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Allard Investment Fund A


Allard Investment Fund A ALDX100AU Strategy

BIG PICTURE: Asia focused with high confidence in China and India. SECTOR: Identify industries with favorable operating environments and attractive long-term growth prospects. COMPANY: At the heart of what we do is a methodical process of “bottom up” company investing. We look for companies with 1) Defined competitive advantage (scale, brand, quality, cost structure, technology); 2) Sound finances; 3) Strong management; 4) Robust corporate governance. MEET, GREET, REPEAT: We are on-the-ground, visiting management, operations as well as competitors in the market. We have often met successive management teams. CONVICTION: Derive a Conviction Ratio by factoring in 1) Management ability; 2) Governance structure; 3) Competitive position; 4) Importance of business to its community; 5) Capital structure; 6) Optionality. VALUATION: We examine historical performance and apply judgment to a long term DCF and build a valuation range (not a single number). PORTFOLIO: Position sized by combining discount to valuation and conviction ratio. Exposure limits apply. Typically 25-30 companies from an active universe of 75. LONG TERM NOT STATIC: Dynamic and regular review. Continuous search for new opportunities.
The investment objective & strategy is a summary of the investment's principal strategy as written in the prospectus. This information is pulled from the most recent product disclosure document.

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All Ordinaries 7,975.10 64.80 -0.81%
CAC 40 7,706.89 78.32 1.03%
DAX 40 18,325.58 162.06 0.89%
Dow JONES (US) 39,413.95 263.62 0.67%
FTSE 100 8,281.55 43.83 0.53%
HKSE 18,027.71 0.81 -0.00%
NASDAQ 17,529.24 160.12 -0.91%
Nikkei 225 38,804.65 208.18 0.54%
NZX 50 Index 11,627.86 54.53 -0.47%
S&P 500 5,457.83 6.79 -0.12%
S&P/ASX 200 7,733.70 62.30 -0.80%
SSE Composite Index 2,963.10 35.04 -1.17%

Market Movers

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Imugene Ltd IMU 0.06 0.00 -6.78%
Peninsula Energy Ltd PEN 0.10 0.02 -13.04%
Red 5 Ltd RED 0.41 0.01 -2.38%
Sayona Mining Ltd SYA 0.03 0.00 -2.86%
Cettire Ltd CTT 1.14 1.11 -49.33%
Liontown Resources Ltd LTR 0.91 0.03 -2.67%
Pilbara Minerals Ltd PLS 3.11 0.00 0.00%
Core Lithium Ltd CXO 0.08 0.00 -4.82%
Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd BOT 0.38 0.02 4.17%
Telstra Group Ltd TLS 3.62 0.04 -1.09%