Lesson 1: Investment strategies; Income investing

17 May 2022

Income investing has become increasingly popular as individuals seek to generate passive income with a goal of financial freedom and stability, particularly when transitioning towards retirement. This webinar explores how to find how to identify sustainable income investments in the market.


Lesson 2: Are alternative investments the answer when stocks are volatile and interest rates are low?

24 May 2022

Amidst the current market volatility and low interest rates, we look at whether alternative investments the answer.


Lesson 3: Understanding what type of investor you are: How to look at risk in your investment portfolio

31st May 2022

Understanding what type of investor you are is key to developing an appropriate investment approach in line with your risk tolerance. This webinar will cover the fundamentals of risk and how to develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)—a tool used by professional investors and fund managers to set a solid investing foundations.


Lesson 4: Investment strategies: Value investing

07 June 2022

Value investing once held a top spot in investing strategies, but is this method of value investing still relevant or is it outdated? This webinar explores whether this approach is still worth considering.


Lesson 5: Investing traps (and how to avoid them)

14 June 2022

Many investors have unknowingly fallen into investing traps. This webinar explores how to spot bubbles, investing in highs and lows, behavioural investing responses and ignoring the noise to avoid these investing traps.


Lesson 6: Transitioning your portfolio at different life stages

21 June 2022

As you transition into different life stages, your portfolio must too. This webinar goes through how to review, maintain and stress test your portfolio, to ensure you are well prepared for all investment scenarios.


Lesson 7: When to buy and sell

28th June 2022

Understanding when to buy and sell is a key point of interest for most investors, but is there really a golden time for this? This webinar explores timing the market versus time in the market, as well as reasons to sell.


Lesson 8: Portfolio preparation for retirement

5th July 2022

Transitioning into retirement means your investment portfolio shifts from accumulation to deaccumulation. This webinar explores how to prepare and manage your portfolio for this pivotal time.