & Retirement

ARTICLE: How inflation and valuation affect safe withdrawal rates

About the CAPE Ratio, new ways to look at withdrawal rates, and what inflation means for people early in their retirement


Inflation & The Economy

ARTICLE: Why there is good news in the bad US inflation numbers

Despite a broad jump in inflation in March, the details are encouraging.

ARTICLE: Economic outlook: Inflation concerns shouldn't knock recovery off-course

Australia's economy to perform well despite inflation concerns, says Morningstar analysts.