Portfolio construction

Tuesday 4 Oct

Understand why we put portfolios together and how they help to achieve your investment goals.


How to value a share

Tuesday 11 Oct

Selecting a successful investment starts with buying a share at a discount to its intrinsic value. We walk through the process of finding great companies and estimating their fair value.


Active versus passive investing—active passive barometer report

Tuesday 18 Oct

We explore the latest Active Passive Barometer report and provide insight to the odds of meeting your investment goals by investing in active funds in different categories.


How to make better investing decisions

Tuesday 25 Oct

Learn to recognise behaviour that may prohibit you from reaching your goals.


Role of alternatives in a balanced portfolio

Tuesday 1 Nov

We explore alternative assets—what they are, how to invest in them and whether they play a role in balancing your portfolio.


How to invest for the long-term

Tuesday 8-Nov

Amongst market noise of ASIC regulations and finfluencers, understand how to focus on yourself to achieve your long-term investment goals.


Hybrid investments

Tuesday 15-Nov

Discover what they are they and whether they are considered good investments.

How much should you be withdrawing in retirement?

Tuesday 22-Nov

A 4% withdrawal rate has been the cornerstone of retirement planning for a generation but is this standard still relevant today?