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What we think of Morningstar subscribers' most traded share
Westpac is the second largest ‘buy’ for 2023 and was also the second largest ‘sell’ for Morningstar subscribers.

How to build an income portfolio

Investors love dividends but creating an income stream involves more than just picking the highest yielding shares.

An 8% retirement withdrawal rate?

A radio host advocates no small plans.

The best income-generating assets for your portfolio

Is it worth venturing beyond cash and term deposits for steady income? This looks at the pros and cons of assets - including stocks, bonds, and hybrids - in providing yield and how they stack up against cash.

Retirement outcomes looking more positive given lower valuations

The 2023 Morningstar State of Retirement Income looks to the future to explore safe withdrawal rates. 

5 ultracheap shares undervalued by more than 50%

These 3 US and 2 ASX shares may appeal to investors with long time horizons and an appetite for risk.

Market valuation

  • Undervalued
  • Overvalued

Market movers

Last price
% Change
Pilbara Minerals Ltd PLS 3.58 0.85%
Telstra Group Ltd TLS 3.78 0.53%
South32 Ltd S32 3.10 0.32%
GPT Group GPT 4.02 0.75%
Evolution Mining Ltd EVN 3.86 2.93%
Scentre Group SCG 2.57 1.98%
Qube Holdings Ltd QUB 2.91 0.68%
National Storage REIT NSR 2.13 2.90%
Stockland Corp Ltd SGP 4.02 1.77%
Origin Energy Ltd ORG 8.47 0.70%

Compare Market Indices


Last price
% Change
All Ordinaries 7,223.10 0.42%
CAC 40 7,228.22 -0.51%
DAX 40 15,955.41 -0.07%
Dow JONES (US) 35,333.47 -0.16%
FTSE 100 7,430.50 -0.40%
HKSE 17,354.14 -0.98%
NASDAQ 14,241.02 -0.07%
Nikkei 225 33,408.39 -0.12%
NZX 50 Index 11,237.38 0.73%
S&P 500 4,550.43 -0.20%
S&P/ASX 200 7,015.20 0.39%
SSE Composite Index 3,038.55 0.23%

Can you retire on dividends?

Living off of investment income addresses key risks faced by retirees. However, it introduces several considerations for investors who pursue this strategy. 

Investing Compass: Structuring your portfolio for income

Mark speaks about how he has structured his portfolio for income.

Building a dividend portfolio with ETFs

Chasing yield is very similar to chasing performance. It can lead to poor outcomes if you don’t do your homework.

11 ASX stocks offering great value right now

These high-quality companies are our top picks for investors wanting to boost their domestic exposure.

10 top ASX dividend shares

The ASX 200 is a concentrated index with 10 shares providing around 60% of the total index income. Our analysts weigh in on their future dividend prospects.

A dividend aristocrat Lithium miner that’s more than 40% undervalued

This narrow-moat US dividend-growth stock looks cheap to us.

How to invest in funds for free (almost)

Although investors should not aim only to minimise costs, fees eat into compounded returns over the long term. Markets are competitive and it is possible to invest a diversified portfolio for negligible cost.

The when and why of four million Australian retirees

Super reviews aggregate retirees into an impersonal number on a chart, but the 2,700 Australians who retire each week are undergoing a major change in their lives. Why and when do they retire and then what?

Who needs the Caymans? 10 ways to avoid paying tax

Australians don't need dodgy schemes in Caribbean islands to hide their wealth. There are plenty of legal ways to avoid paying tax but they will leave personal income tax carrying a heavy burden for future generations.
Investing in shares beginner's guide
Investing in shares for the first time? This step-by-step beginner's guide will show you the steps you need to take to invest in the share market.
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Investing Guide
An Exchange Traded Fund is an investment fund that is traded on a stock exchange. This beginners guide will show you the steps to take to invest in ETFs.
Morningstar Guide to Fund Investing
Pooling funds with other investors allows you to access professional managers, who can put your money in hard-to-access asset classes, which in turn may also diversify your risk.